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Company / developer Microsoft Corporation
Working state Currently under development
Supported platforms IA-32, x86-64, ARM
Kernel type Microkernel (Language-based)

Midori is the code name for a managed code operating system being developed by Microsoft Research. It has been reported[1][2] to be a possible commercial implementation of the Singularity operating system, a research project started in 2003 to build a highly-dependable operating system in which the kernel, device drivers, and applications are all written in managed code. It was designed for concurrency, and can run a program spread across multiple nodes at once.[3] It also features an entirely new security model that sandboxes applications for increased security.[4] Microsoft has mapped out several possible migration paths from Windows to Midori.[5] In a possible link to Microsoft’s Oslo composite application initiative, the programming model will have a dependence on metadata, with the aim of allowing the system to more reliably manage applications.[6] There is also a possibility that Midori is internet-based.[7]

The code name Midori was first discovered through the PowerPoint presentation CHESS: A systematic testing tool for concurrent software.[8]

In April 2009, Jonathan S. Shapiro, a driving force behind both the BitC programming language and the Coyotos operating system[9] announced that he had accepted a position at Microsoft to work on the Midori project, and that after August 2009 he would not be working further on BitC.[10]

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