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Miner in a gallery Potosi (
Miner in a mine of the "Cerro Rico" at Potosi, Bolivia. 2006.

A miner is a person whose work or business it is to extract ore or minerals from the earth. It is considered one of the most dangerous trades in the world. In some countries miners often do not have social guarantees and in case of destruction or mutilations they are left to the mercy of fate.

Banning for women and children

On 21 June 1935 the Convention No. 45 was adopted by the International Labour Organization, where the Article II establishes prohibition of women work in underground mines: "No female, whatever her age, shall be employed on underground work in any mine."[1]

This text has been ratified by 70 countries, 28 of which have denounced.[2]


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by Wilfred Owen

There was a whispering in my hearth,
A sigh of the coal.
Grown wistful of a former earth
It might recall.

I listened for a tale of leaves
And smothered ferns,
Frond-forests; and the low, sly lives
Before the fawns.

My fire might show steam-phantoms simmer
From Time's old cauldron,
Before the birds made nests in summer,
Or men had children.

But the coals were murmuring of their mine,
And moans down there
Of boys that slept wry sleep, and men
Writhing for air.

And I saw white bones in the cinder-shard,
Bones without number.
For many hearts with coal are charred,
And few remember.

I thought of all that worked dark pits
Of war, and died
Digging the rock where Death reputes
Peace lies indeed.

Comforted years will sit soft-chaired
In rooms of amber;
The years will stretch their hands, well-cheered
By our lifes' ember.

The centuries will burn rich loads
With which we groaned,
Whose warmth shall lull their dreaming lids,
While songs are crooned.
But they will not dream of us poor lads
Left in the ground.


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