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King of Burma
Reign May 1628 - September 1629
Predecessor Anaukpetlun
Successor Thalun
House Toungoo
Father Anaukpetlun
Born Pegu
Died September 1629
Religion Theravada Buddhism
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Minyedaikpa (Burmese: မင်းရဲဒိဗ္ဗ; d. September 1629) was the seventh king of Toungoo dynasty of Burma. He came to throne in May 1628 after having assassinated his father King Anaukpetlun who had discovered Minyedaikpa's affair with one of his concubines, daughter of Kengtung Sawbwa. Anaukpetlun had severely scolded the young prince that what he had done was high treason and that merited being roasted alive.[1]

After the assassination, Minyedaikpa was able to strong-arm the ministers at the court to proclaim him king as the main two contenders to the throne, his two uncles Thalun and Minyekyawswa were away at the Shan States on a military campaign.[1] Although nominally king, Minyedaikpa never had any control beyond Pegu, the kingdom's capital. Throughout 1628, his two uncles Thalun and Minyekyawswa marched back from Shan States and controlled Upper Burma while many others at Lower Burma revolted his rule. In 1629, Thalun marched down from Ava to reconquer Lower Burma. King of Arakan sent an army to assist Minyedaikpa but to no avail. In September 1629, the parricide king was seized by the Commander of Palace Guards, and sent to Thalun.[2] Thalun denied Minyedaikpa's request to become a monk, and executed him.[1]


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Born:  ? Died: September 1629
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Burma
May 1628 - September 1629
Succeeded by


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