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Moderator may refer to:

In organisations:

  • Forum moderator, a person given special powers to enforce the rules on an Internet forum or newsgroup




Other uses

  • Moderator variable in statistics is a qualitative or quantitative variable that affects the direction and/or strength of the relation between dependent and independent variables
  • Neutron moderator, a medium that reduces the velocity of fast neutrons
  • Sound moderator, a suppressor, a device attached to a firearm
  • Another name for a Presenter or television host

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MODERATOR (from Lat. moderare, to impose a modus, limit), a judge or umpire, one who acts the part of mediator, and so a term used of the person chosen to be president of a meeting (as in America, of a town meeting). In academic use, the word was formerly applied to the public officer who presided over the exercises, &c., prescribed for candidates for degrees in the university schools; it is now used at Cambridge of one or two officers who are appointed each year to preside over the examination for the mathematical tripos, at Oxford of an examiner in the first public examination, known as "moderations," and at Dublin of a candidate for honours in the examination for degree of Bachelor of Arts. In the Presbyterian churches the name is applied to the minister elected to preside over ecclesiastical meetings or assemblies, as the synod, presbytery or general 1 Some authorities (of whom Tiraboschi was the first) attribute its desertion entirely to a succession of inundations, denying that it was even among the cities destroyed by Attila.

assembly (see Presbyterianism). The name was historically given to a party of people who joined together to oppose the "Regulators," another party who professed to administer justice in the Carolinas (1767-1771). Technically, the word is also used of a particular form of lamp, in which the flow of oil from the reservoir to the burner is regulated by a mechanical arrangement to which the name is applied.

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Moderator m. (genitive Moderators or Moderatoren, plural Moderatoren)

  1. moderator (mediator, chairman, web forum administrator)
  2. (TV, radio) host (US), presenter (UK)
  3. (physics) moderator (substance to decrease the speed of fast neutrons)

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