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The Missouri House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Missouri General Assembly. It has 163 members, representing districts with an average size of 31,000 residents.



As of the first session of the 95th General Assembly in 2009, the party representation in the House of Representatives is:

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic Vacant
End of previous legislature 89 70 159 4
Begin 89 74 163 0
August 25, 2009[1] 73 162 1
September 9, 2009[2] 88 161 2
September 30, 2009[3] 72 160 3
November 2, 2009[4] 71 159 4
November 3, 2009[5] 72 160 3
Latest voting share 55% 45%


Position Name Party District
Speaker of the House Ron Richard Rep 129
Speaker Pro Tem Bryan Pratt Rep 55
Majority Leader Steven Tilley Rep 106
Assistant Majority Floor Leader Tom Self Rep 116
Majority Whip Brian Nieves Rep 98
Minority Leader Paul LeVota Dem 52
Assistant Minority Floor Leader J.C. Kuessner Dem 152
Minority Whip Jeff Roorda Dem 102

Members of the Missouri House of Representatives, 2009-2011

District Representative Party Residence
1 Brian Munzlinger Rep Williamstown
2 Rebecca McClanahan Dem Kirksville
3 Casey Guernsey Rep Bethany
4 Mike Thomson Rep Maryville
5 Jim Guest Rep King City
6 Rachel L. Bringer Dem Palmyra
7 Mike Lair Rep Chillicothe
8 Tom Shively Dem Shelbyville
9 Paul Quinn Dem Monroe City
10 Terry L. Witte Dem Vandalia
11 Ed Schieffer Dem Troy
12 Doug Funderburk Rep St. Peters
13 Chuck Gatschenberger Rep Lake St. Louis
14 Joe Smith Rep St. Charles
15 Sally A. Faith Rep St. Charles
16 Mark A. Parkinson Rep St. Charles
17 Kenny Biermann Rep St. Charles
18 Anne Zerr Rep St. Charles
19 Cynthia L. Davis Rep O'Fallon
20 Jeanie Riddle Rep Mokane
21 Steve Hobbs Rep Mexico
22 Therese Sander Rep Moberly
23 Stephen Webber Dem Columbia
24 Chris Kelly Dem Columbia
25 Mary Still Dem Columbia
26 Joe Aull Dem Marshall
27 Vacant
28 Robert Schaaf Rep St. Joseph
29 Martin T. Rucker Dem St. Joseph
30 Jason Brown Rep Platte City
31 Trent Skaggs Dem North Kansas City
32 Jason Grill Dem Parkville
33 Jerry Nolte Rep Gladstone
34 Timothy Flook Rep Liberty
35 Doug Ervin Rep Kearney
36 Bob Nance Rep Excelsior Springs
37 Mike Talboy Dem Kansas City
38 Ryan Silvey Rep Kansas City
39 Beth Low Dem Kansas City
40 John P. Burnett Dem Kansas City
41 Shalonn “KiKi” Curls Dem Kansas City
42 Jonas Hughes Dem Kansas City
43 Roman Lee LeBlanc Dem Kansas City
44 Jason Kander Dem Kansas City
45 Jason R. Holsman Dem Kansas City
46 Kate Meiners Dem Kansas City
47 Jeff Grisamore Rep Lee’s Summit
48 Will Kraus Rep Raytown
49 Tom McDonald Dem Kansas City
50 Michael R. Brown Dem Kansas City
51 Ray Salva Dem Sugar Creek
52 Paul LeVota Dem Independence
53 Curt Dougherty Dem Independence
54 Gary Dusenberg Rep Blue Springs
55 Bryan Pratt Rep Blue Springs
56 Brian Yates Rep Lee’s Summit
57 Vacant
58 James Morris Dem St. Louis
59 Jeanette Mott Oxford Dem St. Louis
60 Jamilah Nasheed Dem St. Louis
61 Chris Carter Dem St. Louis
62 Vacant
63 Tishaura Jones Dem St. Louis
64 Rachel Storch Dem St. Louis
65 Michele Kratky Dem St. Louis
66 Michael Vogt Dem St. Louis
67 Mike Colona Dem St. Louis
68 David Sater Rep Cassville
69 Regina Walsh Dem Belfontaine Neighbors
70 Sharon Pace Dem Northwoods
71 Don Calloway Dem Bel-Nor
72 Maria Chappelle-Nadal Dem University City
73 Stacey Newman Dem St. Louis
74 Steve Webb Dem Florissant
75 Bert Atkins Dem Florissant
76 Michael Spreng Dem Florissant
77 Michael George Corcoran Dem St. Ann
78 Margo McNeil Dem Florissant
79 Albert Joseph Liese Dem Maryland Heights
80 Theodore Hoskins Dem Berkeley
81 Rochelle Walton Gray Dem Black Jack
82 Jill Schupp Dem Creve Coeur
83 Jake Zimmerman Dem Olivette
84 Allen Icet Rep Wildwood
85 Vicki Englund Dem St. Louis
86 Cole McNary Rep Chesterfield
87 John Diehl Rep Town and Country
88 Andrew Koenig Rep Winchester
89 Timothy W. Jones Rep Eureka
90 Sam Komo Dem House Springs
91 Jeanne Kirkton Dem Webster Groves
92 Sue Allen Rep Ballwin
93 Dwight Scharnhorst Rep Manchester
94 Rick Stream Rep Kirkwood
95 Mike Leara Rep St. Louis
96 Patricia M. Yaeger Dem St. Louis
97 Walt Bivins Rep St. Louis
98 Brian Nieves Rep Union
99 Mike Sutherland Rep Warrenton
100 Sue Schoemehl Dem St. Louis
101 Tim Meadows Dem Imperial
102 Jeff Roorda Dem Barnhart
103 Ron Casey Dem Crystal City
104 Joe Fallert Dem Ste. Genevieve
105 Michael Frame Dem Eureka
106 Steven Tilley Rep Perryville
107 Linda Fischer Dem Bonne Terre
108 Jacob Hummel Dem St. Louis
109 Scott Dieckhaus Rep Washington
110 Belinda Harris Dem Hillsboro
111 Charles Schlottach Rep Owensville
112 Tom Loehner Rep Koeltztown
113 Mark J. Bruns Rep Jefferson City
114 Bill Deeken Rep Jefferson City
115 Rodney Schad Rep Versailles
116 Tom Self Rep Cole Camp
117 Kenneth Jones Rep California
118 Stanely Cox Rep Sedalia
119 Larry Wilson Rep Flemington
120 Scott Largent Rep Clinton
121 Denny Hoskins Rep Warrensburg
122 Michael McGhee Rep Odessa
123 Chris Molendrop Rep Belton
124 Luke Scavuzzo Dem Harrisonville
125 Barney Joe Fisher Rep Richards
126 Edgar G. H. Emery Rep Lamar
127 Tom Flanigan Rep Carthage
128 Bryan P. Stevenson Rep Webb City
129 Ron Richard Rep Joplin
130 Kevin Wilson Rep Neosho
131 Marilyn Ruestman Rep Joplin
132 Don Ruzicka Rep Mount Vernon
133 Michael Parson Rep Bolivar
134 Jim Viebrock Rep Republic
135 Charles Denison Rep Springfield
136 Eric Burlison Rep Springfield
137 Charlie Norr Dem Springfield
138 Sara Lampe Dem Springfield
139 Shane Schoeller Rep Willard
140 Bob Dixon Rep Springfield
141 Jay Wasson Rep Nixa
142 Raymond “Ray” Weter Rep Nixa
143 Maynard Wallace Rep Thornfield
144 Tony Dugger Rep Hartville
145 Mike Cunningham Rep Rogersville
146 Darrel Pollock Rep Lebanon
147 Don Wells Rep Cabool
148 David Day Rep Dixon
149 Dan Brown Rep Rolla
150 Jason Smith Rep Salem
151 Ward Franz Rep West Plains
152 J. C. Kuessner Dem Eminence
153 Mike Dethrow Rep Alton
154 Gayle Kingery Rep Poplar Bluff
155 Robert Wayne Cooper Rep Camdenton
156 Shelley Keeney Rep Marble Hill
157 Scott A. Lipke Rep Jackson
158 Clint Tracy Rep Cape Girardeau
159 Billy Pat Wright Rep Dexter
160 Ellen Brandom Rep Sikeston
161 Steve Hodges Dem East Prairie
162 Terry Swinger Dem Caruthersville
163 Tom Todd Dem Campbell

Standing Committees

These are the yearly recurring committees that hold hearings on legislation filed by Representatives. Once filed, legislation is assigned to one of the following committees by the Missouri Speaker of the House. Legislation is typically assigned to the committee whose province envelopes the subject matter of the bill. However, there are frequently multiple relevant committees to which a bill can be assigned, and it is at the Speaker's discretion to choose which committee receives the bill. Politics can also play a part, as the Speaker may assign a bill he or she wants to fail to a committee with an unfriendly chair or membership, or may select a more friendly committee if he or she wishes the bill to pass.

The partisan makeup of each committee is intended to reflect as closely as possible the partisan makeup of the entire House. Each Party caucus selects which of its members will serve on the Standing Committees, and the Chair of each committee is chosen by the Speaker of the House.

Standing Committee List

  • Administration and Accounts
  • Agriculture Policy
  • Conservation and Natural Resources
  • Corrections and Public Institutions
  • Crime Prevention and Public Safety
  • Elections
  • Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Ethics
  • Fiscal Review
  • Health Care Policy
  • Higher Education
  • Insurance Policy
  • Judiciary
  • Local Government
  • Rules
  • Transportation
  • Ways and Means

Special Committees

Special committees are new to the Missouri House. In 2007, Speaker of the House Rod Jetton disbanded several Standing Committees, which had previously been the norm in the Missouri House, and instead established the following Special Committees. The subject matter of these committees is more specialized than the Standing Committees, so most of these committees have been assigned less bills on average than the Standing Committees.

Another distinction between Special and Standing Committees is that the Minority Party selects which members of its caucus will sit on Standing Committees. The membership of Special Committees, however, is decided exclusively by the Speaker of the House. The partisan breakdown of both Standing and Special Committees, however, is established by standing House Rule and is intended to closely reflect the partisan breakdown of the entire Missouri House.

Special Committee List

  • Special Committee on Agri-Business
  • Special Committee on Energy and Environment
  • Special Committee on Family Services
  • Special Committee on Financial Institutions
  • Special Committee on General Laws
  • Special Committee on Government Affairs
  • Special Committee on Health Insurance
  • Special Committee on Healthcare Facilities
  • Special Committee on Homeland Security
  • Special Committee on Immigration
  • Special Committee on Job Creation and Economic Development
  • Special Committee on Professional Registration and Licensing
  • Special Committee on Retirement
  • Special Committee on Rural Community Development
  • Special Committee on Senior Citizen Advocacy
  • Special Committee on Small Business
  • Special Committee on State Parks and Waterways
  • Special Committee on Student Achievement
  • Special Committee on Tax Reform
  • Special Committee on Ticket to Work
  • Special Committee on Tourism
  • Special Committee on Urban Education Reform
  • Special Committee on Urban Issues
  • Special Committee on Utilities
  • Special Committee on Veterans
  • Special Committee on Workforce Development and Workplace Safety

Budget Committee and Subcommittees

Tradition in the Missouri General Assembly is that all appropriations bills initiate in the Missouri House rather than the Senate. So each year, the Chair of the House Budget Committee files legislation establishing the spending plan for the state of Missouri. This plan, which in 2007 exceeded $20 billion, may differ greatly from the Governor's budget recommendations, issued at the State of the State address given in late January.

The budget legislation is assigned to the House Budget Committee, which then assigns each bill to its respective subcommittee. After the subcommittee makes its recommendations, the full Budget Committee runs through the entire appropriations package, makes its desired changes, and sends the bill to the full House for consideration.

Budget Committee List

  • House Budget Committee
  • Appropriations Subcommittee - Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Appropriations Subcommittee - Education
  • Appropriations Subcommittee - General Administration
  • Appropriations Subcommittee - Health, Mental Health and Social Services
  • Appropriations Subcommittee - Public Safety and Corrections
  • Appropriations Subcommittee - Transportation and Economic Development

Joint Committees

Joint Committees contain members from both the Missouri House and Senate. These committees may be permanent and study ongoing issues, or may be temporary and intended to come up with suggested legislation to address a one-time issue. The Chair of these committees typically alternates annually between a Representative and a Senator to prevent unfairness to one chamber.

Joint Committee List

  • Joint Committee on Restructuring Fees of The Clean Water and Storm Water Programs
  • Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
  • Joint Committee on Capital Improvements and Leases Oversight
  • Joint Committee on Corrections
  • Joint Committee on Court Automation
  • Joint Committee on Economic Development, Policy, and Planning
  • Joint Committee on Education
  • Joint Committee on Gaming and Wagering
  • Joint Committee on Government Accountability
  • Joint Committee on Legislative Research
  • Joint Committee on Legislative Research, Oversight Subcommittee
  • Joint Committee on Public Employee Retirement
  • Joint Committee on Tax Policy
  • Joint Committee on Terrorism, Bioterrorism, and Homeland Security
  • Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight
  • Joint Committee on Wetlands
  • Missouri Job Training Joint Legislative Oversight Committee

Term Limits

In 1992 Missouri voters approved a constitutional amendment placing term limits on the Missouri House of Representatives. A Representative can serve no more than four two-year terms in the house. The first time term limits prevented someone from running again was in 2002.


As of March 2008, members of the Missouri House of Representatives receive an annual salary of $31,351.44.[1]


  1. ^ Democrat Steve Brown (D-73) resigned after being convicted of felony charges.
  2. ^ Republican Dennis Wood (D-62) resigned after being appointed Stone County presiding commissioner.
  3. ^ Democrat Talibdin El-Amin (D-57) resigned after being convicted of bribery.
  4. ^ Democrat Ed Wildberger (D-27) resigned after being appointed Buchanan County recorder of deeds.
  5. ^ Democrat Stacey Newman elected to Steve Brown's seat (D-73).

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