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Mole Valley District
Mole Valley
Shown within Surrey
Status: District
Region: South East England
Admin. County: Surrey
- Total
Ranked 153rd
258.32 km²
Admin. HQ: Dorking
ONS code: 43UE
- Total (2008 est.)
- Density
Ranked 280th
317 / km²
Ethnicity: 97.4% White

Mole Valley District Council
Leadership: Alternative - Sec.31
Control: Conservative
MPs: Paul Beresford, Chris Grayling

Mole Valley is a local government district in Surrey, England. Its council is based in Dorking.

The district, named after the River Mole, was formed on April 1, 1974, under the Local Government Act 1972, by a merger of the urban districts of Dorking and Leatherhead and most of the Dorking and Horley Rural District. The two towns in the district are Dorking and Leatherhead. The largest villages are Ashtead, Fetcham and Great Bookham, all of which are in the northern third of the district.


Civil parishes

These are[1]



Partisan composition of Mole Valley District Council

Mole Valley District Council is usually elected by thirds: That is, approximately one-third of the members are re-elected at each election, each serving four year terms, with one year out of every four not having Council elections.

The Council was, however, re-elected whole in 2000 after wholesale boundary changes to the Wards.

Year Conservative Labour Lib Dem Independent Other
1999 17 1 16 7 0
2000 19 1 14 7 0
2002 18 1 15 3 4
2003 19 1 15 6 0
2004 19 0 17 5 0
2006 23 0 15 3 0
2007 22 0 16 3 0[2]

Party control

Environmental concerns

In May 2006, a report commissioned by British Gas [1] showed that housing in Mole Valley produced the twentieth highest average carbon emissions in the country at 6,928 kg of carbon dioxide per dwelling.

See also: Energy efficiency in British housing.

In 2008 a group of residents got together and formed The Green Mole Forum [2] with the aim of promoting sustainable development in Mole Valley both by providing a hub to help residents, and to lobby the council to undertake more sustainable policies.

Emergency services

Mole Valley is served by these emergency services:

  • Surrey Police. Dorking Police Station is the lead station in Mole Valley Division, Leatherhead Police Station is only used for minor issues now, and is only part time.
  • South East Coast Ambulance Service The district has two Ambulance Stations one in North Holmwood (1 mile south of Dorking)and the other in Leatherhead.
  • Surrey Fire & Rescue Service, The district has two Fire Stations one in North Holmwood and the other in Leatherhead.
  • Hospital, Each town has a small NHS Hospital with no A&E. They are used for outpatients and rehabilitation.
Surrey Police, Dorking Police Station



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