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Mole may refer to:



  • Mole (animal), a.k.a. "true moles", many mammals in the family Talpidae, found in Eurasia and North America
  • Golden moles, southern African mammals, similar to but unrelated to Talpidae moles
  • Marsupial moles, Australian mammals, similar to but unrelated to Talpidae moles

Other common meanings

  • Mole (unit), the SI unit (symbol mol) used in chemistry for the amount of a substance
  • Mole (skin marking), or melanocytic nevus, a benign tumor sometimes found on human skin appearing as a small, sometimes raised area of skin, usually with darker pigment
  • Mole (sauce), a Mexican sauce made from chili peppers, other spices, and chocolate
  • Mole (espionage), a spy who has worked his or her way into an organization or country
  • Mole (architecture), a pier, jetty, breakwater, or junction between places separated by water
  • Variant spelling of Moll (slang) in Australian






  • Chris Mole (Christopher David Mole, born 1958), UK Labour Member of Parliament
  • Fenton Mole (born 1925), American baseball player
  • Jamie Mole (born 1988), English professional footballer
  • Miff Mole, (Irving Milfred Mole, 1898–1961), American jazz trombonist and band leader
  • The Mole (MC/producer) (Jonah Mociun), underground hip hop personality


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Mole f

  1. jetty

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Heb. tinshameth (Lev 11:30), probably signifies some species of lizard (rendered in R.V., "chameleon"). In Lev 11:18, Deut 14:16, it is rendered, in Authorized Version, "swan" (R.V., "horned owl").

The Heb. holed (Lev 11:29), rendered "weasel," was probably the mole-rat. The true mole (Talpa Europoea) is not found in Palestine. The mole-rat (Spalax typhlus) "is twice the size of our mole, with no external eyes, and with only faint traces within of the rudimentary organ; no apparent ears, but, like the mole, with great internal organs of hearing; a strong, bare snout, and with large gnawing teeth; its colour a pale slate; its feet short, and provided with strong nails; its tail only rudimentary."

In Isa 2:20, this word is the rendering of two words haphar peroth, which are rendered by Gesenius "into the digging of rats", i.e., rats' holes. But these two Hebrew words ought probably to be combined into one (lahporperoth) and translated "to the moles", i.e., the rat-moles. This animal "lives in underground communities, making large subterranean chambers for its young and for storehouses, with many runs connected with them, and is decidedly partial to the loose debris among ruins and stone-heaps, where it can form its chambers with least trouble."

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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Simple English

The article about the unit of measurement is at Mole (unit)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Soricomorpha
Family: Talpidae
G. Fischer, 1814

17 genera, see text

Moles are animals found in North America, Europe and Asia. There are 12 kinds of mole all over the world. They eat insects, larvae or tiny worms.

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