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Mixed drinks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they may be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

A mixed drink is a beverage in which two or more ingredients are mixed.



Some popular types of mixed drinks are:

  • Cobbler, a beverage made with wine or sherry, citrus juice, and sugar
  • Cocktail, narrowly a mixture of liquor, sugar, water, and bitters; more broadly any sort of alcoholic mixed drink
  • Cooler, a tall drink made with liquor, a carbonated beverage, and a fruit garnish
  • Crusta, a liquor and citrus drink served in a glass rimmed with sugar
  • Cup, a mixture of wine and other ingredients, typically fruit juice and a carbonated beverage, similar to a Wine cooler
  • Fix, a mixture of liquor, citrus, and sugar
  • Fizz, a fix with a carbonated beverage added
  • Flip, an alcoholic mixed drink incorporating beaten egg, especially one made with liquor or wine, sugar, and egg, topped with powdered nutmeg and served hot or cold. Also used to describe a sailor's drink made from beer mixed with rum or brandy, sweetened and served hot
  • Highball
  • Julep, a sweet drink of liquor and aromatics, specifically mint
  • Punch
  • Pousse-café
  • Sour


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Simple English

s are mixed drinks. They come in many different shapes and sizes]] A mixed drink is a type of drink where two or more diffent drinks are mixed together to create a new drink. Very often, at least one of the ingredients contains alcohol. Usually, spirits like rum or vodka are used in the mixed drinks containing alcohol.

Examples of mixed drinks are Rum & Coke and Bundy & Rum.

Alcopops are pre-fabricated mixed drinks. They were mainly made for the young. Often they are made so that the alcohol in them cannot be tasted easily.

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