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The Minister of State is the head of the government of Monaco, though he is appointed by and subordinate to the Prince or Princess of Monaco. During his term, he is responsible for leading the government's action and is in charge of foreign relations. As the Prince's representative, the Minister of State also directs the executive services, commands the police, and presides (with voting powers) over the Council of Government.

The office was created in 1911 with the adoption of Monaco's constitution. Until the revision of the constitution of 2002, he had to be a French citizen, selected from several senior civil servants proposed by the French Government. Since 2002, the Minister of State can be either French or Monegasque and is chosen and appointed by the Prince, after consultation with the French Government.

List of Ministers of State

Name Term start Term end Political Party
Émile Flach February 1911 December 1917 Non-party
Georges Jaloustre (acting) January 1918 February 1919 Non-party
Raymond Le Bourdon 19 February 1919 11 August 1923 Non-party
Maurice Piette 11 August 1923 February 1932 Non-party
Henry Mauran (1st time; acting) January 1932 June 1932 Non-party
Maurice Bouilloux-Lafont June 1932 June 1937 Non-party
Henry Mauran (2nd time; acting) June 1937 August 1937 Non-party
Emile Roblot 15 September 1937 29 September 1944 Non-party
Pierre Blanchy (1st time; acting) 29 September 1944 13 October 1944 Non-party
Pierre de Witasse 13 October 1944 December 1948 Non-party
Pierre Blanchy (2nd time; acting) 4 January 1949 12 July 1949 Non-party
Jacques Rueff 12 July 1949 1 August 1950 Non-party
Pierre Voizard 1 August 1950 2 September 1953 Non-party
Henry Soum 15 November 1953 12 February 1959 Non-party
Émile Pelletier 12 February 1959 23 January 1962 Non-party
Pierre Blanchy (3rd time; acting) 23 January 1962 16 August 1963 Non-party
Jean Reymond 16 August 1963 28 December 1966 Non-party
Paul Demange 28 December 1966 1 April 1969 Non-party
François-Didier Gregh 1 April 1969 24 May 1972 Non-party
André Saint-Mleux 24 May 1972 July 1981 Non-party
Jean Herly July 1981 16 September 1985 Non-party
Jean Ausseil 16 September 1985 16 February 1991 Non-party
Jaques Dupont 16 February 1991 2 December 1994 Non-party
Paul Dijoud 2 December 1994 3 February 1997 Non-party
Michel Lévêque 3 February 1997 5 January 2000 Non-party
Patrick Leclercq 5 January 2000 1 May 2005 Non-party
Jean-Paul Proust 1 May 2005 Present Non-party

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