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In the Australian political system, the Minister for Finance and Deregulation supplements the role of the Treasurer, being responsible for areas such as budget policy advice, reviewing governmental programs, tendering and government financial accountability. The portfolio was first created in 1976 by Malcolm Fraser's Liberal Party of Australia government as Finance. It was subsequently renamed Financial Services by John Howard's government in 1996, as Finance and Administration in 1997, and as Finance and Deregulation by Kevin Rudd's government in 2007 a renaming which notably gives titular status to deregulation.


Minister for Finance

Minister for Finance and Administration

  • John Fahey (Liberal) 1997-2001
  • Nick Minchin (Liberal) 2001-2007

Minister for Finance and Deregulation


Renaming to Minister for Finance and Deregulation

The renaming of this portfolio to incorporate deregulation in its title coincided with the establishment of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's first ministry. This also included the renaming of the Department of Finance as the Department of Finance and Deregulation.

Ministers for Administrative Services

The first minister for Administrative Services was Fred Daly, although the portfolio was titled Minister for Services and Property from December 1972 until October 1975. The portfolio was abolished with the resignation of David Jull on 24 September 1997 and its responsibilities were absorbed into the portfolio of Finance and Administration on 6 October 1997.

Minister Party affiliation Period Ministerial Title
Fred Daly Australian Labor Party 1972–1974 Minister for Services and Property
Fred Daly Australian Labor Party 1975 Minister for Administrative Services
Thomas Drake-Brockman Liberal Party 1975
Reg Withers Liberal Party 1975–1978
Fred Chaney Liberal Party 1978
John McLeay Liberal Party 1978–1980
Kevin Newman Liberal Party 1980–1983
John Brown Australian Labor Party 1983–1984
Tom Uren Australian Labor Party 1984–1987 Minister for Local Government and Administrative Services
Stewart West Australian Labor Party 1987–1990 Minister for Administrative Services
Nick Bolkus Australian Labor Party 1990–1993
Bob McMullan Australian Labor Party 1993–1994
Frank Walker Australian Labor Party 1994–1996
David Jull Liberal Party 1996–1997

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