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Moderates for Piedmont (Moderati per il Piemonte) is a regional centrist Italian political party active in Piedmont. Its leader is Giacomo Portas (ex-FI).

It was founded in January 2006, basically by former members of Forza Italia (FI) and is part of the centre-left coalition which governs the Region and a close ally of the Democratic Party (PD). In fact, the party has four members of the Regional Council of Piedmont: Giuliano Manolino (ex-FI), Giovanni Pizzale (ex-IdV), Mauro Laus (ex-PD) and Graziella Valloggia (ex-PRC).[1]

In the 2007 municipal elections, Moderates scored 4% in both Turin and Cuneo, 8% in Grugliasco and 10% in Moncalieri. In the 2008 general election Giacomo Portas was elected to the Chamber of Deputies as independent in list of the PD in Piedmont 1 constituency[2][3], although in Piedmont 2 the party supported the List of Speaking Crickets.

In May 2008 the party formed a federation with the Italian Liberal Party.[4][5]




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