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Members of the Mishmi ethnic group in northern Assam (1922)

The Mishmi (or Deng and Idu Lhoba) of Tibet (and Arunachal Pradesh/include South Tibet) is an ethnic group comprising mainly three tribes: Idu Mishmi (Idu Lhoba); Digaro Mishmi (Taraon Deng), and Miju Mishmi (Kaman Deng). The Mishmis occupy the north-eastern tip of the central Arunachal Pradesh/South Tibet in Upper and Lower Dibang Valley, Lohit and Anjaw Districts/Medog County. The three sub-divisions of the tribe emerged due to the geographical distribution, but racially all the three groups are of the same stock.The Idu are also known as Yidu Lhoba in China and often referred as Chulikatas in Assam. The Idus are primarily concentrated in the Upper Dibang Valley district and parts of the northern part of Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh in India. Taraon, also called Digaru Mishmis, are distributed in the hill and the foothills between the Digaru and the Lohit rivers.Kamans are also known as the Miju Mishmis, they live between the Lohit and the Kambang rivers in the foothills and in the Mishmi Hills on both sides of the Lohit river right up to the frontiers to Rima.

The Idu Mishmis were the first to come from Burma. They were followed by the ancestors of the Digaru Mishmis a little over 500 years ago. The mijus were the last to migrate from the direction of Hakamti-Long on the Kachin country.

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MISHMI, a hill-tribe on the frontier of Eastern Bengal and Assam. The Mishmis occupy the hills from the Dihong to the Brahmakund, in the north-eastern corner of the Brahmaputra valley. In 1854 M. Krick and M. Bourry, two French missionaries, were murdered in the Mishmi country, but their death was avenged by a small expedition which took the murderer prisoner. In 1899 another British expedition was sent against the Mishmis, owing to the murder of some British subjects.

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