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Midori Hirose
Born February 12, 1973 (1973-02-12) (age 37)
Portland, Oregon, USA
Nationality American
Field Painting / Sculpture

Midori Hirose (born 1973 in Hood River, Oregon) is a contemporary American artist. Hirose's concepts identify with systemic art, while visual influences reference postmodern art, conceptual art, and skirts deconstructive and op art.



Midori Hirose was born in 1973 in Hood River, Oregon and raised in the Pacific Northwest and Japan. Hirose works and shares studio space with her spouse and artist, Adam Sorensen in Portland, Oregon, USA.


Biggie Size Me 2000, PDX Contemporary Art Gallery, 2008
Various polyhedrons, Fontanelle Gallery, 2009

Before concentrating on her own art practice, Hirose worked as an art assistant and film model designer. In 2005, Hirose designed the set for Blue, a dance piece for Polaris Dance. Much of her earlier works such as, Tumble in the Grass and her soft interactive sculptures are associated with her studies in historical research and early childhood development.

Her work is mixed media and Hirose uses gouache and flasche paint. The Birth of Tragedy, according to Hirose, draws attention to how human life remains founded on myth and on the balance of Apollonian (structure) and Dionysian (chaos) order. Hirose took to this vocabulary and developed the visual language through her work. Hirose's work was as Chas Bowie for the Oregonian declared, "Executed with remarkable precision, the individual fragments are meticulously defined, which only enhances the larger sense of disorder and trippy chaos."[1]

According to Port results from the 2009 Portland, Oregon art scene reader's poll, Hirose was selected for Best Group Show with fellow artist, Joshua Orion Kermiet at Fontanelle Gallery as well as the recipient for Best Emerging Artist."[2]

Hirose's individual and collaborative works have been exhibited at PDX Contemporary Art Gallery, Quality Pictures Contemporary Art Gallery, Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Gallery, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Seattle City Light portable works collection and Newbery Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland.


  1. ^ Chas Bowie (2009). "Review: Midori Hirose and Joshua Orion Kermiet at Fontanelle Gallery". The Oregonian. Retrieved 2009-07-20. "Echoing the spare formalism of artists such as Robert Mangold and D.E. May, these small gouaches employ gridlines and flat blocks of color to achieve a high-Modernist lyricism, although the large openings at the center of each shape suggest a feminist critique of the impersonal Minimalist style." 
  2. ^ Port - Portland Art + News + Review (2009). "2009 PORT Readers Survey". Port. Retrieved 2009-12-30. "Biggest debut in Portland..." 

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