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Misal (aka Poruri)

Misal (Marathi:मिसळ), meaning "mixture", is a delicacy in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra. The dish is eaten for breakfast or as a midday snack or meal. It remains a very popular snack since it is easy to make, is relatively cheap and has good nutritional value. The taste of Misal ranges from mildly to extremely spicy. Misal is also a popular street food[1].

The dish originates from the Desh area of Maharashtra.


The ingredients of misal vary widely, and consist of a combination of the following:

  • Usal, a curry made from matki (Moth Bean) or Watane (dried Pea)
  • Tarry/Kat/sample, a spicy gravy
  • Batata Bhaji (Boiled, diced potatoes, spiced with turmeric, chilies, ginger & mustard)
  • Pohe
  • Curd called dahi in Marathi (optional)
  • Chivda
  • Farsan
  • Garnish of onions, tomatoes, coriander

The ingredients are arranged in multiple tier fashion and served[2]. Misal is served with sliced bread or a small loaf, in the dish misal-paw. The main part of the misal is the spicy curry, called tarry, kat or poruri. The Kolhapuri version of misal does not contain pohe."Phadtare misal" in Kolhapur is famous. [2], and is usually more spicy.[3]

Dahi Misal is also one of the widely eaten forms, where curd is added to enhance the taste. The first ingredient to be served is Matki or Moth beans Usal. Usal issprouted beans cooked in with tomatoes and onions.

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