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Genre Family
TV anime
Monchhichi Twins
Director Hiroshi Jinsenji
Studio Ashi Productions
Network TV Tokyo
Original run February 4, 1980August 1, 1980
Episodes 130
TV anime
Network Television Saitama
Original run January 4, 2005 – ongoing
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Monchhichi (モンチッチ Monchitchi ?) is a Japanese animated series (known as Futago no Monchhichi in Japan), whose American version was produced by Hanna-Barbera. The cartoon series premiered, in the United States, on ABC on September 10, 1983.

The show's characters were based on an exported line of toys licensed by the American company Mattel, who co-produced the Monchhichis series.



The Monchhichi franchise is Japanese and held by the Sekiguchi Corporation, a famous doll company, located in Tokyo, Japan. Monchhichi was created by Koichi Sekiguchi on January 25, 1974. Sekiguchi claims he has created this character in order to inspire respect and love in the young (Japanese) children and adults.

The doll was successful in Japan, and the animated TV series, Futago no Monchhichi (ふたごのモンチッチ, Monchhichi Twins) which ran in 1980, helped increase its popularity even more.

Exportation of the doll line started in 1975, toward West Germany and Australia. The following years would see the Monchhichi line marketed in all of Western Europe. The original name was changed to "Chicaboo" in the United Kingdom, to "Mon Cicci" in Italy and to "Kiki" in France.

The Monchhichi doll line reached the North American shores in 1979. Mattel bought the license for both the toy line and the TV series, localized as Monchhichis. As recently as January 2010, Monchhichis are still available in the United States from retailers such as Target.

Monchhichis were monkey-like creatures who lived in the forest land of Monchia at the very top of tall trees well above the clouds. The tribe's leader, Wizzar, was a magical wizard who could make up spells and potions to defeat their enemy, the evil Grumplins of Grumplor.

The show didn’t catch on as well as Hanna-Barbera’s other little critter shows like The Smurfs and Snorks. The show aired for just one season on ABC’s Saturday morning lineup.

Queens-bred rapper's artist name Pharoahe Monch is derived from the Monchhichis. After receiving a bad haircut, which left Monch looking like a "chimpanzee", girls in Monch's class at the High School of Art and Design began calling him "Monchhichi", which was later shortened to "Monch".

Voice cast


U.S. voice cast

Japanese voice cast

Production Credits

  • Executive Producers: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
  • Producer: George Singer
  • Story Editors: Dick Robbins, Bryce Malek
  • Supervising Director: Ray Patterson
  • Directors: Oscar Dufau, George Gordon, Carl Urbano, John Walker, Rudy Zamora
  • Assistant Directors: Bob Goe, Bill Hutten, Tony Love, Don Lusk, Ann Tucker
  • Story Direction: Cosmo Anzilotti, Chad, Jeff Hall, Gary Hoffman, Emilie Kong, Alex Mann, Bill Tollis, Tom Yakutis
  • Recording Director: Gordon Hunt
  • Animation Casting Director: Ginny McSwain
  • Voices: Robert Arbogast, Peter Cullen, Laurie Faso, Ellen Gerstell, Gary Goren, Hettie Lynne Hurtes, Laurie Main, Joe Medalis, Sidney Miller, Bobby Morse, Frank Nelson, Laurel Page, Hank Saroyan, Rick Segall, Frank Welker, Bill Woodson
  • Graphics: Iraj Paran, Tom Wogatzke
  • Title: Bill Perez
  • Musical Director: Hoyt Curtin
  • Musical Supervisor: Paul DeKorte
  • Creative Producer: Iwao Takamoto
  • Design Supervisor: Bob Singer
  • Character Design: Sandra Berez, Ronald Evans
  • Layout Supervisor: Margaret Parkes
  • Layout: Nancy Avery, Christopher Boyer, Mark Hubley, D. T. La Vercombe, Phil Normand, Shan Price, Rick Rouse, James Wahlberg
  • Animation Supervisors: Don Patterson, Roger Chiasson, Sean Newton, Don Spencer
  • Background Styling: Al Gmuer, Dennis Durrell, Dennis Venizelos
  • Sound Direction: Alvy Dorman, Phil Flad
  • Camera: Bob Marples
  • Supervising Film Editor: Larry C. Cowan
  • Dubbing Supervisor: Pat Foley
  • Music Editor: Cecil Broughton
  • Effects Editors: Michael Bradley, David Cowan, Jerry Winicki
  • Show Editor: Gil Iverson
  • Negative Consultant: William E. DeBoer
  • Post Production Supervisor: Joed Eaton
  • Production Coordinator: Peter Aries
  • Production Manager: James Wang
  • Production Assistant: Robin Carmichael
  • Executives in Charge of Production: Jayne Barbera and Jean MacCurdy
  • Supervising Executive: Margaret Loesch
  • Characters (c) 1983 Sekiguchi Co. Ltd. and Mattel, Inc.
  • "Monchhichis" and other related characters are trademarks of Sekiguchi Co., Ltd. Used with permission.
  • (c) 1983 Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

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