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Miguel Bosé

Miguel Bosé, 2006
Born Miguel Luchino González Borloni
April 3, 1956(1956-04-03)
Aries, Panama
Occupation singer, actor
Years active 1973-present

Luis Miguel González Bosé (born April 3, 1956) is a Latin Grammy-winning Spanish/Colombian musician and actor. He is one of the biggest stars in the Spanish speaking world mainstream, both in Spain and Latin America, and a well-known actor in French cinema as well.



Early life

Bosé was born in San Fernando Hospital in Panama City, Panama, the son of the famous Italian actress Lucia Bosé and the legendary bullfighter Luis Miguel González Lucas. He is also cousin of Carmen Ordóñez. His Godfather was Luchino Visconti.


In 1971, Bosé started a career as an actor, participating in various movies. However, he did not make that many films, and in 1975 he decided a career change was due and started exploring his talents as a singer. By the hand of Camilo Blanes he recorded his first singles. Some years later Bosé signed a contract with CBS Records in 1977 and he remained with them until 1984.

In 1983, 1984 and 1985, he participated in the "Llena Tu Cabeza De Rock" television specials on Puerto Rico WAPA-TV. But it was in 1985 that he became an international superstar, when his song "Amante bandido" rose to the top of the charts all over Latin America and in Spain, while he started to decline in Italy, where he had a parallel career, singing either in Italian and in English - he would go back to the top there in 1994, by winning Festivalbar (the second musical event after the Sanremo Music Festival) for the third time. The video to that song also became one of the most widely seen Spanish music videos, with Bose playing both a Superman style superhero and an Indiana Jones type of adventurer in it.

Bosé has been a force in Latin music with a career that has spanned 21 albums, roles in more than 35 films, his own television show, and work as a theatre director. With Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway among his family friends, Bosé grew up in the arts, constantly traveling around Spain and to Milan, New York, London and Paris. He made his film debut at the age of 15, and at age 21, he began his singing career which eventually led to international pop stardom.

Defying the contemporary formula for pop success, his music has been described as a global fusion of many musical influences. At the center of his music is all the passion and expression of a Latin artist, yet Miguel Bosé has constantly incorporated more diverse musical elements than many of the genre's crossover pop stars.

In 2007, to celebrate his 30 years as a singer, he released Papito, an album that contains remakes of his previous songs, re-interpreted in duets with Alejandro Sanz, Fangoria, Laura Pausini, Shakira, Julieta Venegas, Ricky Martin, Amaia Montero (former member of the Spanish band La Oreja de Van Gogh), and Michael Stipe from R.E.M., along with many other singers. Three singles were released off Papito: the first is a re-make of his hit "Nena", featuring Paulina Rubio; the second was "Morenamía", with Julieta Venegas. The most notorious[citation needed] song of the album was the third single "Como un lobo" featuring his niece Bimba Bosé. It won a Latin Grammy for best song, and became the best selling download of Spain in 2007.

In 2008, Colombian President Álvaro Uribe offered him Colombian citizenship because of his efforts towards peace in Colombia, including his participation in two concerts in 2008. On March 16 of 2010 he received the Colombian citizenship during a ceremony in the presidential palace, Casa de Nariño.


  • WEA
  • 2010: Cardio
  • 2008: Papito (Special Edition)
  • 2008: Papitour
  • 2007: Papito
  • 2005: Velvetina
  • 2003: Por vos muero
  • 2002: Sereno (Winner of 2003 Latin Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Performance)
  • 2000: Girados (with Ana Torroja)
  • 1999: Lo mejor de Bosé
  • 1998: 11 maneras de ponerse un sombrero
  • 1996: Laberinto
  • 1993: Bajo el signo de Caín
  • 1990: Directo 90
  • 1990: Los chicos no lloran
  • 1987: XXX
  • 1986: Salamandra
  • CBS
  • 1984: Bandido
  • 1983: Made in Spain
  • 1982: ¡Bravo, muchachos! Los grandes éxitos de Miguel Bosé
  • 1981: Más allá
  • 1980: Miguel
  • 1979: ¡Chicas!
  • 1978: Miguel Bosé
  • 1978: Linda
  • Ariola
  • 1976: Es tan fácil (B-side: "Who?", single)
  • 1975: Soy (B-side: "For Ever For You" , single)


  • 1998: La mirada del otro .... Santiago
  • 1998: Lorca .... Lorca
  • 1996: Oui .... Hugo
  • 1996: Libertarias .... Cura secretario de Durruti
  • 1996: Amor digital .... Cinco-cinco
  • 1995: Gazon maudit .... Diego, the Young Man
  • 1995: Detrás del dinero (TV)
  • 1994: Enciende mi pasión .... Ángel
  • 1994: La reine Margot .... Guise
  • 1993: Mazeppa .... Gericault
  • 1993: La nuit sacrée .... Le consul
  • 1991: High Heels .... Juez Domínguez/Hugo/Letal
  • 1991: Lo más natural .... Andrés
  • 1990: L'avaro .... Valerio
  • 1989: Shangay Lily
  • 1988: Il segreto del Sahara TV mini-series .... El Halem
  • 1987: En penumbra
  • 1985: El caballero del dragón .... IX
  • 1982: Due di tutto TV series
  • 1981: Cosa de locos
  • 1978: La borgata dei sogni
  • 1978: Sentados al borde de la mañana con los pies colgando
  • 1977: California .... Willy Preston
  • 1977: La gabbia
  • 1977: Oedipus orca
  • 1977: Suspiria .... Mark
  • 1976: Retrato de familia .... Cécil Rubes
  • 1976: Garofano rosso
  • 1976: Giovannino
  • 1976: La orca .... Humberto
  • 1974: Vera, un cuento cruel .... Enrique
  • 1973: Gli eroi .... German soldier


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