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Military of Bolivia
Flag of Bolivia (militar).svg
Service branches Army (Ejército Boliviano),
Navy (Fuerza Naval Boliviana,
Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Boliviana),
National Police Force (Policía Nacional de Bolivia)
Military age 18
Available for
military service
1,949,267, age 15–49 (2000 est.)
Fit for
military service
1,269,228, age 15–49  (2000 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
86,863 (2000 est.)
Active personnel 31,500[1]
Budget $147 million (FY99)
Percent of GDP 1.8% (FY99)

Military branches of Bolivia:



The Bolivian Army has around 55,500 men. There were six military regions (regiones militares—RMs) in the army. RM 1, headquartered in La Paz, encompassed most of La Paz Department. RM 2, headquartered in Sucre, included Cochabanba Department and most of Chuquisaca Department. RM 3, based in Tarija, consisted of Tarija Department and eastern Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz departments. RM 4, headquartered in Potosí, covered Oruro and Potosí departments. RM 5, based in Trinidad, contained most of Santa Cruz and Beni departments. RM 6, based in Cobija, encompassed Pando Department and parts of La Paz and Beni departments.

Army organized has ten divisions controlling the following units:

  • eight cavalry regiments,
  • twenty-two infantry battalions,
  • two mechanized regiments,
  • one motorized infantry regiment with two battalions,
  • three ranger battalions,
  • three artillery "regiments" (battalions),
  • five artillery batteries,
  • one independent paratroop battalion, and
  • six engineer battalions)
  • Plus logistical and instructional support commands

The Army maintains a small fleet of utility aircraft, primarily to support headquarters.


Land Forces equipment


Bolivian army equipment[2]
Tanks 36 SK-105 Kurassiers
Reconnaissance vehicles 24 EE-9 Cascavel
Armoured Personnel Carriers 50 M113 armored personnel carrier Gavin local upgraded,24 M-9 Semiorugas APC 24 EE-11 UrutuAPC, 10 Cadillac Gage Commando V-150 , 20 Mowag Roland local upgraded (Used |by the military Police),1 4K-4FA-SB20 ARV
Artillery pieces and mortar 18 Type 54 122mm howitzers, 6 M-101 105mm howitzers, 6 Pack 75mm howitzers, 10 Bofors L/40 M-1935 75mm howitzers, mortars:

M-120 120mm, M-30 107mm mortars,FH 81mm,W 87 81mm, 250 M-29 81mm mortars, M-224 60mm mortars,AA artilley: 16 2x37mm Type 65,80 2x20mm Oerlikon K20,50 MANPAD HN-5 AT weapons: 40 portable AT missile HJ-8AiB red arrow,rocket launchers RPG-7,RL 200 66mm M 72A3 LAW,RL 90mm M20A1,recoilless cannon 90mm M-67,RCL 82mm Type 65/78,RCL 106mm M40A1.

Transport TRANSPORT:DongFeng EQ2081/2100,FAW 1122J,Steyer 1491,M 35A2,16 Ford F-750,Unimog 416 ,Engesa EE-15 trucks, Engesa EE-25 trucks, FIAT IVECO 5 ton trucks,TACTICAL TRANSPORT VEHICLES:30 M988 HMMWV,40 Koyak localy bild, UTILITY TRANSPORT VEHICLES:Ford M151 MUTT jepp,CJ_-5CJ-7,Chrysler jeep Wrangler,BJ 2020VJ horses (still used by the Bolivian cavalry units) [2]
Small Arms SMG:FMK 3,UZI,MAT 49 all 9mmR@C: M16A1,Galil AR,M 4A1,Stayer AUG A1,SA80 all 5,56mm FN FAL,Type 56,SIG 542,SIG 510-4all 7,62 PR:Dragunov SVD,mauser mod 86SR,Steyer SSG-69,RAT:Steyer HS 50 12,7mm,MGMG:M2HB 12,7mm,M 60,FN MAG 60,SIG MG710-3 all 7,62 Type 56LMG.GR: Type 87 35mm,M 79, MM-1,m 203 all 40mm
Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service[3] Notes
Beechcraft King Air  United States Staff transport Model 90
Model 200
Cessna 206 Stationair  United States Utility 4
Cessna 421 Golden Eagle  United States Staff transport Cessna 421B 1
CASA C-212 Aviocar  Spain transport 1 Center of instruction of special troops

Air Force

List of Air Force aircraft

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service[4 ] Notes
HAL Dhruv  India utility helicopter 2 letter of Intent issued[1]
Aérospatiale SA 315 Lama  France utility helicopter SA 315B 2
Aerotec T-23 Uirapuru  Brazil trainer A-132B
Basler BT-67  United States transport 1
Beechcraft Baron  United States Utility 55 2
Beechcraft Bonanza  United States utility V35 2
Beechcraft Super King Air  United States staff transport 200 4
Beechcraft T-34 Mentor  United States trainer FMA T-34B 21
Bell UH-1H Iroquois  United States utility helicopter UH-1H 12
Bell 212 Twin Huey  United States utility helicopter 1
BAe 146  United Kingdom transport 146-100 2
Canadair T-33 Silver Star  Canada attack AT-33A 20
CASA C-212 Aviocar  Spain transport 3
Cessna 152  United States utility 10
Cessna 172 Skyhawk  United States utility 172K 2
Cessna 185 Skywagon  United States utility 2
Cessna 206 Stationair  United States utility 11
Cessna 210 Centurion  United States utility 4
Cessna 310  United States utility 1
Cessna 402  United States utility 402B 1
Cessna 421 Golden Eagle  United States utility 421B 1
Convair 580  United States transport 2
Fokker F27 Friendship  Netherlands transport F27-400M 4
Lancair 320  United States trainer 1
Learjet 25  United States VIP transport 25B
Lockheed C-130 Hercules  United States transport Total
McDonnell Douglas DC-10  United States transport DC-10-10F 1 acquired in late 2007[4 ]
MD 500 Defender  United States utility helicopter 500M 10
NEIVA T-25 Universal  Brazil trainer 6
Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer  Switzerland trainer 9[4 ]
Piper PA-34 Seneca  United States utility 2
Rockwell Sabreliner  United States VIP transport Sabreliner 60 1


See full article: Bolivian Naval Force.

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  • [2] - Order of battle and list of equipment used by the military of Bolivia.

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