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Miss International

Logo of the Miss International event.
Formation 1960
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Tokyo
Location  Japan

Miss International (officially titled The International Beauty Pageant) is the fourth largest beauty pageant in the world. It was created in Long Beach, California, USA in 1960 after the departure of the Miss Universe pageant to Miami Beach. Hosted in Long Beach until 1967, the pageant moved to Japan from 1968–1970, being hosted each year in the same city as the Expo '70. For 1971 and 1972, it was held in Long Beach again, but since that time it has been held annually in Japan.

Also called a "Festival of Beauty" and even the "Olympics of Beauty", this pageant is not based on looks alone. Contestants are expected to serve as "Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty", showing tenderness, benevolence, friendship, beauty, intelligence, ability to take action, and, most importantly, a great international sensibility.

The ultimate goal of the Miss International beauty pageant is to promote world peace, goodwill, and understanding.



The following is a list of winners from 1999 to 2009. See List of Miss International titleholders for the full list of titleholders.

Year Miss International Country Location
2009 Anagabriela Espinoza  Mexico Chengdu, China
2008 Alejandra Andreu  Spain Macau, China
2007 Priscila Perales  Mexico Tokyo, Japan
2006 Daniela di Giacomo  Venezuela Beijing, China
2005 Precious Quigaman  Philippines Tokyo, Japan
2004 Jeymmy Vargas  Colombia Beijing, China
2003 Goizeder Azúa  Venezuela Tokyo, Japan
2002 Christina Sawaya  Lebanon Tokyo, Japan
2001 Małgorzata Rożniecka  Poland Tokyo, Japan
2000 Vivian Urdaneta  Venezuela Tokyo, Japan
1999 Paulina Gálvez  Colombia Tokyo, Japan

By Number of Wins

Country/Territory Titles Winning years
1985, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006
1964, 1970, 1979, 2005
1977, 1990, 2008
 Colombia 1960, 1999, 2004
 Poland 1991, 1993, 2001
 Australia 1962, 1981, 1992
 USA 1974, 1978, 1982
2007, 2009
 Norway 1988, 1995
 Germany 1965, 1989
 Costa Rica 1980, 1983
 Britain 1969, 1972
 Panama 1998
 Portugal 1996
 Greece 1994
 Puerto Rico 1987
 England 1986
 Guatemala 1984
 France 1976
 Yugoslavia* 1975
 Finland 1973
 New Zealand 1971
 Brazil 1968
 Argentina 1967
 Iceland 1963
 Netherlands 1961

Performances by Country and Continental Regions

As of 2009

REGION Titles Best performance
Europe 20 England/Britain, Poland and Spain (3), Germany and Norway (2), Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Lebanon, Netherlands, Portugal, and Yugoslavia1 (1)
Americas 20 Venezuela (5), Colombia, and United States (3), Costa Rica, Mexico, (2), Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, Puerto Rico (1)
Asia 4 Philippines (4)
Oceania 4 Australia (3), New Zealand (1)

Pageant controversies

African boycott

After no African representative was chosen again in the semifinals in 2009 or awarded any subsidiary titles, the African National Directors have voiced their strong disappointment with this pageant and are now considering a total boycott of Miss International 2010 unless the selection process is more representative of all the delegates who attend the pageant.

No African representative was chosen into the semi-finals since 2003. The last time an African representative made it to the semi-finals was in 2002 through Senegal.

Miss International remains the only Grand slam pagent never to have had an African winner in its history, the nearest was in 1996, when Tunisia placed 1st runner-up, and is viewed as one of the most institutionally prejudiced pageants in the world.


Map of Miss International-winning countries as of 2009.
  • Miss International remains the only one of the Grand Slam Pageants or Big Four Pageants with no winner resigned or dethroned.
  • Five Miss Universe delegates placed as runner-up or semi-finalist in that pageant and later won the Miss International title. They were: Stella Marquez Zawadsky- semi-finalist, Colombia 1960; Julieta Urrutia Chang - semi-finalist, Guatemala 1984; Laurie Simpson Rivera - fourth runner-up, Puerto Rico 1987; Lia Victoria Borrero - finalist, Panama 1997; Priscila Perales - finalist, Mexico 2006.
  • One Miss Universe and Miss World delegate unplaced and later won the Miss International title. She was: Sophie Perin, France 1975.
  • Two Miss World delegates placed as finalists in that pageant and later won the Miss International title. They were: Goizeder Azua Barrios - quarter-finalist, Venezuela 2002, Anagabriela Espinoza - semi-finalist, Mexico 2008.
  • Since the 1966 Miss International was cancelled, 1965 winner Ingrid Finger's reign was the longest among titleholders, totaling 624 days (more than 20 months). For a one-year reign, the longest belonged to her successor, Miss International 1967 Mirta Teresita Massa who held the title for 529 days (more than 17 months). The shortest reign was that of 1975 Ladija Vera Manic, which spanned just 242 days (less than eight months).
  • Venezuela has won a record of five Miss International titles. Four of those came in cycles of three years starting in 1997 (1997, 2000, 2003, and 2006). The country's first victory came in 1985. This also happened to United States, three titles came in cycles of four years starting 1974.
  • Colombia is the first Latin and South American country to win the Miss International title. On the other hand, Netherlands is the first European country to win the Miss International title.
  • No African country has ever gone to win the Miss International title since 1960, the nearest was in 1996, when Tunisia placed 1st runner-up.
  • Miss International 1961, Stam van Baer of the Netherlands became the first Caucasian winner of the pageant.
  • Miss International 1964, Gemma Teresa Cruz of the Philippines is the first Asian to win the Miss International title.
  • Miss International 1979, Melanie Marquez of the Philippines is the youngest Miss International in history. She was 15 when she won the title.
  • Miss International 2002, Christina Sawaya of Lebanon is the first Middle Eastern to win the title .
  • Miss International 2004, Jeymmy Paola Vargas Gomez of Colombia is the only black winner since the pageant began in 1960.
  • Miss International 2005, Precious Lara Quigaman of the Philippines is the shortest Miss International, standing at 5'6 feet.
  • The largest gap in between winning Miss International (at present) is from Colombia wherein Stella Marquez Zawadsky won the title in 1960, and 39 years later, Paulina Galvez Pineda became the second recipient afterwards.
  • The shortest gap has been Mexico (2007-2009) and Poland (1991-1993)

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