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Cadbury Mini Eggs packaging (200g 7.05 Oz).

Cadbury Mini Eggs is a milk chocolate candy produced by Cadbury UK and Cadbury Adams (in Canada). Introduced by the Cadbury company in 1967, they are sold specifically during the Easter and Christmas season. In 2009 however, Canada began selling the product year-round with an ad campaign featuring “The Other Bunny”. The egg is solid milk chocolate encased in a thin coating of hard candy "shell", molded to resemble a miniature egg. The yellow egg is a floral flavour, designed to bring out the Easter theme.

Product specification

Mini Eggs close up texture.

Over the years, Cadbury has introduced a number of variations related to the original Mini Eggs, including:

  • Dark Mini Eggs (dark chocolate)
  • Popping Mini Eggs ("pops" when melted in mouth)
  • Micro Mini Eggs (even smaller variation of Mini Eggs) (introduced in 2008)

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