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The branches of the armed forces of Bhutan are the Royal Bhutan Army, Royal Bodyguards, Militia, and Royal Bhutan Police. Being a landlocked country, Bhutan doesn't have a navy. Additionally, Bhutan does not have an air force, although the Royal Bhutan Army does have a very small air arm which possesses no combat capabilities and is used entirely for transport.India is responsible for Military Training,arms supplies and air borne defense of Bhutan.


Military statistics

Military manpower - military age: 18 years of age

Military manpower - availability:
males age 15-49: 491,427 (2000 est.)

Military manpower - fit for military service:
males age 15-49: 262,316 (2000 est.)

Military manpower - reaching military age annually:
males: 20,374 (2000 est.)

Military expenditures - dollar figure: $NA

Military expenditures - percent of GDP: 1.8%

Army air arm

The Bhutan Air Arm is a tiny but important asset in the inhospitable terrain. It possesses no combat capabilities, and is used entirely for transport. It is likely that Russia will supply further helicopters, should India permit this.In addition to a number of Russian supplied helicopters, one light transport aircraft is also operated. The Royal Bhutan Army also relies on the Eastern Air Command of the Indian Air Force for air assistance. In recent years India has helped Bhutan start to develop its military in all areas through military donations and training.[1] Indian Air Force helicopters evacuated RBA casualties to India for treatment during Operation All Clear in 2003.[2]

Aircraft in active service as of January 2009.

Aircraft Source Type Versions In service[3] Notes
Mil Mi-8 Hip  Soviet Union /  Russia transport helicopter Mi-8 7
Dornier 228  Germany transports Do 228 1

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