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Mission president is a priesthood leadership position in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). A mission president is a man who presides over a mission and the missionaries serving in the mission. Depending on the particular mission, a mission president may also be the presiding priesthood leader of some or all Latter-day Saints within the geographic boundaries of the mission.

Mission presidents are typically men between 40 and 65 years old. A mission president must be married; typically, his wife and any minor children accompany him on his mission.

Mission presidents leave their vocations for three years to preside over their mission. They usually leave in July, though some leave at different times due to emergencies or medical conditions. On a few occasions, some serve shorter terms for a variety of reasons. The wife's role varies depending on the age of her children and her background. Her primary responsibility is to be a wife and mother; secondly, she is to serve as a missionary; she is also responsible for teaching the missionaries.

Candidates are typically interviewed after the autumn conference of the LDS Church by a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Mission presidents are usually assisted by two counselors who reside within the mission boundaries; these men serve in the mission for varying periods of time while maintaining their regular employment. The responsibilities of these counselors are generally oriented towards the members of the church within the mission. Where there are no stakes in the mission boundaries, the mission president is the presiding authority over the church within the mission. In that instance, the mission is divided into districts which are composed of branches.

Mission presidents are also assisted by two or more full-time missionaries under the title of "assistant to the president", whose duties are primarily directed toward supervision of the missionary work under the direction of the mission president. These assistants lead an independent hierarchy that may or may not correspond with local church units.

Mission presidents are typically respected and admired by the missionaries they supervise. Obedience to the mission president is considered a vital part of missionary work. Many general authorities of the church have previously served as mission presidents.

After his three-year term ends, a mission president generally returns to his vocation and activity in his home ward and stake.



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