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United States Department of Defense


United States Department of the Army

United States Army

The United States Army awards nicknames, officially called Special Designations, to units which are recognized as having earned or otherwise been associated with said designations. Mottos are also officially awarded to units by the U.S. Army. Under Army regulations, only those units to which official Special Designations (nicknames) and mottos have been awarded may associate themselves with said nicknames and mottos. In addition, members of these units are permitted to wear said nicknames and mottos on their uniforms. Under army regulations units with officially awarded nicknames and mottos may have only one of each. Additional nicknames and mottos are unofficial. Units and members of units with unofficial nicknames and mottos are prohibited by army regulations from adding said items to their division insignia, wear them on their uniforms, or mount them on their official guidons. Further, no unit may use or otherwise adopt a nickname or motto officially assigned to another unit. The following list of army nicknames and mottos contains both those which are officially recognized by the Army, as well as those which are not. The complete listing of official U.S. Army Special Designations can be seen at the U.S. Army Center of Military History website: U.S. Army Special Designations. If a unit is not listed here, its nickname is unofficial.

  • U.S. Army: This We'll Defend
  • U.S. Army Recruitment motto: Army Strong (changed from: Army of One)
  • U.S. Army Recruitment motto: Be All That You Can Be (former)
  • U.S. First Army First In Deed
  • U.S. Second Army Second To None
  • U.S. Third Army Terita Semper Prima (The Third Always First) - now renamed: "US Army Central"
  • U.S. Fourth Army Leadership and Integrity
  • U.S. Fifth Army In Peace Prepare For War
  • U.S. Sixth Army Born of War
  • U.S. Seventh Army Nickname: Born at Sea, baptized in Blood, crowned in glory; {motto} Pyramid of Power.
  • U.S. Eighth Army Pacific Victors
  • U.S. I Corps {Nickname} "eye Core"; America's Corps
  • U.S. III Corps {Nickname} "Phantom Corps"; "America's Hammers"; "Counterattack Corps"
  • U.S. III Corps Artillery Strike for Freedom
  • U.S. V Corps It will be done
  • U.S. V Corps Artillery Steadfast and Strong
  • U.S. XII Corps 2nd Division {Nickname} "White Stars" {Civil War}
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Essayons (Let Us Try)
  • U.S. Army Signal Corps Pro Patria Vigilans {Watchful for the Country}
  • U.S. XVIII Airborne Corps Sky Dragons
  • US Army Military Intelligence Corps "Always Out Front"
  • Air Force Proving Ground Group Proof by Trial
  • 207 Infantry Group Arctic Warriors
  • 3rd MP Group Justice Will Prevail
  • 6th MP Group Seek the Truth
    • 11th Military Police Battalion Strength Through Truth
    • 19th Military Police Battalion Truth is our Sword
    • 22nd Military Police Battalion Integrity above all
Divisions {Armor}
Divisions {Infantry}
Divisions {Cavalry}
Separate Brigades
  • 1st Engineer Brigade Victory Through Skill
  • 11th Signal Brigade Flexibility, Dependability
  • 20th Engineer Brigade Building Combat Power
  • 35th Engineer Brigade No Task Too Large
  • 32nd Infantry Brigade aka "Red Arrow" Forward
  • 39th Infantry Brigade aka "The Arkansas Brigade" or "The Bowie Brigade" Courage
  • 41st Field Artillery Brigade "Railgunners" {Nickname}
  • 48th Chemical Brigade "To Protect The Nation" {Spartans - Leading to Victory!}
  • 53rd Infantry Brigade aka "Gator Brigade": Florida and Country
  • 58th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Maryland 400
  • 72nd Infantry Brigade Remember the Alamo
  • 75th Fires Brigade Taut Lanyards
  • 76th Infantry Brigade Point the Way
  • 81st Armored Brigade Washington Rifles {Nickname}
  • 172nd Infantry Brigade Ceveat {Let Him Beware}
  • 173rd Airborne Brigade Sky Soldiers
  • 199th Light Infantry Brigade "The Redcatchers" {Nickname}
  • 312th Military Intelligence Brigade Semper Veritas
  • 455th Chemical Brigade Protecting the Force
  • 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade Fast, Factual, Faithful

Regiments {Infantry} =

  • 1st Infantry Regiment Semper Primus (Always First)
  • 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment Noli Me Tangere {Do Not Touch Me}
  • 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment aka "The Old Guard" Noli Me Tangere {Touch Me Not}
  • U.S. 4th Infantry Regiment Noli Me Tangere {Touch Me Not}
  • U.S. 5th Infantry Regiment I'LL Try SIR
  • U.S. 6th Infantry Regiment Unity is Strength
  • U.S. 7th Infantry Regiment aka "Cottonbalers" Volens et Potens (Willing and Able)
  • U.S. 8th Infantry Regiment PATRIAE FIDELITAS {Loyalty to Country}
  • U.S. 9th Infantry Regiment aka "Manchus" Keep up the Fire!
  • U.S. 10th Infantry Regiment Courage and Fidelity
  • U.S. 11th Infantry Regiment Semper Fidelis {Always Faithful}
  • U.S. 12th Infantry Regiment DUCTI AMORE PATRIAE {Having Been Led by Love of Country}
  • U.S. 13th Infantry Regiment First at Vicksburg {on Crest is "Forty Rounds"}
  • U.S. 14th Infantry Regiment aka "Golden Dragoons" The Right of the Line
  • U.S. 15th Infantry Regiment Can Do!
  • U.S. 16th Infantry Regiment Semper Paratus {Always Prepared)
  • U.S. 17th Infantry Regiment Truth and Courage
  • U.S. 18th Infantry Regiment In Omnia Paratus {Ready for Anything}
  • U.S. 19th Infantry Regiment The Rock of Chickamauga
  • U.S. 20th Infantry Regiment Tant Que Je Puis
  • U.S. 21st Infantry Regiment Duty
  • U.S. 22d Infantry Regiment Deeds not Words
  • U.S. 23rd Infantry Regiment We Serve
  • US 24th Infantry Regiment (United States) aka Buffalo Soldiers San Juan Semper Paratus
  • U.S. 25th Infantry Regiment aka Buffalo Soldiers Onward
  • U.S. 26th Infantry Regiment The Blue Spaders {Nickname} Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat {Let Him Bear the Palm Who has won it}
  • U.S. 27th Infantry Regiment aka "Wolfhounds" Nec Aspera Terrent (They don't fear hardship)
  • U.S. 28th Infantry Regiment {1 & 2 Battalions} "Black Lions"
  • U.S. 29th Infantry Regiment {1 & 2 Battalions} Motto: WE Lead the Way"
  • U.S. 30th Infantry Regiment Our Country, Not Ourselves {also has listed "Rock of the Marne, July 14-18, 1918"}
  • U.S.31st Infantry Regiment Pro Patria {For the Country}
  • U.S. 32nd Infantry Regiment aka "The Queens Own" {1st Battalion-"Chosin"-Against All Odds}
  • U.S. 33rd Infantry Regiment Ridentes Venimus {Smiling We Come}
  • U.S. 34rd Infantry Regiment Toujours En Avant {Always Forward}
  • U.S. 35th Infantry Regiment Take Arms
  • U.S. 36th Infantry Regiment see 1st Armored Division
  • U.S. 37th Infantry Regiment of 1866-1869 {in 1869 half was consolidated with the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment and half was consolidated with the 5th Infantry Regiment}.
  • 38th Infantry Regiment Rock of the Marne
  • 39th Infantry Regiment {Nicknames: Fighting Falcons; AAA-O {"Anything, Anywhere, Anytime Bar Nothing"} D'une Vaillance Admirable {With a Courage worthy of Admiration}
  • U.S. 41st Infantry Regiment Straight and Stalwart
  • U.S. 51st Infantry Regiment I Serve
  • U.S. 52d Infantry Regiment Ready Rifles; Fortis Et Certus (Brave And True)
  • U.S. 65th Infantry Regiment aka "The Borinqueneers" Honor Et Fidelitas {Honor and Fidelity}
  • U.S. 69th Infantry Regiment {aka "The Fighting 69th"} (Mechanized, NY National Guard) Faugh a Ballaugh! {Irish Gaelic for "Clear the Way!" "Gentle when Stroked, Fierce when Provoked" {Motto}
  • U.S. 70th Infantry Regiment "Speed with Accuracy"
  • U.S. 75th Ranger Regiment-see U.S. Army Rangers below
  • U.S. 76th Regiment-"Experto Crede"(Trust One Who Has Had Experience)
  • U.S. 78th Regiment-"Tiens Ton Canon"(Hold To Your Gun)"
  • U.S. 80th Regiment-"Nunc Ut Olim"(Now As Before"
  • U.S. 84th Regiment-"Quod Facio, Valde Facio"(What I Do, I Do Well)
  • U.S. 85th Regiment-"Praeparatio Et Cooperatio"(Preparation and Cooperation)
  • U.S. 89th Regiment-"Loyalty"
  • U.S. 91st Regiment-"Paratus"{Prepared}
  • U.S. 95th Regiment-"Nie-Econ-Nim"(I Am Ready}
  • U.S. 98th Regiment-"Surmount All Obstacles"
  • U.S. 100th Regiment-"Sic Jurat Transcendere Montes"(Thus He Swears To Cross The Mountains).
  • U.S. 101st Aviation Regiment Wings of the Eagle
  • U.S. 102nd Infantry Regiment New Haven, Connecticut (third oldest in U.S.), "Stand Forth"
  • U.S. 104th Infantry Regiment Fortitude et Courage
  • U.S. 107th Infantry Regiment "O'Ryan's Roughnecks"
  • U.S. 111th Infantry Regiment "NULLA VESTIGIA RETRORSUM (No Step Backwards)"
  • U.S. 112th Field Artillery Regiment A Outrance {To the Utmost}
    • 112th Field Artillery Regiment/3rd Battalion "NJ Guns"
  • U.S. 114th Aviation Regiment Eagles of Liberty
  • U.S. 115th Infantry Regiment Rally around the Flag
  • U.S. 124th Infantry Regiment (To) The Right Of The Line!
  • U.S. 126th Aviation Regiment Faith Flight Fidelity
  • U.S. 138th Regiment-"Seek and Destroy"
  • 143rd Infantry Regiment Arms Secure Peace
  • U.S. 153rd Infantry Regiment "Let's Go!"
  • U.S. 157th Infantry Regiment "Eagar For Duty"
  • U.S. 158th Regimental Combat Team Cuidado (Take Care)
  • 166th Infantry Regiment Follow Me
  • U.S. 175th Infantry Regiment Decus Et Praesidium (An Honor and a Guard)
  • U.S. 179th Infantry Regiment "In Omina Paratus"
  • U.S. 180th Infantry Regiment "TANAP-NANAIYKIA-ALTHAIYAHA (Ready in Peace and War)"
  • U.S. 181st Infantry Regiment Keep Your Powder Dry
  • U.S. 182nd Infantry Regiment Avitos Juvamus Honores {We Uphold Our Ancient Honors}
  • U.S. 183rd Regiment-"Instructis Armis"(Train The Force).
  • U.S. 184th Infantry Regiment "Let's Go!"
  • 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment aka Rakkasan Ne Desit Virtus (Let Valor Not Fail)
  • U.S. 188th Infantry Regiment Winged Attack
  • U.S. 189th Regiment-"Honoris Custos" (The Guardian of Honor).
  • U.S. 193rd Regiment-"Blue Hen's Chickens"
  • U.S. 201st Regiment-"Denderemos Nuestros Cielos" (We Will Defend Our Skies)
  • US 204th Regiment-"Intrepid Deeds"
  • US 208th Regiment-"Ministrare Tuebimor" (To Serve, We Will Defend)
  • US 209th Regiment-"Excellence Through Knowledge"
  • US 210th Regiment-"We Train All"
  • US 213th Regiment-"Disciplina Bello"(Train To Fight)
  • US 215th Regiment-"Special Trust Confidence"
  • US 238th Regiment-"Semper Ductus" {Always A Leader}
  • US 240th Regiment-"Semper Primus et Fidelis" (Always, First and Faithful)
  • US 249th Regiment-"Nulli Cede" {Surrender to None}
  • US 291st Regiment-"Altaha Abilia" {Always Ready}
  • US 314th Infantry Regiment (United States) "Fortitude and Courage"
  • 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment aka Falcons {Nickname} "Let's Go!"
  • 327th Glider Infantry Regiment Bastogne bulldogs/Nomads of Vietnam {Nicknames} Honor and Country
  • U.S. 336th Infantry Regiment "Labor Conquers All Things"
  • U.S. 345th Infantry Regiment "Invictus"
  • 349th Infantry Regiment Liberty and Rights
  • 350th Infantry Regiment Fidelity and Service
  • 351st Infantry Regiment Toujours Prêt (Always Ready)
  • U.S. 366th Infantry Regiment Labour Conquers All Things
  • 369th Infantry Regiment Harlem Hellfighters!; Let's Go!
  • 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment "Geronimo"
  • 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment Strike
  • 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment The Rock
  • 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment aka Devils in Baggy Pants {Nickname} "Strike Hold"
  • 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment aka Panthers {Nickname} "H-Minus"
  • 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment "Currahee" (Cherokee for "Stand Alone"); unofficially: 5-O-Sink
  • 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment Raff's Ruffians {Nickname}
  • 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment aka Red Devils {Nickname} Fury From the Sky
  • 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment All the Way
  • 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment Strength from Above
  • 515th Infantry Regiment-"Adelante" {Forward}
  • 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment "Battling Buzzards" {Nickname} Attack
Regiments {Cavalry/Armored Cavalry}
  • U.S. 1st Cavalry Regiment see 1st Armor Division
  • 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment Toujours Prêt (Always Ready)
  • 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment Brave Rifles
  • U.S. 4th Cavalry Regiment The Fourth First
  • U.S. 5th Cavalry Regiment Loyalty and Courage
  • U.S. 6th Cavalry Regiment aka "Fighting Sixth" Ducit Amor Patriae {Led by Love of Country}/Silent Thunder
  • 7th Cavalry Regiment Garryowen! {Nickname} The Seventh First
  • U.S. 8th Cavalry Regiment Honor and Courage
  • U.S. 9th Cavalry Regiment "We Can, We Will"
  • U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment Ready and Forward
  • U.S. 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Allons
  • U.S. 12th Cavalry Regiment Semper Paratus {Always Ready}
  • U.S. 13th Cavalry/Troop K-now U.S. 13th Armor It Shall be Done
  • U.S. 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment Suivez Moi {Follow Me}
  • U.S. 15th Cavalry Regiment Tous Pour Un, Un Pour Tous {All for one, One for all}
  • U.S. 16th Cavalry Regiment Strike Hard
  • U.S. 17th Cavalry Regiment Forward!
  • U.S. 18th Armored Cavalry Regiment Velox et Mortifer (Swift and deadly)
  • 26th Cavalry Regiment {PS} Our Strength is in Loyalty
  • U.S. 27th Cavalry Regiment Vamos
  • U.S. 113th Cavalry Regiment "We Maintain"
  • U.S. 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment I Volunteer, Sir
Regiments {Artillery/Field Artillery/Air Defense/Engineer}
Regiments {Armor}
  • U.S. 32nd Armored Regiment "Victory or Death"
  • U.S. 37th Armor Regiment Courage Conquers
  • 64th Armor Regiment We Pierce
  • 70th Armor Regiment Strike Swiftly
  • 77th Armor Regiment Insiste Firmiter (Stand to it Stoutly)
  • 111th Armor Regiment By Arms and Courage
  • 112th Armor Regiment Rarin' to Go
  • 149th Armor Regiment Men and Steel
Separate Battalions {Chemical/Engineer/Coast and Field Artillery/Military Police/Signal/Tank/Military Intelligence}
  • 1st Battalion 258th Field Artillery Regiment Paratus et Fidelis {Ready and Faithful}
  • 1st Battalion 320th Field Artillery Regiment Volens Et Potens {Willing And Able}
  • 3rd Battalion 16th Field Artillery aka "Rolling Thunder {Nickname} Macte Nova Virtute {Go Forth with New Strength}
  • 6th Battalion 14th Field Artillery aka "Warbonnets" Ex Hoc Signo Victoria {Victory by this Sign}
  • 338th Field Artillery Battalion Deo et Patria (God and Country)
  • 339th Field Artillery Battalion Expugnare (To assault)
  • 913th Field Artillery Battalion Haec Manus ob Partiam (This Hand for my Country)
  • 1st Engineer Battalion Always First
  • 5th Engineer Battalion Courage-Skill-Strength
  • 27th Engineer Battalion Munquam Otiosi {Always Busy}
  • 30th Engineer Topographic Battalion Imprimis {In the First Place}
  • 35th Engineer Battalion Quality-Courage-Results
  • 79th Engineer Combat Battalion (Heavy) Fait Accompli (An accomplished, presumably irreversible deed or fact.)
  • 317th Engineer Battalion By Industry And Honor
  • 321st Engineer Battalion Semper Temtare
  • 326th Engineer Battalion Nostrum Est {The Task is Ours}
  • U.S. 337th Engineer Battalion Keystone Engineers
  • 512th Enginner Battalion Strive for the Best
  • 577th Engineer Battalion Iron Soldiers
  • 864th Engineer Battalion Aliquid Expectavit (Anything Expected)
  • 847th Engineer Battalion Duty Determines Destiny
  • 875th Engineer Battalion Ready and Willing
  • 169th Engineer Battalion Mind and Hand
  • 313th Combat Engineer Battalion Paramus Viam (We Prepare the Way)
  • 161st Airborne Engineer Primus Etterminus
  • 244th Engineer Combat Battalion Construction Conquers
  • 100th Infantry Battalion 442nd Regimental Combat Team Go For Broke!
  • 101st Quartermaster Battalion Non Sebi, Sed Omnibus {Not for self, but for all}
  • 154th Quartermaster Battalion We Can and Will
  • 2d Chemical Battalion Flammis Vincimus (With Fire We Conquer)
  • 83d Chemical Battalion Confront Any Mission
  • 103d Chemical Battalion Stabilis Victoria (Support the Victory)
  • 126th Chemical Battalion Through the Flames
  • 420th Chemical Battalion Passage Assured
  • 468th Chemical Battalion Veil of the Dragon
  • 1st Signal Battalion In Medias Res {Into the Midst of Things}
  • 25th Signal Battlaion Never Unprepared
  • 44th Signal Battalion Outstanding
  • 72nd Signal Battalion Fit to Fight
  • 115th Signal Battalion First In Duty
  • 129th Signal Battalion Light The Fires
  • 154th Signal Battalion Los Medios (The Means)
  • 198th Signal Battalion First Regiment of First State
  • 177th Military Police Battalion Protect Defend Preserve
  • 10th Military Police Battalion (Provisional) Justice from Above
  • 785th Military Police Battalion Safeguard and Secure! / Stand and Deliver!
  • 128th Forward Support Battalion Spectemur Agendo (Judge By Our Actions)
  • 217th Coast Artillery Battalion In Liberty's Defense
  • 243rd Coast Artillery Battalion Game to the Last
  • 313th Medical Battalion Ferio Sed Sano (Fierce but Humane)
  • 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion The Triple Nickels {Nickname}
  • 761st Tank Battalion Come Out Fighting
  • 3d Military Intelligence Battalion (AE) Winged Vigilance
  • 201st Military Intelligence Battalion Vigilant Knights
Army Special Operations Units
  • 1st Special Service Force aka The Devil's Brigade
  • U.S. Army Rangers aka 75th Ranger Regiment: We Lead the Way; Sua Sponte ("Of their own accord")
    • 1st Ranger Battalion
    • 2nd Ranger Battalion
    • 3rd Ranger Battalion
    • 4th Ranger Battalion
    • 5th Ranger Battalion
    • 6th Ranger Battalion
  • 4th Psychological Operations Group "POG" Persuade, Change and Influence
    • 1st PSYOP Bn (A) - United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) First with the Finest
    • 3rd PSYOP Bn (A)(D) Power to Influence
    • 5th PSYOP Bn (A) - United States Pacific Command (USPACOM) Victory Through Influence
    • 6th PSYOP Bn (A) - United States European Command (EUCOM) Veritas Vos Liberabit
    • 8th PSYOP Bn (A) - United States Central Command (CENTCOM) Triumphus Persuasionis
    • 9th PSYOP Bn (A) Win the Mind, Win the Day
U.S. Army education and training
  • U.S. Military Academy -West Point: Duty-Honor-Country
  • Armor School Forge the Thunderbolt
  • Aviation School Above the Best
  • Infantry School Follow Me
  • Chemical School Elementis Regamus Proelium (We Rule the Battlefield Through the Elements)

United States Department of the Navy

United States Navy

U.S. Navy units
  • US Navy: Paratus Et Potens ("Ready and Able"), Semper Fortis ("Always Courageous"), also Non Sibi, Sed Patriae ("Not for ourselves, but for our country") are often cited as their motto. Core values: "Honor, Courage, Commitment". Recruitment motto: "Accelerate Your Life".
  • Independent Corps
  • Navy Supply Corps: Ready for Sea
  • Navy SEALs: The only easy day was yesterday.
  • Construction Battalions Seabee: Can Do!, Construimus et Batuimus ("We Have Built [Them] Up and We Have Beaten/Knocked [Them] Down"); (Unofficial Motto) Construimus, Batuimus, Bibimus! ("We build [Them] up, We beat [Them] down, [Then] We drink!")
U.S. Navy education and training

United States Marine Corps

Active U.S. Marine units
Inactive U.S. Marine units
  • U.S. 1st Marine Parachute Regiment
  • U.S. 9th Marine Regiment: "The Striking Ninth"
  • U.S. 5th Marine Division: aka "The Spearhead"
  • U.S. 6th Marine Division: aka "The Striking Sixth"
  • Marine Defense Battalions
    • 1st Defense Battalion: "Wake Island Defenders"
    • 9th Defense Battalion: "Fighting Ninth"
    • 14th Defense Battalion: "Five: Fourteenth"
    • 15th Defense Battalion: "First: Fifteenth"
    • 17th Defense Battalion: "Two: Seventeen", "One of a Kind"
  • Squadrons:

United States Department of the Air Force

US Air Force unofficial motto: "Un Ab Alto" [One Over All]

US Air Force official motto: Above All

US Air Force Recruiting Mottoes: Do Something Amazing, Cross Into the Blue, Aim High

United States Department of Homeland Security

United States Coast Guard


  • See also article Nicknames of U.S. Army divisions {explanation of Nicknames}


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