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Momir Savić (born 21 January 1951, Drinsko, Višegrad) is a Bosnian Serb paramilitary commander, a bricklayer by trade, indicted for war crimes committed in the Višegrad region of eastern Bosnia during the Bosnian War.[1]

Savić was accused primarily of persecution of the Bosniak civilian population on political, national, ethnic and religious grounds while serving initially as a member of a paramilitary unit at the time when the Užice Corps of the former JNA launched its operations, , and later as commander of the 3rd Company of the Višegrad Brigade of the Army of Republika Srpska between April and September 1992. According to the indictment, he committed these crimes by commanding, committing and participating with other individuals in murder, forced deportation, imprisonment, torture and rape. He was accused of neither standing in the way of nor sanctioning those under his command.[2] [3]

Inter alia, on 29 April 1992, in the village of Meremišlje, in a group with several Serb soldiers, he took part in the interrogation and beating of 4 Bosniak civilians and the plundering and burning down of the houses of 2 Bosniak civilians. On 23 May 1992, in the settlement of Drinsko, again with several other Serb soldiers, he took 10 Bosniak civilians out of their houses; afterwards they were interrogated, beaten up and taken to “Kik” hill, in the “Pušni Do” forest and killed using firearms. On 25 May 1992, he and other Serb soldiers took part the beating up of captured Bosniak civilians and when when one civilian tried to run away, shot and killed him. Between 7 June and late September 1992, he often went to the house of a Bosniak woman, fully armed, and raped her, threatening that she must not tell anyone.

He was charged with crimes against humanity under Article 172(1)(h) (persecution) of the Criminal Code of BiH (CC BiH) involving the following: a) Depriving another person of his life (murder), d) Deportation or forcible transfer of population, e) Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law, f) Torture, g) Coercing another by force or by threat of immediate attack upon his life or limb, or the life or limb of a person close to him, to sexual intercourse or an equivalent sexual act (rape), i) Enforced disappearance of persons, k) Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to physical or mental health. all in conjunction with Article 180(1)(2) (individual and command criminal responsibility) of the CC BiH.

Savić pleaded not guilty. The trial commenced on 12 August 2008 and on 2 July 2009 the Court pronounced the first-instance verdict, finding Savić guilty of crimes against humanity, and sentenced him to 18 years of imprisonment.

The session of the Appellate panel of the Section I for War Crimes of the Court was held on 19 February 2010. [4][5]




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