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Location within Louisiade Archipelago
Misima Island from space
Misima Mine and Bwagaoia from space

Misima (formerly called St. Aignan) is a volcanic island in the northwest of Louisiade Archipelago within (Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea). The island measures 40 km by 10 km and has an area of 202,5 km². It is located some 20 km north of the nordwest extreme of the barrier reef of Vanatinai at Isu Raua Raua Island, and 80 km northwest of Vanatinai Island itself. Misima is mountainous and densely forested. Mt. Koia Tau, at a height of 1,036 meters, is the highest peak of the Louisiade Archipelago.

With a population of 5,000, Misima is the most heavily populated island in the archipelago. By area, it is the third largest, after Vanatinai and Rossel Island. A gold and silver mine was opened on the island in 1990 and officially closed in 2004.[1] The mine was a joint venture by Placer Dome Inc (owning 80%) and the state-owned Orogen Minerals Ltd. The main town of the island and the seat of the district is Bwagaoia, located on the southeast corner of the island. Other villages are Hinauta, Boiou, Gulewa, Liak, Sagarai, Eiaus (on the eastern north coast, reachable by road from Bwagaoia), Gulewa and Ewena or Ewana (on the western north coast), and Bwagabwaga and Alhoga (on the south coast). [2]

Misima has a working airport (two flights weekly to the mainland), a high school (grades 7-10), a small market, a few small stores and a clinic/hospital--all of which are located in Bwagaoia.

The main language of the island is also called Misima, though many residents speak English.

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Coordinates: 10°40′S 152°45′E / 10.667°S 152.75°E / -10.667; 152.75




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