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Mobile donating refers to donating to an organization through a mobile device. The primary means for mobile donating is through SMS. Mobile donating can also refer to consumers donating their old phones to a cause for recycling and reuse of the device.


Mobile Fundraising Service Providers

Mobile donations can only be made to organizations that have live mobile fundraising campaigns. In order to launch such a campaign, an organization must partner with a provider, such as atom technologies, mGive, mCommons, Wireless Factory, Distributive Networks or MobileCause. All of these organizations work in conjunction with the Mobile Giving Foundation in order to provide mobile fundraising services, primarily to nonprofits.

Another mobile giving service provider operating in the United States is the Wireless Foundation, which powers the American Red Cross Text 2HELP campaign. From September to November 2008, this campaign raised over $190,000 to provide relief for victims of natural disasters like Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike. In doing so, the Text2HELP campaign achieved record-breaking success within the mobile fundraising industry. [1]

Mobile Giving Process

SMS Donations
Text messaging, or SMS, is the primary means of mobile giving. Cell phone users can make donations by texting a keyword to a specific short code. Keywords are determined by the fundraising organization, and usually pertain to the organization’s cause or purpose. Donation amounts are predetermined, commonly at $5, and users often have a limit of how many micro-donations they can send via sms to a single campaign in one month. After donating, users receive a confirmation text message and the donation amount is added to their monthly phone bill.

WAP Donations
Mobile giving can also occur through a mobile WAP website. Cell phone users can access WAP donation pages by sending a specific text message to a designated keyword and receiving a link to the page in response, or by navigating to the page from a referring site. Upon reaching the WAP donation page, users are prompted to enter their cell phone numbers. Donations are confirmed with a text message sent to the donor’s mobile phone, and the donation is added to the donor’s monthly phone bill.


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