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Missouri's 3rd congressional district
District map as of 2002
District map as of 2002
Current Representative Russ Carnahan (D)
Area 1,266 mi²
Distribution 86.7% urban, 13.3% rural
Population (2000) 621,690
Median income $41,091
Ethnicity 85.7% White, 9.1% Black, 1.6% Asian, 1.8% Hispanic, 0.2% Native American, 0.1% other
Occupation 24.2% blue collar, 60.4% white collar, 15.4% gray collar
Cook PVI D+7

Missouri's third congressional district is in the eastern portion of the state. It includes much of southern St Louis City, much of southern St Louis County, and all of Jefferson County and St Genevieve County.

Its current representative is Democrat Russ Carnahan, who was elected in 2004. Previously the seat had been held by Dick Gephardt, who represented the district for over 20 years before his retirement.

List of representatives

Congress Representative Party
28th-29th-(1843-1847) James Hugh Relfe Democratic
30th-31st(1847-1851) James S. Green Democratic
32nd(1851-1853) William Augustus Hall Democratic
33rd-34th(1853-1857) James Johnson Lindley Whig
35th-37th(1857-1861) John Bullock Clark Democratic
37th(1861-1863) William Augustus Hall Democratic
38th(1863) John William Noell Republican
38th(1863-1865) John Guier Scott Democratic
39th(1865-1867) Thomas E. Noell Democratic
40th-42nd(1867-1873) James Robinson McCormick Democratic
43rd-44th(1867-1871) William Henry Stone Democratic
45th(1871-1873) Lyne Metcalfe Republican
46th-47th(1873-1875) Richard Graham Frost Democratic
47th(1875-1879) Gustavus Sessinghaus Republican
48th-55th(1879-1899) Alexander M. Dockery Democratic
56th-58th(1899-1905) John Dougherty Democratic
59th(1905-1907) Frank B. Klepper Republican
60th-65th(1907-1919) Joshua Willis Alexander Democratic
66th(1919-1921) Jacob L. Milligan Democratic
67th(1921-1923) Henry F. Lawrence Republican
68th-72nd(1923-1933) Jacob L. Milligan Democratic
73rd-77th(1933-1943) Richard M. Duncan Democratic
78th-80th(1943-1949) William C. Cole Republican
81st-82nd(1949-1953) Phil J. Welch Democratic
83rd-94th(1953-1977) Leonor Sullivan Democratic
95th-108th(1977-2005) Dick Gephardt Democratic
109th(2005-2009) Russ Carnahan Democratic



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