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Miss Me Yet? refers to a series of roadside advertisement that first appeared in February 2010. It featured the former United States President George W. Bush with his image and a caption with the words "MISS ME YET?". The billboard initially was spotted on Interstate 35 in Wyoming, Minnesota but soon many more billboards like it popped up around the country.[1][2] It was first considered to be an internet hoax, but has been confirmed as a real advertisement.[3] The Billboard has led to other Bush-themed merchandise with the catchphrase "Miss Me Yet?" from agencies such as CafePress,[4] and the image plus the related caption has become an internet meme.


The billboard was mentioned on Rush Limbaugh’s talk radio show as some callers mentioned the billboard did exist.[5] The billboard was later discovered to have been created by an anonymous source who wanted to remain that way as per billboard owner Schubert & Hoey Outdoor Advertising.[3] According to the billboard owner, the sign was purchased by a group of small business owners located in the seven-county metro area.[6] Mike Rivard, one of the six business owners from Minnesota, came forward and explained on Fox News that one of the reasons why they did it was that it was a hilarious message, and the image they used was found online.[7]


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