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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
(Kidō Senshi Zēta Gandamu)
Genre Military science fiction, Space Opera
TV anime
Director Yoshiyuki Tomino
Studio Sunrise
Licensor Japan Bandai Visual
Canada United States Bandai Entertainment
Network Animax, Nagoya Broadcasting Network
Original run March 2, 1985February 22, 1986
Episodes 50 (List of episodes)
Publisher Japan Kodansha
Magazine Comic Bon Bon
Original run 1994 – ongoing
Volumes 3
Anime film
Zeta Gundam A New Translation: Heirs to the Stars
Director Yoshiyuki Tomino
Studio Sunrise
Released May 28, 2005
Runtime 94 minutes
Anime film
Zeta Gundam A New Translation II: Lovers
Director Yoshiyuki Tomino
Studio Sunrise
Released October 29, 2005
Runtime 90 minutes
Anime film
Zeta Gundam A New Translation III: Love is the Pulse of the Stars
Director Yoshiyuki Tomino
Studio Sunrise
Released March 4, 2006
Runtime 99 minutes
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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (機動戦士Ζガンダム Kidō Senshi Zēta Gandamu ?) (aired 1985–1986) is a television anime, part of the Gundam series and a sequel to the original Mobile Suit Gundam. The show was created and directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, with character designs by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, while the series' mechanical designs is split amongst Kunio Okawara, Mamoru Nagano, and Kazumi Fujita. The series was originally aired by Nagoya Broadcasting Network (and its sister ANN stations), rerun on the anime satellite television network, Animax, across Japan and later its respective networks worldwide, including Southeast Asia, East Asia, and other regions.

Between 2005 to 2006, the series was reproduced and compiled into a movie trilogy, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation. Though still directed by Tomino, it involved many changes in the original storyline.


Plot summary

U.C. 0087. seven years after the end of the One Year War, the story told in Mobile Suit Gundam, a group called AEUG secretly emerges from the Earth Federation and Zeon remnants including Char Aznable, disguised as Quattro Bajeena, led by the Earth Federation Forces Brigadier General Blex Forer, is determined to fight against the elite taskforce of the Earth Federation, the Titans, which is established to hunt down Zeon remnants but ruthlessly kill anyone demanding equal rights for the space citizens.

The story of Zeta Gundam begins in the view point of the civilian teenager named Kamille Bidan, whose parents are engineers working for the Earth Federation and Titans, traveling to the colony Green Noa to meet his parents and ran into trouble by hitting a Titans officer, Jerid Messa, who said his name Kamille is very feminine. AEUG task force led by Quattro launched an attack on the colony to capture the newly developed Gundam Mk-II testing in Green Noa and Kamille, with his skills and knowledge of the champion Junior Mobile Suit competition took the chance and piloted the Mk-II prepared for Jerid to fight against the attack and followed Quattro back to Argama, the mothership of AEUG. Kamille's parents were later used as hostages by Titans to force the returning of the Gundam Mk-IIs, but Jerid, without knowing the capsules contained hostages, destroyed the capsules, leading Kamille to join the AEUG to fight against Titans.

The plot mainly follows the view point of Kamille in the war, having him meet various people of all sides, including brainwashed artificial Newtypes of Titans and the giant corporation leaders of Anaheim Electronics who is secretly funding AEUG. The plot continues with several battles between AEUG and Titans and the conflict eventually became a civil war after AEUG launched a full out attack on the Earth Federation's assembly at Dakar, and Quattro revealed himself to be Char Aznable and presented evidences of Titans' tyranny including using a nerve gas called G3 on a defenseless colony. Earth Federation court soon ruled Titans to be illegal and backed up AEUG to hunt down Titans leader Jamitov Hymem.

After losing the support from the Earth Federation, Titans turned to its original enemy, the Zeon remnants, Axis Zeon, and wants to form an alliance with Axis to regain control of the Earth sphere. Axis Zeon's leader Haman Kann had a different proposal in mind, and also contacted AEUG, using the civil war of the Earth Federation at hand to politically ask for the control of Side 3, the former Zeon colonies.

Axis involvement and Jamitov's assassination by the Jupiter fleet's leader Paptimus Scirocco soon led to a battle to gain control of the Gryps colony, headquarter of the Titans, modified to be a colony laser, a type of super weapon also seen in Mobile Suit Gundam, where a full sized O'Neil Cylinder is turned into a laser. The war ended as Kamille, piloting the titular mobile suit Z Gundam, killed Paptimus in battle and AEUG's sinking the Jupitris, flagship of Paptimus and most of the Titans fleet. Having also major damage on its forces, the AEUG and Earth Federation will face the full force of Axis Zeon, which is revealed to be hidden in the asteroid Axis, renamed as Neo Zeon in the story of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.


Television series

Compilation movies

In celebration of Gundam's 25th anniversary (and also the 20th anniversary of Zeta Gundam), the 50-episode series was compiled into a movie trilogy called Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation. According to Tomino, the movies were created to fix some of the problems he identified in the television series and to bring it into a 21st century context for a new generation now experiencing the increasingly commercialized series, such as Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. The first movie, Heirs to the Stars, opened on May 28, 2005, followed by Lovers on October 29, 2005, and Love is the Pulse of the Stars on March 6, 2006. The compilations digitally remastered the television series of Zeta Gundam with new footage. Around 33% of "Heir to the Stars" was remastered footage, with 70% for "Lovers" and almost 80% for "Love is the Pulse of the Stars". However, several major plot events from the TV series were either edited or removed to allow the films to flow more smoothly, unlike Tomino's previous Gundam film compilations. Likewise, the fate of some characters in the television version were entirely changed, notably Kamille's — in the original, his final battle renders him into a vegetative state, while he remains physically and mentally fit by the end of movie trilogy. In addition, mobile suits belonging to the Gundam timeline, but designed after the television broadcast of Zeta Gundam, were also placed into the movies.

North American release

In 2004, after almost 2 years of delays and failed television and merchandising deals, Bandai released a limited edition Zeta Gundam boxset with dubbed English and original Japanese audio tracks. The English dub was done by Blue Water Studios based in Calgary.

Due to Bandai not having rights to the theme songs outside of Asia, the opening and closing sequences were altered. The English subtitles were criticized as inaccurate and appear to be based on the script for the English dub, rather than a direct translation of the original Japanese script. Bandai corrected the subtitles to a properly translated version for later DVD releases in 5 cases with 2 discs each. The box-set includes pencil sharpener collectibles and a 48-page booklet and poster. Each DVD in the Bandai Region 2 release contains five episodes.

In 2006, Bandai Entertainment acquired the rights to the US release of the "A New Translation" movie trilogy, currently pending release.


See also

  • Kidou Senshi Z-Gundam: Hot Scramble, a part-FPS part-platformer Famicom game based on the series was the first console Gundam game.


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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is the 1983 sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam both mecha anime directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino and produced by Sunrise. In Zeta the Anti-Earth Union Group and the Karaba wage war against the Titans, a brutal Federation task force.


Char: I would like to start by asking the forgiveness of the assembly members and all Federation citizens. We mean no disrespect by taking over this meeting. I am Lieutenant Quattro Bajeena of the Anti-Earth Union Group. There is one more thing I must disclose before I say what I came to say. I have another name. I am also the man who was known as Char Aznable. I have come to you today as someone who carries within him the true aspirations of Zeon. Do not think of me as Char of the Principality of Zeon, but rather as the son of Zeon Deikun. Zeon Deikun’s legacy has nothing to do with the evils and hatred of the Zabi family. Zeon Deikun did not build the principality of Zeon! When one sees how the Titans do as they please with the Earth Federation Forces it becomes apparent that they are more depraved then the Zabi family ever was! Humanity went to space so that the planet would not collapse under the weight of the people on it. Once there, they flourished, expanding their living space as they built more colonies on their own! Unfortunately, their success filled them with hubris and dreams of glory creating evils like the Zabi family! We mustn’t repeat that mistake! Why won’t people understand that moving into space will broaden their horizons!? We believe that humanity should no longer pollute the Earth! But the Titans whose souls are pulled down by gravity think only of ravaging it! Why is it so hard for people to understand? From the dawn of history, mankind has played in this cradle called “Earth.” But now, humanity must leave the nursery behind! Our infancy has come to an end! Tell me why at this turning point in our history we must fight amongst each other and further pollute the Earth? The Earth should be returned to its natural state and all of humanity must make its home in outer space! Otherwise, Earth will no longer be the planet of water. Even this very city of Dakar is slowly being engulfed by the desert. This is how exhausted the Earth is! Right now, every one of us would like to see the Earth remain alive and beautiful. If we truly feel this way then we should not cling to the Earth as parasites just to fulfill our selfish desires. The Titans have started a battle disregarding the lives at this assembly. See for yourselves the brutality of the actions they take. They place themselves above the regular Earth Federation Forces and label anyone who opposes them evil doers. But, their own arrogance is the greatest evil; they will be the ruin of humanity! Those of you who were watching the television must realize by now that this is how the Titans go about their business. I admit, it was wrong to take over this assembly, but what of the Titans who were trying to destroy it with the members still inside? Would they even destroy their own supporters?!

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