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This article lists the fictional characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.


Cast creation and influence

Main characters

Many of the main characters are part of the Freedom Fighters, a group of rebels openly opposing the tyrannical oppression of Doctor Robotnik. After Robotnik is defeated and the kingdom is reestablished, the group is still active, though they are more like soldiers. After Eggman takes power, they continue to fight for their home. The main base exists in Knothole, but there are also numerous other groups in different parts of the world, such as the "Downunda" and the "Great Unknown."


Antoine D'Coolette

Antoine D'Coolette is a former member of the Royal Guard. He is a brown coyote with blond hair. He is occasionally depicted with a small mustache, although he has not been seen with one for some time. Although it was suggested that Antoine wore a hairpiece in the early issues of the comic, modern continuity has established it as his natural hair. Though Antione is dressed in a regimental blue uniform, he is shown to be the most inept member of the team by far. He is also harboring a romantic crush on Sally, and is frequently seen competing with Sonic for her favor. He speaks in a French accent and often mispronounces words or phrases.

In the Archie Comics continuity (and only subtly in the SatAM continuity), Antoine's rivalry with Sonic escalates to all-out enmity. After Sonic is temporarily roboticized and forced to attack Knothole Village, Antoine gleefully serves as the prosecutor at his subsequent trial for treason. Despite Antoine's best efforts, Sonic is eventually welcomed back into the fold. Bunnie Rabbot later develops a romantic interest in Antoine, which encourages him to abandon his hopeless pursuit of Sally; in effect, he gradually toughens up and becomes a more reliable member of the team, as proven when he weds Bunnie in a glorious marriage.

In the animated series, Antoine was voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Bunnie Rabbot

Bunnie Rabbot is a cyborg rabbit with a metallic arm and legs, the result of a thwarted attempt by Robotnik's minions to turn her into a robot. Upon being rescued by Sonic, Bunnie gladly enlists in the Freedom Fighters. Her robotic limbs grant her a certain degree of super-strength, as well as the ability to elevate by telescoping her legs. She speaks with a southern accent and refers to other characters as "Hon'" or "Sugah" (a possible reference to the X-Men heroine Rogue). Bunnie is seen in her natural form only twice during the TV series; in the episode "Sonic Conversion" a de-roboticizer is tested on her and is successful, although the effects are only temporary, and she returns to her previous state later in the same episode. The two-part episode "Blast to the Past" features Bunnie as a child, prior to her transformation. Bunnie is also shown to be knowledgeable in martial arts, even attempting to teach some of the other Freedom Fighters such as Antoine, with mixed results.

In her comic incarnation, Bunnie's wardrobe later evolved to consist of a jacket (usually a cowboy jacket with tassels) and cowboy hat. She was also seen carrying a pair of revolvers as part of this change, but they were dropped after a couple of issues. Bunnie was also depicted wearing an outfit reminiscent of Daisy Duke from Dukes of Hazzard while attending Knothole High School.[1]

The comic incarnation of Bunnie was not part of the Freedom Fighter group growing up. She is introduced in Sonic #3 while being tossed into one of Robotnik's mobile roboticizers by SWATbots. Bunnie is rescued by Sonic and Rotor, who shut down the machine in mid-process. The result is that Bunnie's left arm, internal organs, and lower body are replaced by cybernetics. In gratitude for saving her life (and partially out of reverence for Sally, her idol), she offers to join the Freedom Fighters. Bunnie is one of few characters whose parentage is never explored. Over the course of the comic series, Bunnie develops a crush on Antoine, which eventually leads to them getting married.

Although Bunnie rarely uses her super-strength to violent ends, she is forced to battle Sonic after the hedgehog is captured by Robotnik and changed into a murderous robot. During the fight, Bunnie displays a Mega Man-esque laser attached to her arm, as well as a shield generator. Further complications occur when Bunnie's cyborg half begins to corrode her "living" side. As a price for upgrading her hardware to be more suitable with her organic half, Bunnie can never be restored to her original form, despite earlier hopes that a cure could be found.

In the cartoon, Bunnie was voiced by Christine Cavanaugh.


The main members of the group are Knuckles, Vector the Crocodile, the first member and a close friend of Knuckles, Espio the Chameleon, who is a former member of The Chaotix and is a member of the Shinobi Clan, Charmy Bee, a prince of bees who keeps his position secret from the group, Ray the Flying Squirrel, and Mighty the Armadillo. After Julie-Su defects from the Dark Legion, she befriends most of the Chaotix and joins the team. Rouge the Bat later joins the group following her escape from Dr. Finitevus. After Charmy returns to the Golden Hive Colony to accept his role as Prince, his fiancee Saffron joins them.

Archimedes the Ant

Archimedes the Ant, known as Archy to close friends, is the mentor of Knuckles and Locke, and the part of the Fire Ant Council, the ruling body of his race. Archimedes is also one of the few residents of Mobius proper in constant communication with the Brotherhood of Guardians. He first meets Knuckles and the Chaotix during their investiagtion of the Grand Conservatory, and joins them. His focus has traditionally been on Knuckles, particularly in helping him come to terms with how he feels about his role as a Guardian. Archimedes also seems to have no problem letting Knuckles suffer in order to achieve what he feels should be achieved.

Versed in magical lore, Archimedes is master of smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand, allowing him to fool even the most clever of enemies. Like all members of his species, he can also breath fire, allowing him to take on opponents several times his size. Archimedes can teleport from place to place in a puff of smoke, though in order to do so for others he must be in physical contact with them, and he can also communicate telepathically with other Mobians.

Holly the Chameleon

Holly the Chameleon is a blue chameleon and Espio the Chameleon's best friend.

Mighty the Armadillo

Mighty the Armadillo is a pacifist who is extremely physically strong, and one of the friendlier members of the Chaotix. He's quick to make friends, and quite protective of a Ray the Flying Squirrel, a very timid member of the group, who later gains more confidence. He grows up with outlaw parents and a younger sister, and after his parents are arrested, he goes to Mammoth Mogul in the hope of gaining the strength to save them. Though he is given help, he fails to save them, and Mogul erases his memory and places a hypnotic suggestion in his mind. He eventually meets and befriends Sonic and Ray, and he later joins the Chaotix. He also helps guard the Floating Island with Knuckles.

Saffron Bee

Saffron Bee is one of Charmy Bee's earliest friends and his former arranged fiancee. After Charmy leaves the colony to avoid his royal responsibilities she does not understand his reasons. After their colony is attack by Eggman, she flees to the Chaotix, and she soon begins to date Charmy. As with other members of her race, she can shrink to insect size and fly. She is very timid, and she is accompanied by her Nightopian plushie.

Dr. Robotnik

Dr. Ivo Robotnik is born as Julian Kintobor of the House of Ivo in Megalopolis. He studies as the apprentice of Nate Morgan for an extended period of time, and eventually has Morgan banished after all of his knowledge is passed to Julian. Once the Great War begins, he works as a high-profile weapons engineer for the Overlander armies, but he is tried in court after he is caught using live test subjects. He eventually escapes and makes his way to the Mobian border, where is rescued and welcomed into the Kingdom of Acorn to help turn the tide of the war.[2] He quickly assumes power by using Kodos' planned coup against him, banishing him to the Zone of Silence, and takes the position of Minister of War. He overthrows the entire kingdom by using the roboticizer to create a powerful army, changes his name to Ivo Robotnik, changes Mobotropolis into Robotropolis, an industrial wasteland, and he exiles King Maximillian Acorn into the Zone of Silence.[3]

Robotnik consolidates the rest of the planet into his empire, and only a select few Mobians manage to hide from his expanding reach. He eventually disseminates various regional governors across the planet called "sub-bosses" to enforce his will and to lead campaigns against local rebels. His primary enemy is the Freedom Fighters, which is championed by Sonic and Sally, and he attempts to crush them repeatedly. He eventually manages to find their base with the use of a robot clone of King Acorn, and he attempts to use the Ultimate Annihilator, a satellite weapon capable of warping reality, to destroy the area, but due to interference from Snively, it only affects Robotnik, vaporizing him.

Robotnik's displaced molecules recombined with the help of Knuckles' reality-warping abilities and a device invented by Dr. Eggman. He attempts to trick the Freedom Fighters into thinking that he was resurrected by Eggman to steal his memories, but they predict his lies. While arguing with Eggman, he finds out that the process which recombined his dispersed molecules was only temporary, and he once again disappears into nothingness.[4] Robotnik has a superhumanly strong roboticized arm with a built-in force field generator, rocket launcher, and laser cannon.

Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is a version of Robotnik from an alternate reality, who initially calls himself "Robo-Robotnik." He is a version of Robotnik, who manages to conquer Mobius and destroy the resistance, but makes the mistake of turning Sonic and the others into cyborgs. They manage to keep their free will, forcing Robotnik to use the Roboticizer on himself to survive. He travels to Mobius Prime in order to use a large robot, known as the "Giant Borg", to conquer the multiverse. He is stopped by thousands of different alternate version of Sonic, and reduced to a severed head connected to a space station in his universe. He is eventually met by Robotnik, having been transported to his Robo-Robotnik's reality by E.V.E., who convinces him to gain a new body, made out of pieces of the Borg, and kill off the rest of his universe's Mobius.

He soon learns of his counterpart's death, and, bored to death with nothing else to conquer or destroy in his world, decides to travel to Mobius Prime to "fill the void." He poses as a resurrected Robotnik, and lures the Freedom Fighters to an orbital platform, but it is eventually destroyed, which destroys his body. He transfers his consciousness to a new body, and takes the name Eggman. After a number of failed plots and numerous new bodies, he is eventually permanently deroboticized by the Bem. Soon after, the Xorda attack the planet, and Sonic is lost in space. Eggman quickly retakes a large amount of land, and forms the Eggman Empire, but the return of Sonic and several more failures begin to take a tole on Eggman's sanity to the extent that he nearly uses a super weapon that would destroy half of his own headquarters and anyone in it at the time in addition to the Freedom Fighters, simply to get Sonic out of his life for good. After a final battle at New Megaopolis, Eggman's defeat, combined with Sonic's relentless taunts and insults, finally drives him completely insane and reduces him to a drooling, babbling maniac (his final coherent words being "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!"). He is subsequently restrained by a straitjacket and placed in a padded cell by Snively, but he subsequently escapes. Now completely consumed by his hatred of Sonic, he is fanatically obsessed with finally destroying the heroic hedgehog and heedless of all else.


Julie-Su A former soldier of the villainous Dark Legion, and half-sister of their leader Lien-Da. She has since defected, and became Knuckles' girlfriend after fighting alongside him for a long period.

Mina Mongoose

Mina Mongoose is a singer seeking the affection of Sonic. She is saved by Sonic after being captured by Eggman's forces, and though she attempts to save her mother, Sonic convinces her to save herself at the time. She joins the Freedom Fighters and deals with the depression of losing her mother by helping them. She is eventually recognized by as a talented singer, and she quickly becomes world famous as her songs help raise morale in the fight against Eggman. During Sonic's absence in space after the Xorda attack, she begins to date her manager, Ash Mongoose. Mina has speed that is on par with Sonic, though she cannot control it. It was granted to her by Mogul in order to save her mother, though he erases her memory of the event in order to manipulate her in the future.


NICOLE is a sentient, portable computer sent back in time from a possible future by Sally. She is created by Rotor at the request of Sally and sent back to her past self. She is constantly carried by Sally, though as she is envious of Sally's body, she often takes the a holographic form of a lynx that is able to interact with people and objects. The form uses a lot of power, so she normally just limits it to an on-screen avatar. She is very logical and to-the-point, but she also has a sense of humor, often shocking with small jolts of electricity. She is temporarrily switches bodies with Sally at one point, which causes her to develop a desire for a permanent body, resulting in the hologram. She is designed with a firewall to prevent the Freedom Fighters from learning about the future, which the present day Rotor attempts to crack without success.

NICOLE can interface with other mechanical systems, allowing her to access and download information or even provide the Freedom Fighters with control over various unfriendly technologies. NICOLE's computer incarnation also comes equipped with a low power laser, which can be used to cut through metal. After taking control of Nanite City and reshaping it into New Mobotropolis, she becomes the control program for the computerized city, making her virtually omnipotent within the limited area. Her new abilities in this point, aside from being able to project her holographic body continuously, include control of all the energy shields and the power to teleport individuals from one area of the city to another. She also has the ability to almost immediately repair any damage sustained to the city and create new structures on a whim, as well as direct control over devices composed of her nanites such as spy probes.

She appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series, voiced by Kath Soucie. She is owned by Sally, but she is simply a creation programmed by Maximillian Acorn. She is highly technical in her speech, frustrating Sonic with her constant technobabble, to the point where he nearly shakes her apart. This forces her to adapt by using slang terms and speaking in a manner similar to Sonic himself.


Rotor is a purple walrus but blue in the cartoon who serves as the team's engineer and technician. He created many of Knothole Village's surveillance and security systems. Although a bit clumsy, Rotor is a trusted friend to everyone who knows him. In his cartoon incarnation, Rotor's attires consists of a toolbelt and a yellow baseball cap. During the second season, Rotor was drastically re-designed. He became chubbier and the shape of his snout and tusks became smaller. His toolbelt was now a darker red, and he now wore black gloves. Though Rotor's background is rarely touched upon, it is revealed that he had been friends with Sonic and the others for a long time. Rotor met Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie as well as Antoine later on when they were children.

In the Archie comic, Rotor's past is briefly expanded upon: Rotor hails from a northern continent, where his family resides in the artic tundras. They were unwittingly brainwashed by Robotnik, forcing Rotor to flee home. Rotor's father Sherman worked with Sonic's father and Uncle Chuck as their personal pilot. Although briefly seen, Rotor exhibits remarkable piloting skill. He has also been called Boomer early in the comics.

Rotor is voiced in by two people in the cartoon, Mark Ballou (season one) and Cam Brainard (season two).

Sally Acorn

Princess Sally Alicia Acorn is the co-leader of the Freedom Fighters. She first meets Sonic during an attempt to rescue his uncle, and invites him to join the group. Robotnik views her as a threat, causing him to attempt to replace her with a robotic doppelgänger at one point. After Robotnik is overthrown, she works hard to reconstruct the old kingdom, and she continues to help the Freedom Fighters once Eggman takes power. She appears in the television series, voiced by Kath Soucie and Dana Hill, who voices Sally's younger self.[5][6] She wishes to overthrow Robotnik and free her father from the void. She initially supports the group from Knothole, and she later joins them on their missions. She appears as a non-playable character alongside other Sonic characters in a bonus level of Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball.



A.D.A.M., the "Autonomous Digital Assault Microbe", is an artificial intelligence created by Dr. Eggman. After getting into some minor conflicts with Sonic, Tails, and Bunnie Rabbot, A.D.A.M. pretends to work for Eggman while acting as a being known as "Anonymous", who manipulates Mammoth Mogul and Ixis Naugus, and various other events. His plan is eventually revealed, and even though Eggman destroys A.D.A.M. main programming, he manages to transfer himself to Tommy Turtle through the use of nanites. He soon sets off to collect all of the Chaos Emeralds with the help of the captured Tails and Shadow the Hedgehog. He eventually does battle with Sonic, Tails, and Shadow in his own Super Form, but after the Emeralds are moved to the "Zone of Silence", he and Tommy are vaporized by the Egg Fleet.

A.D.A.M. has control over Eggman's computer and therefore every robot he owns; he can also spread to other computer systems that connect to Eggman's databases and control them as well, though this control can be compromised if A.D.A.M. is distracted. He also controls an innumerable number of nanites, which he can use to infect and control virtually any mechanical device. Upon taking possession of Tommy Turtle's body, A.D.A.M. gains all the bionic properties granted to Tommy by his shell being fused together with nanites, such as the ability to sprout metallic wings.

Bark and Bean

Bark the Polarbear and Bean the Dynamite are mercenaries under Nack the Weasel's leadership, but a fake auction for the Master Emerald gets the group captured and brought to jail. The jail is eventually raided by Eggman, who takes most of the prisoners. They join up with Mammoth Mogul once they arrive in New Mobotropolis, and later work for him to obtain Sonic's shoes. Sally eventually convinces them to switch sides by paying them more than Mogul, but they fail when Nack the Weasel interferes.[7] Bean's behavior is eccentric, and he is easily delighted and distracted by shiny objects. He's often oblivious to danger and disregards safety, and he tends to make odd observations and comments at inappropriate times. In contrast to Bean, Bark is straightforward and completely silent.

Black Death

Black Death is a Cat sorcerer described as "standing alone" from other powerful sorcerers. He only travels with the Enchantress, a much weaker rabbit magician who can use her eyes to place a spell of obedience upon unwitting victims. He is a former resident of Angel Island's Forbidden Zone, who attacks Knuckles during his search for the Sword of Acorns. He manages to enslave Knuckles with the Enchantress' magic, which lasts until he is freed by Connery, who is hunting users of black magic for the Ancient Walkers. Connery takes Black Death and his companion away after they are defeated.


Car-Heem is a collector and scientist from the Planet Weeet, who travels the galaxy looking for specimens of species. He believes all other species to be inferior to himself, and he has no qualms with abducting Robotnik and the Freedom Fighters for study. Robotnik works with the Freedom Fighters to obtain freedom, but he later betrays them, and launches Sonic and Car-Heem into space. They are both saved by Rotor, and Car-Heem decides that he is actually the inferior being, and sets off to collect non-living objects instead, such as "intergalactic comic books."

Dark Legion

The Dark Legion is a group composed of a group of technocratic Echidnas. It is founded by Menniker, the son of Dimitri, who forms the group together with other Echidnas opposed to the ban on technology imposed by the Guardians. They are banished to a realm where time passes differently than Mobius, and they attempt to dominate Angel Island. They are obsessed with technology, and replace much of their bodies with cybernetic implants. After the barrier between the realm and Mobius is dissolved, they make a full on attempt to capture Echidnaopolis. Dimitri eventually makes an attempt to form a truce between the two factions, though the Legion eventually splinters until Dr. Finitevus calls for a truce. He betrays the Legion in order to turn Knuckles into Enerjak, who removes most of the implants from the Legion members and transports them to Albion. They eventually team up with Eggman to have their bodies modified again, renamed the Dark Egg Legion.


The Destructix are a group of criminals, many of whom have served Dr. Robotnik or Mammoth Mogul, who escape from Devil's Gulag prison. They are initially joined by Kodos, Uma Arachnis, Snively, and Nack the Weasel in an effort to seize power, but they eventually part ways. They work for a number of different villains, including Robotnik, Ixis Naugus, Mogul, and Finitevus. They are joined for a time by Scourge and Fiona Fox.

The group has six core members. Drago Wolf is a former Freedom Fighter, who defects to Robotnik and acts as a double agent. He values strength, serving anyone who is stronger than himself, but he is also very cowardly in the face of danger. Sleuth "Doggy" Dawg is another former Freedom Fighter, who joins Robotnik to gain power and wealth. Mammoth Mogul's "Fearsome Foursome", Lightning Lynx, Sergeant Simian, Flying Frog, and Predator Hawk, a small group meant to occupy the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, make up the rest of the group. Sergeant Simian has super strength, in addition to a vast arsenal of weaponry. Predator Hawk is able to fly, while Flying Frog actually glides. Lightning Lynx rounds things out with super speed, and also possesses super hearing and reflexes.

Downtown Ebony Hare

Downtown Ebony Hare is rabbit mafia boss, who always operates through his henchmen. He is followed by Blackjack, a muscle bound bulldog, and Foxxy, a female companion for "moral support." Hare attempts to make a deal with Renfield to stop his placing a highly addictive and poisoning sauce on his amusement park's food supply, and he comes into contact with the Chaotix. The majority of the group ends up hospitalized due to the sauce, and Julie-Su attempts to enter the gang undercover, but she is thrown off a building by Blackjack. Hare and Blackjack are eventually arrested after Hare attempts to kill Julie-Su.


Enerjak is the alias of Dimitri the Echidna, a scientist from Angel Island who sought to return the island to the surface using the Chaos Syphon to remove the energy keeping it afloat. He is denied by the officials, so he uses it without authorization. The machine malfunctions, destroys eleven of the Chaos Emeralds, and imparts their power into Dimitri. He is driven mad by the power, and in an attempt to conquer the island, he becomes buried under the citadel. He escapes centuries later and does battle with Knuckles, but he is launched into space with his citadel by Locke. He is saved by Mammoth Mogul, and he takes control of the Dark Legion. He launches an assault on Echidnaopolis, but he is drained of his powers by Mogul, which causes his body to slowly fail him.

Doctor Finitevus attempts to restore Enerjak by using the Master Emerald's power to take over Knuckles. Dimitri, reduced to a head in a floating glass orb, attempts to stop him, but Enerjak is reborn within Knuckles by convincing him to become Enerjak in order to restore his people to life. He starts a conquest to cleanse the world of technology to bring about a forced peace. Locke later sacrifices his life to remove Finitevus's spell from Knuckles. Enerjak is very powerful, displaying abilities such as teleportation, telepathy, mind control, levitation, control over matter and energy at a molecular level, electromagnetic pulse generation, and super strength. He wears a ceremonial outfit created for ancient Echidna generals. It consisted of a golden faceplate, skirt, breastplate, and various bands of gold around the elbows, wrists, fingers, knees, and ankles.


E.V.E., the "Exceptionally Versatile Evolvanoid", is an artificial intelligence created by Dr. Robotnik for the sole purpose of killing Sonic.[8] She is composed of nanomachines designed morph and adapt after each defeat, a DNA sample taken from Sonic himself, and organic material from Robotnik's own brain, which is meant to give E.V.E. Robotnik's genius in combination with Sonic's ingenuity. She attempts to kill Sonic several times in several different forms, and she eventually turns on Robotnik due to gaining independence from Sonic's DNA. She attempts to kill Robotnik, though she simply ends up sending him to an alternate future, and she is convinced by Sonic to act upon free will rather than her programming.

She leaves into space and makes it her mission to "liberate" computer systems from other planets by turning the planets into lifeless rocks and absorbing the systems into herself. Sonic encounters E.V.E. again after he is stranded in deep space while trying to get back to Mobius.[9] He convinces her that her actions are wrong, which makes her decide to help Sonic get home and terminate herself by traveling into a star.


Feist is a large panda, who becomes a lackey of Ixis Naugus after being banished into the Zone of Silence. Feist later becomes the ruler of the Zone after all of the Chaos Emeralds in the universe are sent there. He fuses all of them into seven emeralds and reshapes the Zone of Silence into the "Special Zone." He becomes an ally of Sonic, if only because they both are enemies of Nagus.


Hunter is a rogue Overlander poacher, who considered the mass murder of Mobians acceptable so long as they had sporting chance. He hunts down Knuckles and a childhood rival, Monk, who he kills, driving Knuckles to repel Hunter with chaos powers. He is captured by the Brotherhood of Guardians, and later freed by Robotnik. He enhances Hunter's fighting abilities and arms him with a "Chaos Spear", which allows him to teleport his targets into captivity in New Megaopolis. He captures numerous citizens of Angel Island before being tossed to his death in the sea by Knuckles.

Iron King and Queen

The Iron King and Queen (Jun Kun and Regina Ferrum, respectively) are the primary antagonists of Monkey Khan. The Iron King is a gigantic ox with incredible strength, and an affinity for collecting weapons. The Iron Queen is an Overlander and is capable of casting dark magic and powerful spells. They attempt to take over a village using their abilities, but they are stopped by Sonic, Tails, and Monkey Khan. Iron Queen contacts Snively during Eggman's mental breakdown, and he allows her to take control of Eggman's Empire and form an alliance with the Dark Egg Legion.

Ixis Naugus

Ixis Naugus is an anthropomorphic hybrid of bat, lobster, and rhinoceros formed from the fusion of the last surviving members of the Order of Ixis. The wizards, Nusgua, Suguna, and Augnus were masters of wind, water, and earth magic, but they each desired control over fire. They launched themselves into the sun in hopes of understanding the element, but their fighting caused them to become fused to together. Naugus becomes the court wizard of the Kingdom of Acorn, but the arrival of Nate Morgan soon makes magic obsolete. He and Kodos manage to get Nate exiled, but Robotnik traps them in the Zone of Silence. He eventually manages to escape, but he and his minions are defeated. He escapes and makes his way to find Morgan in hopes of absorbing his Power Rings to become stronger. Sonic and Tails manage to repel Nagus, and Morgan uses a power ring to send him back to the Zone. He is accidentally released by Sonic afterward, but he is easily defeated.

Nagus is freed from prison by Arachne with the Sword of Acorns. He makes his way to obtain the Crown of Acorns, and battles Mammoth Mogul for it until learning the Mogul is the founder of Ixis. He pledges himself to Mogul and becomes his second in command. After their defeat, he loses his elemental magic and speech, reducing him to a mindless animal, though he does gain the ability to teleport anywhere. Once Mogul obtains a new Chaos Emerald, he leaves with him and plans to wait until the Freedom Fighters are unable to challenge them. Naugus commands all four of the classical elements; earth, air, fire and water, and he has the ability to turn his body into an elemental being composed of any of those elements. His greatest desire is to take control of the unique 'fifth element' of Mobius; the Power Ring. While in the Zone of Silence, he gains a magic wand that allowed him to turn his minions into crystalline beings, but it is later destroyed.

He appears in the television series, voiced by Michael Bell, as "Naugus the Sorcerer." He discovers the void, but he is quickly trapped in it along with King Acorn. He manages to escape by making himself look like the king, but he soon learns that he cannot stay outside of the void for long due to his body crystallizing. It is worth mentioning he was the only character Robotnik openly showed fear of. In unproduced season 3 he was going to be the main Villain.

It should be noted that his name is an anagram combining both the cult name, 'Ixis', and the names of the three beings who came together to form him.

Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit is a former Freedom Fighter, who leads a band of rebels known as the "Sand Blasters" in "Sand Blast City". Jack forces Sonic and Tails to crash land in the desert, so that they can live in the city and protect them from savage Robians normally kept out of the city by a force field. Sonic and Tails leave the city by destroying the shield, which allows the Robians into the city. Jack later attacks and captures Bunnie Rabbot to bait Sonic into returning to the city, but Bunnie manages to escape and turn the Robians on Jack and his group once again. Jack Rabbit is probably named after Jazz Jackrabbit.


Kodos is an anthropomorphic lion, who is a former Minister of War in the Kingdom of Acorn. He is known as a berserker who simply attacks foes without planning, and he wields an axe. Despising Overlanders, especially Nate Morgan, he allies with Ixis Naugus to have Nate forced into exile. He is trapped along with Naugus in the Zone of Silence by Robotnik after attempting to recruit him. He serves as Naugus's enforcer alongside Uma Arachnis, and later escapes and attacks Sonic and Geoffrey St. John. Despite turning himself into a crystal warrior to increase his fighting abilities, he is defeated and sent to Devil's Gulag. After being recruited by the Destructix, he steals Sonic biplane, but he is driven mad by the pollution from Robotropolis, and he later falls into a ravine.

Mathias Poe

Mathias Poe is one of several dark magic users who attempt to establish themselves in the Floating Island's Forbidden Zone. He obtains the Sword of Acorns, uses it as a focus to increase his abilities, and disguises it as a duplicate of Damocles the Elder. Knuckles fights him for the sword, but Archimedes is forced to intervene in order to defeat Poe.

Nack the Weasel

For information on the version of Nack seen in the games, see Fang the Sniper. For information on his British version, see his Sonic the Comic entry.

Nack the Weasel is a constant antagonist towards the Freedom Fighters. Nack and his sister, Nic, capture Knuckles and depart from one another for a long period of time. He later attempts to capture Sally Acorn with Carl, Jeff, and Konor, a trio of weasel brothers, but she escapes and as he attempts to shoot her, Mina takes the bullet. He is hired by Robotnik to kill Mina in order to stop her from singing her songs that support the Acorn Empire, but he is captured and later breaks out of jail. He is jailed again during a sting operation posed as an auction for the Master Emerald. The prison is raided by Eggman, who takes most of the prisoners. He teams up with Mogul to take over New Mobotropolis, but he is sent to another prison by NICOLE. Mogul manages to free him, and he joins the Destructix as their 'ace in the hole', using his sniper rifle to stun Sonic while he is distracted. Sally once again humiliates while he attempts to kill her, but he manages to escape.

Nack is a violent and dangerous criminal, one of the few Mobians found regularly in the Kingdom of Acorn who will use guns. He will do anything for a profit, and will work willingly for high-paying employers or his own agendas. Nack is disliked by virtually everyone, from his rival and sister Nic to his former partners in the Destructix. Possessed of no super abilities, Nack utilizes his Marvelous Queen, an ion-powered air bike, to get around. One of his few useful natural abilities is the power to propel himself high into the air by using his tail like a spring.

Nic the Weasel

Nicolette the Weasel, often called Nic, is the younger sister of Nack the Weasel. She is determined to prove herself a better bounty hunter than him. The two seldom work together, though on certain occasions they team up. Nic forms her own mercenary group with Bark, Bean, and Fiona Fox. Fiona joins the Freedom Fighters, which causes the group to splinter. Nic dresses in similar style to her brother, with a cowboy hat, boots, and gloves. The only difference is a sleeveless belly shirt, and her ponytail. Like Nack, she is also an expert sharpshooter.

Renfield Rodent

Renfield T. Rodent is in charge of several criminal organizations and shady dealings, most often occurring in his personal amusement park known as "Happy Land", located on Angel Island. He initially works with Robotnik to capture the Freedom Fighters, but he is captured after Robotnik abandons him. He later uses a highly addictive and poisonous sauce in the park's chili dogs, which leads to the death of a close friend of Charmy Bee. Downtown Ebony Hare is arrested in the place of Renfield, who later goes on to run an Auto-Automaton factory for Robotnik in a casino. He is arrested afterward and goes to stand trial in Station Square.


Snively Kintobor is Dr. Robotnik's miserable underling and assistant, as well as his nephew, though there is nothing warm about their relation. Snively is constantly abused, teased and intimidated by his uncle, whom he despises and talks about behind his back.


Badniks were henchmen of Dr. Robotnik along with the SWATbots who they try and kill Sonic but are utterly defeated. After series of defeats and attempts to destroy the hedgehog they were decommissioned and sent to Robo Hobo Jubgle bu when sonic came to areest Nack the weasel theyt ried to defeat him again but again they were trashed. Later they were sent to the Island of Misfit Badniks were Sonic came to check it out were they ambushed him but again defeated but Pseudo Sonic was more of a challenge were they decided to end this with a "Bighorn Challenge" both rammed each giving Sonic a headache, wrecking Pseudo Sonic, and sinking the island with the Badniks faking their deaths. They reappear in the Mobian Ocean were they battled the Forty Fathom freedom Fighters when they tried to stop their plan to rebuild Pseudo Sonic who was supersized but all of them (except Coconuts) was flattend into a cube were they meet their deaths. Badnik refuegees now serve as buttlers in Mammoth Moguel Casino Night Club including the S.S.S.S.S.S team.

Scratch and Grounder

Scratch and Grounder are members of the 6-S Team were Scratch the Rooster being the leader with Grounder the mole being the second-in-command. Their first mission like any Badniks is to destroy Sonic but due to bickering they were trashed. They later appear for villain try outs where Grounder succeeded but came back. They later appear robbing a museum to flush out a spy but Sonic knew what was happening and threw them into a pit. They were possibly sent to Robo Hobo Jungle with the other outdated Badniks. They now work for Moguel in his Casino Night Club, with Scratch being a concerige and Grounder a chef. Grounder seem cheerful when Coconuts was working directly to Mogeul but Coconuts didn't like it because he was a butler monkey which Grounder replied some robots have all the luck.


Cocnuts is a robotic Monkey and member of 6-S Team. His first mission was the same as every Badniks but he was easily defeated by Sonic and tails throwing baack his Coconut bomb with him being replaced by his teammates. he then captured the Freedom Fighters to be Robotnik favorite Badnik and also appeared int an underwater bank hist with Jaws but Sonic knew what was happening and he and the Freedom Fighters had to harrpoon them out he also participated in attack on a wedding which was just a play starring Sally and Sonic. He was decommissioned and sent to the Island of Misfit Badniks were sonic came and ambushed them and after that the island sunk and tried to repair Pseudo Sonic who was gigantic but was ruined by the Forty Fathom Freedom fighters. Coconuts later appears as a "monkey buttler" to Moguel in his Night Club.


Crabmeat a robotic crab and the former second-in-command to Robotnik. As a Badnik he really wasn't used much but have great ideas that usually fail miserably against Sonic. He and Snively usually work together sometimes. But he was treated poorly at first he was only used as test dummies which caused much pain. Later after Sonic transformation to Mecha Sonic by Nack the Weasel Crabmeat and the Badniks were decommissioned and sent away to Robo Hobo Jungle were the de-roboticized Sonic came to arrest Nack and they ambushed him but they were trashed once again. Crabmeat and the Badniks show up to Misfit Badnik island for which was sunk by Sonic and Pseudo Sonic. Crabmeat then told Motobug that their robotic surgeon Burrobot double sized Pseudo Sonic and they hoped to replace the Dark Egg Legion but both were ambushed by Bottlenose of the FFFF and Crabmeat was zapped by P.B. Jellyfish and later crushed into a cube with the island and Badniks (except Coconuts).


Caterkiller based on a caterpiller. He was first introduced in Sonic Mini-Series 0 with Rovnik but he was hit with Mega Muk when Sonic dodged it. Caterkiller didn't appear much when it was his time to try and kill Sonic. Caterkiller was the first Badnik to face Sonic in the Robo-Hobo Jungle when they were decommissioned after their lack of service in trying to defeat the hedgehog but like the rest of the Badniks was trashed and Sonic attempted to drag his face on the ground with Super Sonic speed unless he tell him were Nack the Weasel was which Caterkiller told him. Caterkiller and the trashed Badniks were sent to Misfit Badnik Island were Caterkiller and the Badbiks ambushed Sonic and attempt to kill him and restore glory but was quickly defeated but Pseudo Sonic was more of a challenge as they faced each other move from until they decided to settle this with a "Bighorn Challenge" as they both rammed each other the island sunk, Sonic escaped and Pseudo Sonic was trashed. Caterkiller lead the last wave of Badniks to attack the FFFF but when the gigantic Pseudo Sonic awoke he was waved by him along with the Freedom fighters and crushed into a cube along with Cthe island and Badniks.


Burrobt is based on a construction worker. Burrobot was first used in taking thone of the Acorn crown Emeralds but Sonic came and made him dizzy and he even tried planting Kruduzu in Knothole but the robotic plant shorted out and he was planted in the recycling bin. Every time he tries he was trahsed even in the Robo Hobo Jungle. He was sent to Misfit Badnik Island this time as a surgeon and managed to repair Pseudo sonic but was smashed into a cube.


Jaws first appeared as a boss for the lake of Great Forest wears he collects the udnerwtater creaters and Roboticized them and was trashed by Sonic and co he later appeared holding emerald of Crown of Acorns. Jaws later appeared in an underwater bank heist and other missions. After Dr. Eggman ruled the Eggman Empire with the Dark Egg Legion as his new army instead of his prime counterpart SWATbots and Badniks Jaws and the Badniks were sent to the Island of Misfit Badniks that was later sunk by Sonic and Pseudo Sonic. Jaws was part of the last wave of Badniks that were attacking the FFFF but he was later attacked by the gigantic Pseudo Sonic and later crushed into cube by fluke.


Motobug is one of the many Badniks. Motobug was only ameesenger that reported everything to robotnik who only thought everything was urgent when he reported that Sonic and sally are having a wedding which was actually a play. He was sent to Robo hobo Jungle were he and the outdated badniks tried to kill Sonic and regain glory but he like everyone else was trashed. Motobug was sent away to Mifit badniks Island were sonic came and they ambushed and captured him but he escaped and quickly beat them up Pseudo Sonic was more of a challenge and after the Bighorn challenge he the island sunk with sonic escaping. Motobug and crabmeat were taliking about the repairing of Pseudo sonic but the FFFF showed up and he fell into Bivalve and his jaws crushed him and later was smashed into a cube with island and Badniks by Fluke.

Pseudo Sonic

Pseudo Sonic is based on Sonic. when Pseudo sonic was built he wanted to fight Sonic but he was still ill from the poison blossoms were he is allergic and tricked Antoine and found the lair of the Freedom Fighters and tried to report were it was but was quickly trashed by Tails. He reappears in Misfit Badniks island were he serve as the last fighter to try and defeat Sonic were he was much of a fight but when they both rammed each other Sonic was the winner and Pseudo was trashed and the island sank. Burrobot repaired Pseudo while the others were fighting the FFFF but when he came he knocked out the Freedom Fighters and Badniks and thought he was the biggest thing until he was smashed by fluke into a cube only with the island and Badniks.

Bat Brain

Bat Brain is based on a bat. Bat Brain was used to fly and spy on the freedom fighter along with Motobug but after Sonic trasnformation to Mecha Sonic he was sent to Robo Hobo Jungle were Sonic came and trashed him again. Sonic later came to Misfit Badnik Island but he came and captured him with the rest of the Badniks but sonic escaped and trashed him again. Bat Brain later appeared after the island sunk and he was part of the last wave of fighters to fight the FFFF when pseudo sonic was being repaired but like the rest was compacted to the island into a cube.


Ballhog is based on a pig. he wasn't used much in the time to battle Sonic but was given the task to dynamite a random place with Newtron but sonic came and activated it and it exploded on the two. Ballhog repeared in the sea with the rest of the Badniks who were reapairing Pseudo sonic and lead the first wave of fighter against the FFFF but they including him was quickly defeated Ballhog and the others were crushed into a cube by Fluke.


Splats Splats is based on a rabbit. Splats was first used in the Mobian Olympic Games were he defeated Antoine in the high jump. Splats later appeared in the Robo Hobo Jungle were he and the outdated Badniks attacked Sonic but they were easily taken out. splats later appeared on Misfit Badnik Island were he captured Sonic with the Badniks but was quickly defeated but Pseudo sonic was more of a challenge and he and sonic rammed each other that not only wrecked Pseudo but sank the island. Splats was part of the first wave of fighters who attacked the Forty Fathom Freedom fighters but was quickly defeated and later crushed into a cube by Fluke.


Orbinaut is one of the Badniks.. Orbinaut was first used against Sonic and was tough but was quickly defeated after one of his spiked maces were thrown back at him. he later appeared at Rustys and was still here when Sonic was turned into Mecha Sonic. Morbinaut later appeared as a refuree when sonic and Pseudo sonic was going to ramm each other but it only sank the island. Orbinaut was one of the first wave of fighters to fight the FFFF but was quickly defeated and was truned into a cube.


Buzzbomber is clumsy robot hornet. Buzzbomber units were used numerous of times in trying to destroy sonic but are utterly defeat even in large numbers. Buzzbomber appeared in Robo Hobo Jungle with the outdated droids but who were trying to destroy Sonic but was quickly defeated. He reappears on Misfit Badnik Island with the Badniks but the island only sank when Sonic Pseudo sonic rammed each other. Buzzbomber was part of the last wave of fighters that were fighting the FFFF but was waved by the gigantic Pseudo sonic and later crushed into acube by Fluke.


Newtron is abadniks based on a chameleon. Newtron was first used to dynamite a random place with Ballhog but Sonic knew what was happening and the dynamite blew up on them. He later was part of a team to crash a wedding of Sonic and Sally but it was just a play starring them.


Slicer is a Badnik that has two pairs of razors. Slicer only appearance when he was part of a team to crash a wedding of Sonic and Sally which was just a play starring them.


Roller is a Badniks the can just roll. Roller only appearance that he was just used in fighter that was a wedding of Sonic and Sally which was just a play.


Eggbots are Snively's inventions. Eggbots are Badniks that replaced the oringanal and they were used numerous of time to fight the Freedom fighters but they were later decommioned after their last battle with the freedom Fighters.

Anti Freedom Fighters/The Suppression Squad

Evil Sonic/Scourge the Hedgehog

Scourge the Hedgehog is a version of Sonic from another dimension. He is originally known as Evil Sonic, who looks exactly like Sonic except for his choice of wearing a leather jacket, sunglasses, and boots. He doesn't lead his team often due to him going solo but is quickly defeated. He eventually drains the Master Emerald, which turns his fur green and eyes ice blue. He is from Anti-Mobius, which he comes to call "Moebius" eventually, where he and the Anti-Freedom Fighters fight against a kind version of Robotnik. He crosses paths with Sonic a number of times and initially impersonates him to cause trouble.

He views others as pawns who can help him prove that he's the best, and he carries no sympathy or patience for weakness. He likes to humiliate opponents, and he works with whoever will help him attain his personal goals. He is a womanizer, and while posing as Sonic, he dates most of Sonic's female friends. He starts a relationship with Fiona Fox, who falls for his sinister personality and takes on many of his traits. He has Sonic's speed and he can use Chaos Control with the aid of an Emerald. He has a super form that can be accessed with the Anarchyl Beryl, using the negative energy which turns his fur magenta. He gains the ability to fly and increased durability, but when he powers down he is weak for some time.

Later, he and the rest of the group dumped Anti Sonic and replaced him with Evil St. John. The Anti Freedom Fighters (minus Evil St. John) later tried and killed him which Anti Sonic, who put Sonic into his world dressed like him, but was quickly defeated. After Scourge took over Moebius, he both dissolved and reformed them as The Suppression Squad and take over Freedom HQ. Miles and the others betrayed the group and he became the brains of the Suppression Squad.

Anti Sally/Princess Alicia Acorn

Alicia Acorn is a version of Sally from another dimension and the former girlfriend of Evil Sonic. She was originally known as Anti Sally. She makes her first appearance with the rest of the Anti Freedom Fighters ruining her counterpart's reputation but gets sent back to her world. She formerly wore a black leather jacket and boots but with her second she wears a uniform and had her hair styled to be more spiky. She usually wields a Whip which she uses in almost every battle.

She, along with the rest dumped Anti Sonic and replaced him with Evil St. John and became his girlfriend. She along with The Anti Freedom fighters went out to kill Anti Sonic who put Sonic dressed like him in his world but gets thrown along with Anti Bunnie in to a river full of Octopods but she survived. After Scourge and Fiona's takeover of Moebius she and the other Anti Freedom fighters rejoined Scourge and was reformed into the Suppression Squad and took over Freedom HQ. Alicia with the others betrayed Scourge and sent him back to Mobius. After she came back to Moebius with The Freedom fighters she was shocked that Scourge is now Super Scourge as she was thrown into her throne by him. After that she became the figurehead leader of the Suppression Squad, but named Miles their true leader.

Anti Antoine/Patch D'Coolette

Patch D'Coolette is a version of Antoine from another dimension. He was originally known as Anti Antoine. He makes his first appearance with the rest of the Anti Freedom Fighters ruining his counterpart's reputation until getting sent back to his world along with the others. He wears a black leather jacket and boots, beard, and an eyepatch. He wields a Sword as a weapon. He also speaks in a French accent and has a jagged scar near his left eye.

He, along with the rest of the Anti Freedom fighters replace Anti Sonic with Evil St. John. He began calling himself Patch and was sent to Sonic's world and replaced Antoine until his cover was blown by Sonic and sent back to his world. After Scourge and Fiona's takeover of Moebius he and the other Anti Freedom Fighters rejoined Scourge and reformed into the Suppression Squad he now wears a tailoned uniform and tookover Freedom HQ. Patch, with the others, betrayed Scourge and sent him back to Moebius. After returning to Moebius with the Suppression Squad and the Freedom Fighters, he was shocked to learn that Scourge was now Super Scourge. He tried to defeat him but was thrown into Boomer.

Anti Rotor/Boomer Walrus

Boomer Walrus is a version of Rotor from another dimension. He was originally known as Anti Rotor, who makes his first appearance with the Anti Freedom Fighters ruining his counterpart's reputation. He got sent back to his world along with the others. He wears a black leather jacket, black hat, and then yellow hat along with glasses. He formerly wielded a bat in two of his appearances but usually uses his gadgets.

He along with The Anti Freedom Fighters dumps Anti Sonic and replaces him with Evil St. John. He tried to kill Anti Sonic who was really Sonic along with the rest but was quickly defeated and sent him back to his world. Later Scourge and Fiona take over Moebius, and he and the other Anti Freedom fighters rejoined Scourge and was reformed into The Suppression Squad. He took his makeover to the extreme and attached metal parts to himself and tookover Freedom HQ. Boomer with the others betrayed Scourge and sent him back to Moebius. After they went back to Moebius with The Freedom Fighters he was shocked to find Scourge is now Super Scourge he and Patch tried to defeat him by combining there attacks but Patch was easily thrown into Boomer.

Anti Bunnie/Buns Rabbot

Buns Rabbot is a version of Bunnie from another dimension. She is not half Roboticized and is one of Evil Sonic's many girlfriends. She oringally was known as Anti Bunnie. She joined The Anti Freedom Fighters to kill Evil Sonic who was really Sonic and got thrown into a pool infested with Octopods.

After Scourge and Fiona's takeover of Moebius she rejoined him with the rest of The Anti Freedom Fighters and reformed into the Suppression Squad. She was quickly kicked out of the group after developing N.I.D.S. Put into the Omega Care Unit by Dr. Kintobor, she later helps Sonic and Amy by guiding them to Rosy The Rascal and the Globe Posts but Rosy destroyed her unit and had to go back for repairs. She later had an offer from Miles whom wanted her to rejoin the Suppression Squad saying Scourge was the one who kicked her out but she denied the offer.

Anti Amy/Rosy the Rascal

Rosy the Rascal, is the Anti Amy from another dimension. Her life was the same as her counterparts. She only wanted to be noticed and used the Anti Ring of Acorns to transform herself to Amy's age, but the side effect cause her to go insane. She stalks Scourge in Castle Acorn.

Sonic and Amy went to recruit her so they could stop The Suppression Squad, but her insanity got the best of her and she attacked them. She and Amy fought until her mallet destroyed her hammer and knocked Buns out of the way and even tried to destroy The Globe Posts, but was again held back. After Sonic and Amy were sent back to Moebius with Scourge she tried to kill them after she destroyed Buns Unit. She later was with The Suppression Squad, The Freedom Fighters, and the rest tried and take down Super Scourge, but was thrown into a wall and captured by Rob. Her current fate is unknown.

Evil St. John

Evil St John is a version of Geofrey St. John. He briefly lead The Anti Freedom Fighters after they dumped Evil Sonic, but after repeated defeats, the others dumped him. He had almost no role but is seedier than his counterpart and wears a black leather vest, boots, a blue neck tie, and has a spiky haircut. It is unknown what happened to him after Scourge took over Moebius.

Fiona Fox

Fiona fox is captured by Robotnik along with Sonic, Ray, and Mighty ten years before the series began. Formerly a test subject for creating Auto-automations, she is left behind when Sonic and Mighty escape. She feels abandoned, so she loathes Sonic, and eventually frees herself. She and Nic work as bounty hunters for a time, but they part ways. She joins fhe Freedom Fighters after learning that Sonic is truly heroic. She develops feelings for Scourge during his impersonation of Sonic, and after unable to develop the same feelings for the real Sonic, she leaves The Freedom Fighters. She later joins The Suppression Squad after Scourge forms it and leaves after their team mutinees on Scourge. Fiona is a free spirit and feels she can rely on no one and owes no one anything.

Villain turned good

Uma Arachnis

Uma Arachnis is a female ninja spider who serves Ixis Naugus in the Zone of Silence. She is imbued with the ability to transform into a crystalline version of herself to increase her abilities in battle, but she is left petrified after Naugus is defeated. She is sent to Devil's Gulag, where she later escapes and dies from exposure to Robotropolis pollution. Uma's legacy lives on in the form of her children, the Arachne, an army of spider ninjas who also serve Ixis Naugus. As ninjas, Uma Arachnis and her children wield a number of traditional Japanese weapons. Among their arsenals are Sai, Nunchuks, Katana swords, Bo staffs, Shurikens, and bows and arrows.

Other universe


The Xorda are a warlike alien species responsible for the metamorphosis of Earth into Mobius. They resemble large, purple, brain-like organs with long pink tentacles and a single green eye. The Xorda's wrath was incurred upon Earth when an envoy they sent to it was captured, imprisoned, and dissected by human scientists. Outraged, the Xorda bombarded the planet with gene bombs, believing that all life had been wiped out. Unbeknownst to them, some survived, and eventually swelled to repopulate the planet, and many animal species mutated into the anthropomorphic Mobians. The Xorda eventually return to the planet after learning that it is populated, and attempt to destroy it. They leave after deploying their greatest weapon, which has the ability to destroy an entire solar system, but it is eventually destroyed. They learn of the planet's survival, but they are unable to return because of a war with the Black Arms.

Minor characters

Amadeus Prower

Amadeus Prower is Tails' father, who served in the Great War. After the end of the war, he is promoted to commander of the royal army. He is captured by Julian Kintobor, who roboticizes him at the same time as the birth of Tails. He and Tails' mother, Rosemary, eventually disappear, though they are later shown to have been captured by the Bem. Amadeus is returned to normal, though they are forbidden to return to Mobius. They are eventually rescued, and Amadues takes up command as general of the royal army, and he is finally able to be with his son. He later leads a civil war against the House of Acorn, though Sally is able to calm both sides.

Ancient Walkers

The Ancient Walkers are three powerful entities who often appear during times of crisis on Mobius. Appearing in multiple forms, most often as a trio of tiki masks, the three appear to offer advice and task their successors with the defense of Mobius. They most often communicate their wishes through their emissary, Knuckles' great-grandfather, Athair. They eventually begin to deteriorate after Mammoth Mogul escapes from the Master Emerald, leading them to be destroyed by Arachne. Before their destruction, they chose Aurora, Athair, and Merlin Prower as their successors.

Armand D'Coolette

Armand D'Coolette is the highest-ranking officer in the Acorn Kingdom Army and Antoine's father. He teaches is soon sword-fighting, though he eventually disappears after being called away on duty. It is later revealed that he was captured and roboticized by Robotnik, and foced to serve as the High Sheriff in Mercia. He eventually has his free will restored, and he is later returned to normal by the Bem. He later returns to the army, but soon has to retire after being poisoned by Patch. Before his death, he says goodbye to Antoine and his girlfriend Bunnie Rabbot, voicing his approval of their relationship and imploring them to cherish it.

Ash Mongoose

Ash Mongoose is the manager and boyfriend of Mina Mongoose. Ash is very competitive with Sonic, believing him to be a rival for Mina's love due to her crush on him. He saves her from being killed by Heavy and Bomb, and ends up comatose. They form a relationship after he awakens.


Athair is the great-grandfather of Knuckles the Echidna. He is the son of Janelle-Li, the only female Guardian in the history of the Brotherhood of Guardians. He initially is meant to take her position, but the Ancient Walkers summon him to Haven, where learns about them, and he also becomes the leader of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas. He refuses the position of Guardian after his mother passes, and his son, Sabre takes the role instead, and his wife is later captured and roboticized. He takes up residence in the Great Crater, once resting place of Angel Island, and becomes known among denizens of the continent as "Ol' Weirdo" due to his reclusive nature. He later nurses Tails back to health, telling him his destiny as the "Chosen One", helps the Freedom Fighters against Mammoth Mogul, and passes on his duties as leader of the lost tribe to Knuckles. He is eventually named as one of the, "Neo Walkers", successors to the Ancient Walkers.

Athair is a light-hearted individual, having long been freed from the responsibilities that have darkened the dispositions of so many of his family. However, he does have the horrors of his own past weighing on his mind. Sarcastic and prone to humor, Athair is given to talking in riddles, which confuse Sonic and Tails to no end and are often frustrating to Knuckles as well. Despite their occasional arguments, he and Knuckles do share a number of things, which eventually includes the idea that Angel Island's safety is no more important than the safety of Mobius at large. He appears in Sonic Underground, voiced by Maurice LaMarche, as a wiseman and seer, foretelling doom if Knuckles leaves the Floating Island.


The Bem are an entirely female and identical race devoted to science. They travel the galaxy, and on several occasions, their journeys have brought them to Mobius. Ceneca 9009 develops a way to restore robiticized Mobians, though it was originally intended to help the metallic Biotexans. She later learns that their condition is actually a natural defense to protect against lethal microbes, which causes them to go extinct. This causes the device to be outlawed, but she still helps the Mobians despite being sentenced to death. She is saved by Sonic before she can be executed.

Brotherhood of Guardians

The Brotherhood of Guardians is a group of Echidnas who protect Mobius from a secret facility known as Haven. The Brotherhood's existence is secret to all but a few individuals, including their arch-enemies, the Dark Legion. Edmund is known as the first to take the title of Guardian after Dimitri becomes Enerjak. He dies while fighting the Dark Legion, and his son, Steppenwolf, takes his place and forms the Brotherhood. It is named by his great-grandson, Remembrandt. They are initially open with their operations, but after the death of a member, they create a code of conduct that involves hiding from the people of Mobius and the active Guardian. They stay silent for four hundred year, but they become more active once Knuckles becomes the active Guardian. The current leader, Sabre, is the son of Athair.

All of the Guardians have the ability to control Chaos Energy due to training that stems from Edmund learning from fire ants. The level of their abilities are based upon their emotions, and it grants them teleportation, telekinesis, and the ability to fire the energy.


Spectre is the oldest living guardian, and he is the most unpredictable and ruthless member of the group. He has a black coat of fur, smoke constantly emits from him, he has blood-red eyes, and he dresses like a Dark Legion member. He is raised by Moritori Rex, a member of the Dark Legion who impersonates his father, Tobor. After finding about the truth, he brutally blinds Rex. He is mostly anti-social, and he loathes the Dark Legion. He has extra-sensory perception and telekinesis, and he uses Chaos energy in order to fight, as he finds hand to hand combat to be "vulgar."


Cheddermund is an Overlander Professor whose expertise is astrophysics. He allows the surviving members of his people to flee to space after the great war. When their group is forced to return to Mobius, Cheddermund and the rest of the group are taken into "protective custody" by Doctor Robotnik, and later turned roboticized. He dies in the destruction of Robotropolis a short while later.

Charles Hedgehog

Sir Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog, known as "Uncle Chuck" to Sonic, Sally, and others, is the creator of the Roboticizer, which is intended to help various people, including his brother. Robotnik sabotages it, which turns Jules completely into a machine, and steals it to create more like him. Chuck is among the first to be robotized, which drives Sonic to become a Freedom Fighter after failing to save him.[10] Chuck's free will is eventually restored, and he acts undercover as a spy for the Freedom Fighters until Robotnik's defeat. He joins the Freedom Fighters afterward, serving as a technical expert, and he later becomes elected to the Council of Acorn. Chuck is also the same person who designed the hyper friction resistant sneakers that Sonic wears.

Chuck is voiced by William Windom in Sonic the Hedgehog, where he raises Sonic on his own. He is the creator of the roboticizer, which is meant to help people live longer by turning flesh into metal, but he learns that it also robs free will. It is eventually stolen by Robotnik, and Chuck is enslaved by it. Though they attempt to use time travel to prevent the events, Sonic's lack of focus causes them to fail. The two are reunited after ten years, during a raid on Robotropolis. Sonic is only able to restore him temporarily, which allows him to reveal a plot by Robotnik, before returning to his mindless state. They attempt to restore him later, but the machine is only temporary, though Chuck eventually manages to keep his free will and act as a spy for the group.

Colin Kintobor

Colin Kintobor is Minister of Justice of the Overlanders, and he controls all of their forces. Among the most xenophobic members of his species towards Mobians, he takes great pleasure in wiping out groups of them, including women and children. After he shoots Amadeus Prower in the eye, the Mobians begin to rally, which leads to a quick defeat for his Colin's armies. He escapes into the sewers, where he eventually manages to gather up survivors and flee into space. They eventually accept Ribotnik's invitation to return to Mobius and live in Robotropolis, though it is eventually revealed to be a trap. Most members are roboticized and killed during the destruction of the city.


Sir Connery is a Knight in the service of the House of Acorn many centuries before the series, and by proving himself as a defender of the weak and innocent, he is selected as a Paladin by the Ancient Walkers. They grant him longevity and the mystical "Sword of Light" in order to rid the world of evil magic. He spends many years slaying wizards, and he also becomes Merlin Prower's bodyguard. He attempts to save the Walkers from Mogul, but he is unable to stop their destruction. He joins with the Freedom Fighters, battles Mogul, and destroys Mogul's artifacts by using all of his life-force, which reduces him to ashes. He is later placed Knothole Graveyard, and his sword is given to Elias Acorn, who vows to be strong and wise life Connery.


The Dingoes are one of the main races on Angel Island, who feel hatred towards the Echidnas. They previously attempted to wipe them out with nuclear weapons, but the plan failed due to interference from the current guardian, Hawking. Their entire city was sealed within a separate zone for hundreds of years, until the Ultimate Annihilator is used by Robotnik. They are not transported with their city, so the Echidnas allow them into their city. They believe they are second class citizens, and attempt to protest their conditions. They later work as enforcers for Eggman, and they easily overpower the Echidnas due to the Brotherhood members being missing. Enerjak, as Knuckles, eventually strips them of their weapons, technology, and their pride, and condemns them to wander the desert region of Sandopolis. They eventually strive in the environment and begin to rebuild their army for an assault on the island.

They are led by Helmut Von Stryker, a violent, prideful, and fearsome military leader. He organizes the rallies against the Echidnas for their "racism" toward the Dingoes. His son, Kage Von Stryker is volatile, hotheaded and manipulative, and used his extremely violent nature and connections with his father to move up the ranks.

Elias Acorn

Elias Acorn is the prince of the Kingdom of Acorn. His existence is initially unknown to most, as he is thought to have been killed along with his mother by Overlanders. King Acorn doesn't even tell Sally to spare her of the grief of losing someone she had never known. Elias survives the attack, while his mother remains comatose. He is raised by the Guardians of the Floating Island for most of his life, until King Acorn is told of his survival. He wishes to spend time with his family, and he has no real feelings for taking the crown, but he is soon forced into the position after the King is injured. He soon leaves after he cannot take the stress, and leaves to live as a commoner. He marries Megan Acorn and has a daughter named Alexis.

He is eventually found and takes the throne. Sally takes the position as the next in line, so that his children don't have to become involved with his world. He becomes a close ally of the Freedom Fighters, and even goes into battle with them several times. After the destruction of Knothole, he takes reign of New Mobotropolis, though Amadeus Prower opposes him, almost leading to a civil war. Sally manage to calm both sides, and develops a seven member council, with Elias being the head and the other six being elected, that deliberates all future politics of the Kingdom together as equals.

Hope Kintobor

Hope Kintobor is a female Overlander and the daughter of Colin Kintobor. She travels into space with the rest of her people following the war. After her people move back to the city of Robotropolis on Mobius, and she finds about Robotnik's plan to roboticize all of her people, she is saved by Sonic. She continues to live in Knothole for a time, but she eventually leaves to travel after reconciling with her half-brother, Snively. She eventually learns that he was just manipulating the Freedom Fighters after he attacks Knothole, and she attempts to stop him in order to restore their family name. After being shot down, she joins G.U.N. as a technical adviser.

Isabella Mongoose

Isabella Mongoose is Mina's mother. She meets Arthur Mongoose, an expert swordsman, while being pursued by Overlanders, and they have a short lived marriage that ends with Arthur's death. She raises their daughter alone until being captured by Eggman. Mina is rescued, but Isabella is robiticized. She manages to have her mind restored by the Sword of Acorns and she is later returned to normal.

King Zokar King Zokar is Sonic the Hedgehog's father in the world where Sally does not exis. Only that much is known about him.


Lara-Su is the daughter of Knuckles the Echidna and Julie-Su featured in two different alternate futures. She travels back in time from a future in which she believes her father to be dead, and attempts to save him from dying while operating under the alias, Jani-Ca. She fails to save him, and later learns from her mother that he had actually become the leader of the Dark Legion after going insane from absorbing Chaos Energy. Another version appears in the possible Mobius: 25/30 Years Later future. She is at odds with Knuckles, who won't let her become the guardian, though they eventually reconcile. Her future eventually ceases to exist after Sonic, the king in the time period, travels back in time to restore stability to the Zone. She is close enough to the event to remember the other future, which saddens her greatly. The altered future is ruled by Shadow the Hedgehog, and along with her father, they overthrow his rule. She later becomes a full guardian. After five years, she is now a fully trained guardian and "ready for anything."

Maximillian Acorn

Maximillian Acorn is the king of the Kingdom of Acorn, who is initially trapped within the Zone of Silence after Robotnik's takeover. He is joined by Ixis Naugus, who takes control of the king in order for him to survive the conditions of the Zone. He loses his memory, and comes to command an army of goblin-like creature. He is eventually saved by the Freedom Fighters, but the effects of the zone cause him to crystallize, which is later cured by the Sword of Acorn. He rules again for a period of time, though half of his brain still being crystallized forces him to make irrational decisions, and he later retires his position after being poisoned. He is bound to a wheelchair following an accident after finding his lost son, but even though the condition eventually reverses, the poison causes it to reemerge.

Maximillian appears in the Saturday morning cartoon, voiced by Tim Curry. He becomes banished to the barren interdimensional realm known as The Void by Robotnik. Though he is saved from the void eventually, he is unable to stay outside of it for long due to the effects causing his body to crystallize. He still manages to communicate with Sally through a program initially time-locked from NICOLE until Sonic interfered with the computer, and mentions the sacred Deep Power Stones located at Drood Henge, which Sonic, Tails, Sally, and Dulcy the Dragon prompty get before Robotnik can, also tricking Robotnik with a fake stone plan that was Tails' idea

Merlin Prower

Merlin Prower is Tails' uncle the former chief wizard in the Kingdom of Acorn. He goes into hiding during Dr. Robotnik's coup, and later meets Knuckles during his search for the Sword of Acorns. Tails learns of his existence after sealing Mammoth Mogul in a Chaos Emerald. Merlin attempts to save the lives of the Ancient Walkers and keep Mogul trapped, but interference from Arachne knocks Merlin unconscious. He then joins the Freedom Fighters, and later becomes one of the "Neo Walkers", along with Athair. Merlin possesses abilities such as teleportation and illusion, and he knows various other spells.

Monkey Khan

Monkey Khan, originally named Ken Khan, is a boisterous monkey living in a city that attempts to distance itself from war. He believes that he is a good fighter and that totally rejecting violence is impractical due to the risk of war. Soon after, his entire village is captured by Robotnik and used in his experiments to make cyborgs. Khan survives, but he is unable to fully follow orders, so he is quickly sealed in a metal crate. He is released years later, and goes off on his own. He resettles in his old village and later seeks revenge on the Overlanders. He later returns to warn the citizens of New Mobotropolis of the Iron Queen taking over the Eggman Empire, but he is soon taken over by the Iron Queen.

Nate Morgan

Nathaniel "Nate" Beauregard Morgan is an elderly Overlander exile, who caused a large explosion while researching a renewable energy, though it is mainly the fault of Dr. Robotnik , who was known as Nate's assistant, Julian Kintobor. Nate, surprisingly well received, becomes the Minister of Science and a member of the royal court in the House of Acorn soon after. He develops a way to forge Power Rings from the Chaos Emerald, which leads to the founding of Mobotropolis. Due to an internal power struggle, an all out war soon breaks out between the Mobians and Overlanders, which causes Nate to depart.

He drops the Power Ring-Forge into a lake, so that it will not be found, and he makes his way to the Southern Tundra, where he meets Eddy the Yeti, a mutant whose life he saves by using bionic implants. They become close friends, and construct a castle in the area. Naugus eventually seeks them out in order to gain control of Nate's Power Rings, but he is defeated at the cost of Eddy's life. He returns to Mobotropolis and helps the Freedom Fighters until he is captured and roboticized. He is able to help the Freedom Fighters and many Robians escape Robotropolis' destruction, though he is left behind.

Dr. Quack

Dr. Horatio Quentin Quack is the royal physician and one of the most proficient medical experts in Mobotropolis. He develops replacement parts for Bunnie Rabbot that her body will not reject. He treats King Max and General Armand D'Coolette after they are poisoned by Path, though he is unable to save Armand. He continues to be the main person the Freedom Fighters turn to whenever someone needs medical attention, and now serves as the head doctor of the Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital.

Rosemary Prower

Rosemary Prower is Tails' mother. She leaves Tails with Rosie and Julayla shortly after he is born in order to search for her missing husband, Amadeus. She eventually finds that Amadeus has been one of the thousands taken by Robotnik and roboticized, and she is quickly captured and almost turned as well. Before the process can begin, Rosemary and Amadeus are saved by the Bem commander, Ceneca-9009, who wishes to use her technology to cure the roboticized inhabitants of Mobius. Amadeus is restored, but Ceneca is imprisoned for doing so, and Rosemary and Amadeus are not allowed to return home. They eventually are saved by Sonic and Tails, and they return to Mobius as a reunited family. Rosemary becomes a writer, and later becomes part of the Council of Acorn.

Tommy Turtle

Tommy Turtle was a close friend of Sonic and Sally, though Sonic initially bullies him. Tommy is thought to have been killed during Robotnik's coup d'etat, though he is later found in the Forbidden Zone. During a struggle with Robotnik, he is taken captive by Robo-Dyne Systems, and they create an infiltrator robot to get close to Sonic. After being saved, he gains bionic abilities, though they eventually allow him to be taken over by A.D.A.M. He gives his life to stop A.D.A.M., and his ashes are placed in Knothole Graveyard.

Wombat Stu

Wombat Stu is a local resident of Downunda. He joined the Downunda Freedom Fighters and, with assistance from Tails, they were able to destroy Crocbot after sending him down the Great Crater and blowing him up. After the defeat of Crocbot, he and the other members had little to do, but Geoffrey St. John asked him to join his Secret Service, which he accepted. When the team broke up due to internal and external comflicts, Stu left for Downunda and rejoined his Freedom Fighter team.

Rob O' the Hedge

Rob O' the Hedge is a Robin Hood-styled hedgehog who leads the Deerwood Freedom Fighters and is also Amy Rose's cousin. He initially formed the group out of Mobians who escaped Robotnik, but they were captured and roboticized by the High Sheriff, though Rob escaped. With help from Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and his eventual wife Mari-An, Rob defeated the High Sheriff and restored his friends. Rob was later contacted by Silver the Hedgehog, who asked that Rob lead him to Sonic. Rob ultimately gets drawn into Moebius, where Sonic is currently fighting Scourge, and aids his friend in defeating the evil green hedgehog.

Other Characters

Dulcy the Dragon

Dulcy the Dragon is a clumsy, young dragon who joined the Freedom Fighters in the second season. She often flies the Freedom Fighters to their destinations or rescues them, though she is terrible at landing.

Locke the Echidna

Locke the Echidna is a Chaos of Knuckles's Father and predecessor as Guardian of the Floating Island. Locke foresaw a disaster, and exposed his son to the Chaos Emeralds while he was still an egg, giving him abilities beyond those of any other guardian. After training Knuckles rigorously, he passed the position of guardian on to Knuckles and joined his forefathers in the Brotherhood of Guardians. He reappears sporadically throughout the series to help Knuckles with his problems. In the recent issues of Sonic the Hedgehog, they are once again at odds.

Random Characters


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