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Mitsuyo Nemoto (Nemoto Mitsuyo, 根本美鶴代, born March 9, 1958 in Shizuoka, Japan) is a Japanese pop and heavy metal singer and actress known in Japan by the stage name Mie (未唯 Mii?). She was a member of the popular 1970s Japanese idol group Pink Lady, known in the United States for their TV program Pink Lady and Jeff.

Nemoto has pursued a solo career following Pink Lady's 1981 breakup. Occasionally she participates in Pink Lady reunions in which she sings with her partner Kei (Keiko Masuda). She also performs with Japanese heavy metal novelty band Animetal, who refer to themselves as "Animetal Lady" when she accompanies them, in reference to Pink Lady.



  • I My Mie (1981.08.21)
  • Mie Live (1981.10.03)
  • Call Girl (1982.1005)
  • Never (1984.08.25)
  • Diamond & Gold (1992.04.25)
  • Golden Best Mie (2002.06.19) Greatest Hits Compilation
  • Me Ing (2007.08.01)


  • Brahms Loves Rock (1981)
  • More More (1982)
  • Call Girl (1982)
  • From Window Side (1983)
  • Shampoo (1983)
  • Never (1984)
  • Diamond In The Ashes (1984)
  • Woman In Mirror (1985)
  • Dreamer (1986)
  • Noon Face Love Story (1988)
  • Now, The Choice (1988)
  • Otona-Doshi (1990)
  • Jinx (1990)
  • Heisei Refined Woman (1991)
  • Dance (1994)
  • Love Jail (1995)

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