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Illu small intestine.jpg
The midgut and hindgut.
Carnegie stage 10
Precursor Mesenchyme

The midgut is the portion of the embryo from which most of the intestines are derived. After it bends around the superior mesenteric artery, it is called the "midgut loop". It originates from the foregut at the opening of the bile duct into the duodenum and continues through the small intestine and much of the large intestine until the transition to the hindgut about two-thirds of the way through the transverse colon.


Structures in the adult midgut

Vascular, lymphatics and innervation

Arterial supply to the midgut is from the superior mesenteric artery, an unpaired branch of the aorta. Venous drainage is to the portal venous system. Lymph from the midgut drains to prevertebral superior mesenteric nodes located at the origin of the superior mesenteric artery from the aorta. Portal drainage carries all non-lipid nutrients from digestion to the liver for processing and detoxification, while lymphatic drainage carries fatty chyle to the cisterna chyli. Autonomic innervation of the midgut is from the superior mesenteric plexus.

Clinical notes

  • Malrotation of the midgut during development can lead to volvulus.
  • Pain in the midgut is referred to the umbilical region (around the umbilicus (belly button)).

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