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Modern Love's Silliness
(Anime Ai no Awa Awa Awā)
Genre Romantic comedy
TV anime
Studio Gainax
Original run 19991999
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Modern Love's Silliness (アニメ愛のあわあわアワー Anime Ai no Awa Awa Awā ?, lit. Anime Love Bubble Bubble Hour) was an anime anthology series produced by Gainax, but animated by Group TAC. The series consisted of three love and relationship-related comedy segments aimed at women:

  • Ebichu Minds the House (Oruchuban Ebichu)
  • Little Women in Love (愛の若草山物語 Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari ?)
  • Here Comes Koume!! (小梅ちゃんが行く!! Koume-chan ga Iku!! ?)

Ebichu was fairly controversial for its sexual and violent content. The other two segments were much more tame and much less famous.

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