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Mob may refer to:
  • An unruly crowd (of people) see:
    • Mob rule (Ochlocracy), as in mobile vulgus (fickle crowd)
    • Flash mob, social phenomenon
    • Smart mob, a temporary self-structuring social organization, coordinated through telecommunication
  • Mobbing, a form of systematic harassment
  • Herd, a collection of animals
  • Mobile Regional Airport (IATA: MOBFAA LID: MOB), located in Mobile, Alabama
  • Mob (computer gaming) a monster or non-player character in a computer game
  • Money Over Bitches is a real-life hood typical mentality and/or terminology reffering to the acquisition of money,opposed to the spending of money on another person.
  • The Mafia is also sometimes referred to as the Mob
MOB as an initialism may refer to:
  • Mission of Burma, an American post-punk band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1979
  • Mail-order bride, a woman who publishes her intent to marry someone from another country
  • Main Operating Base, an overseas, permanently manned, well protected base, used to support permanently deployed forces, and with robust sea and/or air access
  • Man overboard, a person has fallen off a boat or ship into the water and is in need of rescue
  • Mobile offshore base, a concept for supporting military operations where conventional land bases are not available
  • Marching Owl Band, the Rice University "marching band"
  • Mars or Bust, a slogan used within the American Scientific Community to promote a manned space mission to the planet Mars
  • Montreux-Oberland Bernois, Swiss railway
  • Movable Object Block, used in computer graphics
  • Mission Old Brewery

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Mob m. (genitive Mobs, plural Mobs)
  1. mob (unruly group of people)


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Mob is generally another word for any NPC that spawns and fights the players. There are several possible origins for its meaning:
  • It may come from Movable Object, to indicate that these creatures have the power to move around.
  • It may simply be short for Mobile, again referencing movement.
.Either way, it can still be used to reference NPCs that do not actually move (killer plants, for example).^ The term "tabbing" refers to moving forward through the focusable elements that can be reached using sequential focus navigation.
  • HTML5 25 September 2009 3:33 UTC [Source type: Reference]

^ For example, a start tag will be closed by a end tag, and never by a end tag, even if the user agent is using the rules above to then generate an actual element in the DOM with the name aU00003AU00003A for that start tag.
  • HTML5 25 September 2009 3:33 UTC [Source type: Reference]

^ In the following example, we see div elements used as a way to set the language of two paragraphs at once, instead of setting the language on the two paragraph elements separately: .
  • HTML5 25 September 2009 3:33 UTC [Source type: Reference]

.It also still retains the normal definition as a large group of individuals, so you can have "a mob of mobs". This may lead to some confusion following orders of "you take the mob on the right". For bonus confusion points, in a game with mafia characters, you can take on a mob of Mob mobs.^ The selectionEnd attribute must, on getting, return the offset (in logical order) to the character that immediately follows the end of the selection.
  • HTML5 25 September 2009 3:33 UTC [Source type: Reference]

^ Documents must consist of the following parts, in the given order: Optionally, a single U+FEFF BYTE ORDER MARK (BOM) character.
  • HTML5 25 September 2009 3:33 UTC [Source type: Reference]

^ If there is no selection, then it must return the offset (in logical order) to the character that immediately follows the text entry cursor.
  • HTML5 25 September 2009 3:33 UTC [Source type: Reference]

Even so, it seems to be a persistent piece of slang in the MMO world.

This article uses material from the "Mob" article on the Gaming wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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