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Mike J. Nichols is an American film editor who was living in Santa Clarita, California, and was originally from Illinois.

Nichols has become a cult hero of sorts as "The Phantom Editor" who created a re-cut of George Lucas' Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace known as The Phantom Edit. According to the re-done scroll, the self-proclaimed "The Phantom Editor" [1] stated he re-edited a standard VHS version of The Phantom Menace into what he believed was "a much stronger version of the film". Later he re-created his edit using a DVD version and added his own commentary track. He also did an edit of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones called "Attack of the Phantom" where he did the same, with additional commentary explaining his editing decisions.

He currently works in Los Angeles as both an editor and a post production supervisor. His editing credits include the Style Network's "Foody Call" and the independent film My Father's House.

Nichols is also responsible for the internet series "Two Guys Drinking at a Bar" with comedy veterans Kevin Farley and Paul Preston. The series is available both on YouTube and as a higher quality version as a podcast on iTunes.


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