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David B. Jones (1848 – August 23, 1923) was president and chairman of the board of directors of the Mineral Point Zinc Company and considered a founder of the Zinc industry in America. When ill, he chartered a special train whose speed rivaled the time of the Scott Special.



"He founded the Mineral Point [Zinc] Company in Wisconsin, which owns the whole town in Wisconsin, about thirty years ago and merged it with the New Jersey Zinc Company in a nation-wide organization in 1897."[1]

David Benton Jones had a winter home near Santa Barbara, California, at "Pepper Hill" in Montecito, California.[2] He had a townhouse at 1435 Astor Street in Chicago, Illinois, and a summer house at Lake Forest, Illinois. When he was ill, he chartered a train between Los Angeles, Chicago, and Lake Forest which was a few minutes faster than the Scott Special. David B. Jones also had a house in Florida.[3]

"Mr. Jones was born in Pembrokeshire, North Wales, in 1848. He came to this country as a boy and received his education here, graduating from Princeton University in 1874. He was a close friend of ex-President Wilson."[4]

David B. Jones had two daughters: Gwethalyn Jones and Catherine (Mrs. Edward H. Bennett) Jones and two sons: Owen B. and Herbert Jones.[5]


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Fiedler, George (1997). Mineral Point: A History. Mineral Point, Wisconsin: Memorial Pendarvis Endowment Trust Fund.  



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