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The X-Files episode
Millennium TXF.jpg
Dana Scully and Fox Mulder searching for evidence related to the Millennium Group
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 3
Written by Vince Gilligan
Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Production no. 7ABX05
Original airdate November 28, 1999 (Fox)
Guest stars
Episode chronology
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"Hungry" "Rush"

"Millennium" is the fourth episode of the seventh season of The X-Files. It is a crossover with the show Millennium.



A widow at her husband's funeral in Tallahassee, Florida is approached by a man, Mark Johnson who claims to have worked with her husband. After the other mourners have left Johnson returns to the funeral parlour and places a phone in the dead man's hand. A week later Johnson waits outside a cemetery, his phone rings and he walks towards a grave. Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are called in to examine the empty grave, from the evidence available to them they conclude that someone broke out of the casket. Scully theorises that someone made it look that way. At a briefing lead by Walter Skinner however Mulder explains his own theory of necromancy, the summoning of the dead.

Skinner takes Mulder and Scully aside and explains to them that the dead man was part of the Millennium Group, an organization made up of former FBI agents. Mulder and Scully visit a criminal profiler, Frank Black. A former member of the Millennium Group, he is initially reluctant to help them, as he believes that further association with the Millennium Group may hinder his custody battle for his daughter Jordan. But he agrees to help in their investigation, explaining that the members of the Millennium Group believe they can bring about the end of the world by killing themselves before the dawn of the new Millennium. Acting on information from Frank, Mulder concentrates on trying to find Johnson, when Scully is attacked in the morgue by the dead deputy. The two agents put all their effort in to finding Johnson before it is too late.

The plot progresses as the agents search for Mr. Johnson, uncovering information about a bizarre string of zombified corpses rising from the dead searching for victims. Mulder later tracks down Mr. Johnson's house, and is trapped by Johnson in his basement with a group of corpses capable of rising and attacking Mulder. Mulder is saved when Frank shows up with his loaded revolver to take out the zombies by 'aiming for the head'. As the gun runs out of bullets, and death seems imminent for Mulder and Frank, Scully busts in saving both their lives.

The epilogue shows Frank in the hospital with Scully and Mulder. Scully informs Frank that he has a visitor and brings in his daughter Jordan. Meanwhile, Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve is on a television in the background, as the countdown begins. Frank decides to leave, and Mulder and Scully are left watching the final countdown. As the clock strikes zero, and the crowd begins to sing 'Auld Lang Syne' on screen, Mulder and Scully are swept in a moment of intimacy and they kiss to ring in the new year.


The episode is often cited as bringing closure to the Millennium series story arc and features the last appearances of Frank and Jordan Black. When Walter Skinner hands Fox Mulder and Dana Scully the Millennium Groups symbol, you can see that it's an Ouroboros. This is the same symbol that Scully got tattoed on her back in "Never Again". However, she does not seem to be familiar with this symbol, indicating a lack of continuity. This is the second crossover with the canceled Millennium show, although the previous crossover involved a minor character, author Jose Chung (from "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"), appearing in the Millennium episode "José Chung's Doomsday Defense", both episodes written by Darin Morgan.

When Mulder says to shoot the zombies in the head as doing so seems to stop them, his exact line of dialogue is an homage to the original Night of the Living Dead. When trapped in the basement, Mulder makes a circle of Kosher salt around him in order to protect himself against the zombies. When Black enters to rescue Mulder, we can see him laid down at the floor. Why Mulder got out of the circle of salt, and how the zombies did not attack him, is unknown.


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