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A Mk 47 being tested in 2002 at Camp Lejeune

The Mk 47 Mod 0 or Striker 40 [1] is a 40 mm grenade machine gun with an integrated fire control system, capable of smart programmable 40 mm shells in addition to various 'dumb' rounds.



In addition to being able to fire traditional grenades like the Mk 19 grenade launcher, it can fire smart grenades that can be programmed to air burst after a set distance. A computerized sight allows the user to set this distance.

The model is currently being evaluated by the United States armed forces and the Israel Defense Forces. It is currently in combat use by some United States special operations forces in Afghanistan.[2]

Program status

  • February 2009: General Dynamics awarded $12 million contract for Mk 47 production.[3]
  • July 2006: General Dynamics awarded $23 million contract for Mk 47 production.[4]

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