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Mike Steely (born 1963) is a long-time sports call-in Regional Radio Star in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for Station WWLS - The Sports Animal AM640 98.1FM

Mr. Steely has numerous awards with his show's cast: Lump, Pork, Curtis and Audra. Steely also worked as Sports Director at KOKH-TV in Oklahoma City for four years. He is a collector of classic films and does occasional movie reviews on his show. His radio program is a mixture of sports opinion, entertainment news and parody. His political views are 'conservative'. He sometimes will rant about his dislike for meetings or his "STANCE" on pop culture or what he calls " The Road to Rome! "...these mostly entail his thoughts about the demise of Western Civilization delivered with tongue firmly planted in cheek, ( or is it? ) He hates following, and any activity that gathers followers such as Myspace which he contends is a hotbed for sexual pedators and the "over 30 loser" crowd. All told, Mike is a funny guy with a grip on a reality held deeply in the 1970s or what he refers to as the Steely Era His favorite numbers are 16 and 17, he enjoys couch time and short naps in the afternoon. His favorite sport is golf and his dream day is lying on the couch watching the Masters with Tiger Woods in the lead. Mike has recently taken up playing the guitar and has plans to be stage ready by 2008. He is a continual and great supporter of the Dan Lutz Foundation.

He currently resides in Oklahoma City with his beautiful wife Tracey and his dogs. He hates chocolate pudding, dirty lakes, and farting. He loves mouthwash and toothbrushing, takes multiple showers a day and thinks Tommy Two-Gloves is the greatest sudo-celebrity on the Golf Channel.

He is also the creator/inventor of the H.A.C. system! A process whereby the user employs both hot and cold caffeine ( coffee & diet coke ) to wake-up and get going for the day.

Mike has also won numerous Bronzed Cassettes from the Radio Broadcasting Industry making him one the most highly decorated on-air personalities in radio's history.

Mike also is known for opposing giving presents to one's wife and anyone who isn't definitively one's own mother on Mother's Day.

Mike Steely is also related to his uncle Uncle, who had to quit pro sports because they were "too easy". As of late, Uncle has been combating the "crawdad eating transvestites" of the city of New Orleans over the Hornets NBA basketball team.



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