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Map of Middle Francia (dark purple) in the context of all Francia (light grey/purple). The map is in Spanish, translation is below.

Middle Francia (Latin: Francia media) was an ephemeral Frankish kingdom created by the Treaty of Verdun in 843. It was created by the union of the Kingdom of Italy and the region of Provence with some territories north of the Alps that later became Lotharingia. It was that portion of the Frankish empire that fell to its nominal Emperor, Lothair I, after intermittent civil war that had lasted a decade. The other divisions created at Verdun were East Francia and West Francia, governed by Lothair's brothers (all were sons of Louis the Pious). In acknowledgement of Lothair's imperial title, Middle Francia contained the imperial cities of Aachen, seat of Charlemagne, and Rome, seat of Constantine. Like the two other realms, Middle Francia had no historical or ethnic identity to bind its varied peoples and in 855 on his deathbed at Prüm Abbey, constantly fearing the claims of his brothers, Lothair again partitioned it amongst his sons. He bequested the Kingdom of Italy to his eldest son, Louis II, crowned emperor since 850. Lotharingia, that is, most of the lands north of the Alps, passed to Lothair II. Provence, with Lower Burgundy, passed to Charles.


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