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Parlano MindAlign (tm) is a persistent group chat solution that combines the asynchronous aspects of email and real-time aspects of instant messaging to make it easier to conduct ongoing, cross-functional team discussions around business-critical topics.

It is used by organizations in numerous industries to broaden information awareness, reduce information overload, reduce interruptions, securely connect teams to external communities, and enhance and retain organizational knowledge.

Originally developed at Swiss Bank (now UBS AG) for their Foreign Exchange(FX) and FX IT teams but now developed and sold by Chicago-based Parlano, MindAlign has become the leading group chat solution for sell-side capital markets operations as well as many buy-side firms. MindAlign has also become popular in non-financial services industries where it is used for Global IT Effectiveness, Support, Customer Service, and R&D teams.

It is offered as a hosted service with or without compliance archive from mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc..

Originally built using JAVA and utilizing the popular IRC messaging protocol, MindAlign was upgraded in 2005 to interoperate and extend Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 (LCS). In 2007 Parlano introduced MindAlign 2007, which utilizes SIP/SIMPLE for messaging and is deeply integrated with LCS and the upcoming Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS).

MindAlign 2007 extends Microsoft LCS/OCS and the rest of the unified communications platform with critical capabilities that improve team communications:

  • Topic-based, persistent group channels allow distributed, virtual teams to maintain an ongoing dialogue about business-critical topics and broadens information awareness
  • An interactive channel list maximizes use of desktop real-estate while allowing users to monitor activity across multiple discussions the instant they sign on
  • Visual and audio notifications for new messages, including message counts, taskbar notifications, pop-up windows and sound alerts, improve user productivity and reduce interruptions common in other IM platforms
  • User-defined intelligent filters reduce information overload by allowing users to automatically see messages that are most important to them
  • Federation to public instant messaging networks through Microsoft Public IM Connectivity allows users to productively manage dialogue with both internal and external contacts
  • Federated Group Chat establishes secure, persistent multi-user chat channels with external parties

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On the 5th Oct 2007 Parlano was acquired by Microsoft.


Aditi Technologies Acquires MindAlign 6

Aditi Technologies has taken ownership of the intellectual property rights for MindAlign 6, an application for enterprise group chat, from Parlano, which was acquired by Microsoft.

As part of the deal, Aditi has also acquired 56 customers who currently use MindAlign 6, including 5 of the top 7 global banks according to Forbes.

The product is business critical for these companies, as many of their divisions rely on it as their main communication channel and inter-team collaboration mechanism, where email is too slow to be effective.

With this launch pad, the company aims to enter the enterprise collaboration space, and focus on building product IP-based solutions for global financial services institutions. It'll also work closely with Microsoft to help customers move to the Office Communications Server 2007 platform in the future.


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