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Mir Jafar Abbas oglu Baghirov (Azerbaijani: Mir Cəfər Abbas oğlu Bağırov; 17 September 1896, Quba – 7 May 1956, Baku) was the communist leader of Azerbaijan SSR from 1932 till 1953, under the Soviet leadership of Joseph Stalin.

During 1915-1917, M.J.Baghirov worked as a school teacher in a village. During 1918 - 1921, he participated in the October Revolution and Russian Civil War in ranks of a commander of regiment, military commissar of Azerbaijani division, advisor of the Caucasus corps of the Russian military command, and the head of revolutionary tribunal of Azerbaijani division. It was reported that Baghirov worked also for the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic's police.

In 1932, M. J. Baghirov became the People's Commissar of Azerbaijan SSR and from 1933 till 1953 he was the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party. In 1953, the bureau of the Central Committee of Azerbaijani Communist party appointed M. J. Baghirov to head the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR. After Stalin's death M.J.Baghirov was accused of waging repression, arrested in 1954, tried and executed in 1956; according to some sources he was expelled to Siberia where later died.

M.J. Baghirov is a controversial figure in the Azerbaijani history. By 1940 an estimated 70,000 Azeris had died as a result of purges carried out under Baghirov.[1] The intelligentsia was decimated, broken, and eliminated as a social force and the old guard Communist elite was destroyed [1]. However, Baghirov was also successful in resisting the Armenian demands to cede Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast of Azerbaijan SSR to Armenian SSR.

He was credited for treating his junior son as an ordinary Soviet citizen. Baghirov sent his son, Vladimir (Jangir) Baghirov, military pilot, to the Soviet Army to fight against Nazi Germany, where Vladimir was killed in the battle in June 1943 [2]


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