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Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Studio album by Tortoise
Released January 30, 1996
Recorded June - September 1995
Genre Post-rock
Length 42:56 (American version) 64:30 (non-American version) 68:42 (Japanese version)
Label Thrill Jockey THRILL025
Professional reviews
Tortoise chronology
Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters
Millions Now Living Will Never Die

Millions Now Living Will Never Die is the second album by the Chicago-based band Tortoise. Released in 1996 by Thrill Jockey Records, Millions... is renowned as a groundbreaking album for post-rock; an uncredited review from declares that not long after the album's release, the group was "hailed as godfathers of the American 'post-rock' movement".[1] In 2008 the album was performed live in its entirety as part of the All Tomorrow's Parties-curated Don't Look Back series.

The album's title comes from a phrase used in the Jehovah's Witness faith, especially in the early 1900s.[2][3] It is, for instance, the title of an essay (in Spanish Millones que ahora viven no morirán jamás[4]) by Joseph Franklin Rutherford, who was the second president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

Track listing

  1. "Djed" – 20:57
  2. "Glass Museum" – 5:27
  3. "A Survey" – 2:52
  4. "The Taut And Tame" – 5:01
  5. "Dear Grandma And Grandpa" – 2:49
  6. "Along the Banks Of Rivers" – 5:50
  7. "Gamera" (bonus track) – 11:55
  8. "Goriri" (bonus track) – 6:39
  9. "Restless Waters" (bonus track) – 3:41
  10. "A Grape Dope" (bonus track) - 4:12
  • Tracks 7-9 are not on the American version of the album.
  • Track 10 is on the Japanese version of the album.





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