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The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia and the surrounding area

The Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia was a state formed in the Middle Ages by Armenian refugees, who were fleeing the Seljuk invasion of Armenia.[1] It was initially founded by the Rubenian dynasty, an offshoot of the larger Bagratid family that at various times held the thrones of Armenia and Georgia. While the Rubenian rulers were initially regional princes, their close ties with the Western world after the First Crusade saw the principality recognised as a kingdom under Leo I by the Holy Roman Empire in 1198.[2 ] The Rubenid dynasty fell in 1252 after the death of the last Rubenid monarch Queen Isabella, and her husband Hethum I became sole ruler, beginning the Hethumid dynasty. After the death of Leo IV in 1341 his cousin Guy du Lusignan was elected to replace him as Constantine II, the first king of the Lusignan dynasty. The kingdom fell at the beginning of Leo V's reign to the Mamluks,[3] and henceforth rulers were only claimants to the throne. After Charlotte of Cyprus ceded the throne to the House of Savoy in 1485[4], the title fell out of use until after 1861.

Hethum I (seated figure) first king of the Hethumid dynasty
Leo IV, the last king of the Hethumid dynasty
Name Period of rule Status Dynasty
Ruben I 1080–1095 Prince Rubenids
Constantine I 1095–1102 Prince Rubenids
Thoros I 1102–1129 Prince Rubenids
Constantine II 1129 Prince Rubenids
Leo I 1129–1140 Prince Rubenids
Thoros II 1140–1169 Prince Rubenids
Ruben II 1169–1170 Prince Rubenids
Mleh 1170–1175 Prince Rubenids
Ruben III 1175–1187 Prince Rubenids
Leo I 1187–1219 Prince, then King Rubenids
Isabella 1219–1252 Queen and co-ruler Rubenids
Hethum I 1226–1270 King and co-ruler Hethumids
Leo II 1270–1289 King Hethumids
Hethum II 1289–1293 1294–1297 1299–1307 King, then co-ruler Hethumids
Thoros III 1293–1298 King, then co-ruler Hethumids
Sempad 1297–1299 King Hethumids
Constantine I 1299 King Hethumids
Leo III 1301–1307 King, then co-ruler Hethumids
Oshin 1307–1320 King Hethumids
Oshin of Korikos 1320–1329 Regent Hethumids
Leo IV 1320–1341 King Hethumids
Constantine II 1342–1344 King Lusignan
Constantine III 1344–1362 King Lusignan
Constantine IV 1362–1373 King Lusignan
Leo V 1374–1393 King, then claimant Lusignan
James I 1396–1398 Claimant Lusignan
Janus 1398–1432 Claimant Lusignan
John 1432–1458 Claimant Lusignan
Charlotte 1458–1467 Claimant Lusignan
Title passes to the House of Savoy


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