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The Mobile Giving Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Washington, working to increase mobile donating in the US. The organization in early 2008 fostered a deal between the top four major US carriers, allowing non-profit text message fees to be waived.[1]



The Mobile Giving Foundation in conjunction with the United Way, Mobile Accord, and mGive launched the first major mobile donating campaign during Super Bowl XLII.[2] This was the first time a non-profit mobile donating camping had its fee’s waived from all major US carriers that didn’t involve a major natural disaster.[3]

Currently the Mobile Giving Foundation has plans to or is currently working with the United Way, PBS, ASPCA, Keep a Child Alive, IFAW and Amnesty International.[4]


The Mobile Giving Foundation is headed by Jim Manis, whose background includes mobile campaigns to help Hurricane Katrina victims and the Indonesian tsunami. Jim also was a founding member of M-Qube, a mobile content company. The Mobile Giving Foundations board consists of Jim Manis, Jenifer Snyder, and Laura Marriott.[5]


Mobile Donating Process

The Mobile Giving Foundation collects all money donated to charities through wireless carriers. Carriers currently partnered with the Mobile Giving Foundation pass 100% of donations through to the nonprofit. The Mobile Giving Foundation then takes 5% to 10% of the donations to cover messaging and short code costs and 90% to 95% of donations are passed on to the non-profit organizations running the campaigns.[5]


Mobile Giving Foundation is currently funded by QUALCOMM[6] , 1024 Wireless Services, Acta Wireless, Hook Mobile, Mobile Accord, and VeriSign.[5]



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