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Mock may refer to:

  • Mock, California, in Inyo County
  • Shirt that employs a mock collar
  • Mock trial, imitation of a trial
  • Mock combat, staged or playful imitation of combat
  • Virtual mock, object that mimics the behavior of a real object in a controlled way
  • Mock object, simulated objects that mimics the behavior of real objects in controlled ways
  • Mock modular form, mathematical function
  • Mock-orange, genus of shrubs
  • Mock order, used informally to signify a try-out order or trial order without actual payment to see the shipping/handling charges and totals of the order. Also known as "Fake Order" or "Draft Order".

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MOCK, an adjective meaning sham, feigned, spurious, falsely imitative. As a verb it means to deride or imitate contemptuously. The derivation of O. Fr. mocquer, mod. moquer; Ital. moccare, from which the English word is adopted, is disputed. Some authorities refer it to Ger. mucken, mucksen, to growl, grumble, which is probably echoic in origin; others to a supposed Late Lat. moccare, formed from mucus - mucus, in the sense of "to wipe the nose at."

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