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Ministry of
the Interior
Agency overview
Formed December 31st, 1874 as Ministerio de la Gobernación
Preceding agency Ministry of the Interior and Justice
Jurisdiction Spanish government
Headquarters 5, Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid
Annual budget 8.996.250.900 €, 2009[1]
Agency executive Mr. Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, Minister
Child agencies Secretaría de Estado de Seguridad[2]
Dirección General de la Policía y de la Guardia Civil, Dirección General de Instituciones Penitenciarias[3]
Ministry of the Interior (in spanish)

The Ministry of Interior of Spain (Spanish: Ministerio del Interior) which historically could be known as Ministerio de la Gobernación, Ministerio del Orden Público, Ministerio del Interior y la Gobernación or Ministerio del Interior y Justicia is the executive branch responsible for policing, national security, and immigration matters.


In accordance with Royal Decree 991/2006, of September 8, to the Ministry of the Interior will:

  1. The preparation and execution of government policy in relation to the general administration of public security.
  2. Promoting the conditions for the exercise of fundamental rights, especially in relation to freedom and personal safety, as established in the Spanish Constitution and the laws that implement them.
  3. The senior command and the direction and coordination of the Security Forces of the State.
  4. The companies and private security control.
  5. The exercise of the powers that, in policing, given the current legislation on aliens.
  6. The system of asylum, refuge and protection regime for displaced persons.
  7. The administration system and correctional institutions.
  8. The completion of the actions necessary for the development of electoral processes.
  9. The exercise of the powers conferred by law on civil protection.
  10. The general administration of the traffic police and road safety.

The Minister of the Interior, as head of the department, is responsible of:

  1. The initiative, planning, management and supervision of all services of the ministry.
  2. The senior command of the Forces of State Security
  3. The duties assigned to it by other laws or rules.

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