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Developer NekoNeko Soft
Platform Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, PC
Original video animation
Released 2002-08-23 (vol.1)
Episodes 2
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Mizuiro is a visual novel made by NekoNeko Soft released in 2001. It has versions for four different platforms: PC CD (3 Disc), Dreamcast[1], PlayStation 2, and PC DVD-Rom.

There were two anime OVA adaptations of the game, a two-episode Hentai OVA in 2002 and a two-episode non-Hentai OVA in 2003. Both have same characters, but with somewhat different storylines.



  • Kenji Katase (健二 片瀬 Katase Kenji ?): The protagonist and the character controlled by the player.
  • Yuki Katase (片瀬 雪希 Katase Yuki ?): The heroine of the story. Kenji Katase's adopted little sister.
  • Hiyori Hayasaka (早坂 日和 Hayasaka Hiyori ?): Kenji Katase's childhood friend. (In DC/PS2 version she has two different stories)
  • Kiyoka Onosaki (小野崎 清香 Onosaki Kiyoka ?): Kenji Katase's childhood friend.
  • Mutsuki Shindou[2] (進藤 むつき Shindō Mutsuki ?): Yuki's trusted friend. In her story, she is shy. In all other stories, she is very loud and humorous.
  • Asami Kouzu[3] (神津 麻美 Kōdzu Asami ?): A shy, but smart third year student.
  • Fuyuka Ishikawa (石川 冬佳 Ishikawa Fuyuka ?): Kenji Katase's tutor. She is quite strict. (DC/PS2 version only)

Game Setting

  • Prologue: The player's character is very young, with the story beginning with the meeting of Yuki for the first time and developing a loving sibling relationship although they are not both related in blood as Yuki was adopted.
  • Pre-Opening: The player makes choices to decide the story of the game, with the players character still very young. The first meeting of Hiyori occurs, who is a lost girl crying in the park. The game then presents the problems of the character that your choices led to.
  • Game: The players character is in the second year of senior high in the game (grade 11). A story about a character is presented to the player depending on the choices made in the last setting. Each story has a moving or tragic situation.
  • Voice: Most of the female characters you encounter have a very calm voice, though it depends on the situation.

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