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Monica's Gang Teen
Monica's gang teen.png
Portuguese cover of Monica Teen's first issue
(Turma da Mônica Jovem)
Genre Adventure, Action, Romance, Comedy, Japanese Fiction
Author Mauricio de Sousa
Alice Keiko Takeda
Publisher Brazil Planet Manga
Japan Shogakukan
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Brazil Anime Do
Japan Ciao
Original run August 2008 – ongoing
Volumes 13
Monica's Gang Teen: vol. ZERO
Author Mauricio de Sousa
Alice Keiko Takeda
Publisher Brazil Planet Manga
Japan Shogakukan
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Brazil Anime Do
Japan Ciao
Published January 2009
Volumes 1
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Monica Teen's logotype

Monica's Gang Teen (Turma da Mônica Jovem / モニカのギャングティーン Monika no Gyangu Tīn) is the Japanese-Brazilian comic-manga created by Mauricio de Sousa and spouse Alice Keiko Takeda. The series features Monica, Jimmy Five, Smudge, Maggy and all their friends aging 15 years old. The première was in August 2008 in Brazil.



Plots are centered on the adventures of the now teenager gang. The plot is much more fantasious and filled with action than the kids-aimed comic strips. Typical elements of the teenage life, like love, school, friends, nightclubs and parents are present in the stories.


Main Characters

  • Monica (jp:モニカ Monika, pt:Mônica): Still strong, but she's thinner now. She's on a diet since she was 12. And now, she might have a little crush on an old friend...
  • Jimmy (jp: ジミー Jimī, pt:Cebola): Doesn't have only five strands of hair, and now he can speak the r letter, though he still exchanges it for the w letter (l letter in Brazil) when nervous, embarrassed, or next to girls. He got a site and is very into computers and technology. His nickname was Jimmy Five (jp:ジミーファイブ Jimī Faibu, pt:Cebolinha):
  • Smudge (jp: シドニー Shidonī, pt:Cascão): Still very active and sports-addicted, now he takes a bath every once in a while, but just because of his girlfriend. He's the star of the school soccer team.
  • Maggy (jp:マギー Magī, pt:Magali): The superhuman appetite she always had is now controlled and now she prefers healthful food, but she may not resist to a tentation sometimes. And now, she got a crush in her science teacher.

Others Characters

  • Franklin (Franjinha - フランク Furanku) - It's the intelligent boy of gang. Your girlfriend is Marina and work in the Limelights History Museum, helping the teacher Ferdinand. His nickname was Franklin (フランクリン Furankurin).
  • Angelos (Ângelo アンゲロス - Angerosu) - Helps the teacher Ferdinand to locate and collect the mystical artifacts. Their wings are larger. He has the Divine Reach Sword (ディバインリーチソード - Dibain Rīchi Sōdo). His nickname is SkyBoy (スカイボーイ - Sukai Bōi) and then changes to Angelos. Its former name was Angel (Anjinho エンゼル - Enzeru).
  • Blu (Bidu - ブルー Burū) - Frank's dog.
  • Vanilla (Mingau - バニラ Banira) - Maggy's cat.
  • Mary Angela (Maria Cebolinha - メアリーアンジェラ Mearī Anjiera) - It's no more a baby, but a girl of ten years very cute and conscientious and loves the teen life. Loves (and to annoy) his brother Jimmy and are in love by Smudge.
  • Marina (Marina - マリーナ Marīna) - Frank's girlfriend, remains always the same designer, is a great friend of Dustine and Denise and been practicing karate.
  • Junior (Dudu - ジュニアJuniā) - Are in growth phase and, like always, seems to be resembling Maggy and a little greedy. It's a skate practitioner.
  • Sunny (Xaveco - サニー Sanī) - Friend of Monica's Gang, he always been a secondary character and don't like of to be.
  • Jeremiah (Jeremias - エレミヤ書 Eremiyashō) - Is the single black boy and is friend of Monica's Gang.
  • Nick Nope (Do Contra - ニックノープ Nikku Nōpu) - When he was a child, did things in reverse. When he grew up, likes rock and is the brother of Nimbus.
  • Doreen (Dorinha - ドリーン Dorīn) - She is a special girl, that is, she is blind and likes to be very fashion.
  • Dustine (Cascuda - デスティニー Desutinī) - No more marks on his face, still has a relationship with Smudge. It's a great friend of Denise and Marina.
  • Carmen (Carmem - カルメン Karumen) - Remains the same and was characterized as 'girly girl' by Black Dust. She loves to enjoy the life with the her best friend Denise. The rivality of Carmen and Monica, has been to the "space" (though rarely appears some intrigues).Now the two are close friends.
  • Denise (Denise - デニス Denisu) - It's now a beautiful girl. It has the same cocky and rebel way of acting and is great friend of Marina and Dustine. Continues its way "destroyer of morals". It's also accompanied by his old friend, Carmen.
  • Luke (Luca - ルーク Rūku) - It's a special boy, like Doreen, is in a wheelchair and his favorite sport is basketball.
  • Todd/Toddy (Quim/Quinzinho - トッド/トディ Toddo/Todi) - Maggy's boyfriend.
  • Bucky (Titi - バッキー Bakkī) - He is handsome, tall, strong and like of sports and the girls always admired he for to be popular. Don't liked of Isabel and they returned for loving.
  • Nimbus (Nimbus - ニンバス Ninbasu) - It's Nick Nope's brother and the magic practitioner.
  • Isabel (Aninha - イザベル Izaberu) - Bucky's girlfriend, she is beautiful and very jealous and is a cheerleader.

Minor Characters

Others characters in the sagas:

The Four Magical Dimensions

  • Vanda / Valerie (Vanda / Valéria - バンダ / バレリー Banda / Barerī) - They are twin sisters and always confuse because they are equals.
  • Boreas, Zephyrus, Eurus and Notus (Bóreas, Zephyrus, Eurus e Notus - ボレアス, ゼピュロス, エウロスとノトス Boreasu, Zepyurosu, Eurosu to Notosu) - The avatars have their names drawn from the gods. They are the Guardians of the Mystical Artifacts (Fantastic Cube, Great Jewel, Saturn Disk and Neptune Cylinder) used by the Emperor Heroes to defeat Yuka.
  • Blog (Bloguinho - ブログ Burogu) - Old friend of Gang, now Guardian of Magic Dimension of Tobor, known as Cyber Master. It's not known how he ended up in this dimension.
  • Computer (Computador - コンピュータ Konpyūta) - Commander Bubbly's assistant.
  • Mr. Ferdinand (Professor Falconi - フェルディナンド先生 Ferudeinando-sensei) - Is the teacher of History what appears in the museum.
  • The Heroes of the Emperor - (Os Heróis do Imperador - 天皇の英雄 Tennō no Eiyū) - They are the ancestors of Monica's mother (Louise) and Maggy (Emily) and the Jimmy's Father(Mr. Five) and Smudge (Arnold). 400 years ago, when they were meeting in secret by the Emperor of Japan (Imperador do Japão - 日本の天皇 Nippon no Tennō) and became known as the Heroes of the Emperor. Outside the Emperor, all came from different parts of Europe: Monsieur Arnold, France, Sir Five, England; Señorita Emily, Spain and Miss Luisa, Portugal. However, the responsibility each generation passes from generation to generation, the memories of the previous generation are erased.
  • Captain Flay / Black Dust (Capitão Feio / Poeira Negra - キャプテンフレイ/ブラックダスト Kyaputen Furei/Burakku Dasuto) - Keep up the cruel and despicable villain has always been, but with a ponytail, visual mobster and more powerful. Black Dust still wants to dominate the world, and even replaced the Human Sewage by Dust Monsters, which he invokes through his Ofudas. Lost the battle for Monica and her friends.
  • Yuka (Yuka - 由佳 Yuka) - An eastern sorceress, is powerful and wicked, also it's the queen of Magical Four Dimensions. Was imprisoned by the Heroes of the Emperor and was again freed by Black Dust. Monica and your friends had to embark on a journey by Four Dimensions to defeat it. Was turned to stone in Edom because of an Ofuda that Black Dust placed on their backs to steal their powers.

The Adventures of the Day-to-Day

  • Irene (Irene - アイリーン Airīn) - It's friend of Jimmy, enough to studying English in their home, causing jealousy in Monica. But Jimmy says that Irene is just a friend.
  • Mr. Robert (Professor Rubens - ロバート先生 Robāto-sensei) - Is the teacher of Sciences. Maggy has a crush for him.
  • Fluffy (Floquinho - ふわふわ Fuwa Fuwa) - Jimmy's dog.

The Brightness of a Pulsar

  • Commander Bubbly (Comandante Astronauta - 司令官バブブライ Shireikan Babuburai) - It ´s the commander of the Space Cruiser Hoshi, and having as helpers Lieutenant Charlene (Charlene) and Ensign Specs (Specs). In the end, Monica describes him as someone who always sees things the downside, and that despite being hard and cold, is a good person.
  • Lieutenant Charlene (Tenente Xabéu - 中尉シャーリーン Chūi Shārīn) - The sister of Sunny now is Bubbly's assistant, and helps the hero to hold intergalactic evildoers. She flirts with Jimmy, causing much anger in Monica. But she discovers that tastes like Commander Bubbly.
  • Ensign Specs (Alferes Zé Luís - 少尉スペクース Shōi Supekusu) - The assistant commander of the Bubbly, along with Charlene. Always on your laptop, has few but important interests, giving information to the Commander Bubbly and the rest of the gang.
  • Lord Kamen (Lorde Kamen - 主仮面 Shu Kamen) - Princess Usagi Mimi's mysterious adversary.
  • Robot (Robô - ロボットくん Robotto-kun) - He is a very rare robot series Pulsar, was built in the Empire Karoton, and fell in love with warrior princess and future empress: Usagi Mimi. Mimi despised him for his mission was to protect her and she didn't want that, it had to be and appear to be under, so she told him to go to the furthest point from the empire and never return. It comes back to him.
  • Princess Usagi Mimi - (Princesa Usagi Mimi - うさぎミミ姫 Usagi Mimi-hime) - A princess who wants to be an empress, but it must overcome the resilient Monica and then the mysterious Lord Kamen and kisses the Robot.

The Perfect Prince

  • Mr. George (Professor Jorge - ジョージ先生 Jōji-sensei) - Is the teacher of Arts.
  • Tony/Mark Anthony/Sonny (Toni/Marco Antônio/Tonhão - トニー/マークアンソニー/ソニーー Tonī/Māku Ansonī/Sonī) - He appears in the saga The Perfect Prince, Monica knows by chance. It's beautiful, romantic and good at sports. Jimmy was jealous when he arrived. He also discovers that he was Sonny, the boy who caught it. Avenged of Monica, deceived everybody, the plan was discovered and Monica hit him.

Count Me!

  • Cleopatra Lyon (Cléopatra Esfíngia - クレオパトラリヨン Kureopatora Riyon) - The hostess of a program called Decipher Me or I'll Devour You. Her fans call her Cleo. She also is the authoress of some cookbooks.

To Be or not To Be?

  • Mr. Attila/Trainer (Professor Átila/Treinador - アッティラ先生/トレーナー Atteira-sensei/Torenā - Is the teacher of Physical education.
  • Mein Freud/Meine Freudin (Mein Freud/Meine Freudin - メイフロイト/メイフロワ Mei Furoito / Mei Furowa) - It's a woman and a man who see the Smudge's qualities to be able to use them at your robots of School Geminoid.

The Master of the World

  • Ms. Mary Jane (Professora Ana Paula - メアリージェーン先生 - Mearī Jēn-sensei) - Is the teacher of Computer science. In this saga, she shows that she is Lucille.
  • Lucille (Lucília - ルシル Rushiru) - She appears in the saga The Master of the World like Jimmy's companion in game, but is revealed that she is Ms. Mary Jane.
  • Glu (Bugu - グル Guru) - He is the Guardian of the Tower of online game World of Animecraft (アニメクラフトの世界 Animekurafuto no Sekai).

Monsters of the ID

  • Akanin (Akanin - アカニン Akanin) - Is the Monica's ID. our name, in Japanese, means red people and is The Master of Revenge and Anger (O Mestre da Vingança e da Raiva - 復讐と怒りのマスター Fukushū to Ikari no Masutā).
  • Mr. Newton/Nutty Ned (Professor Licurgo/Louco - ニュートン先生/ナットネッド Nyūton-sensei/Natto Neddo) - Is the teacher of Monica's gang.
  • Soranin (Soranin - そらニン Soranin) - Is the Jimmy's ID and is known like The Master of the Lies (O Mestre das Mentiras - 偽りのマスター Itsuwari no Masutā). Your name, in Japanese, means sky people. He is the main weapon of the plans of Doctor Bikkuri.

Appears in the saga Monsters of the ID.

  • Kainin (Kainin - カイニン Kainin) - Is the Smudge's ID and it is very shy and has afraid of the invasion of IDs. Appears in the saga Monsters of the ID. Your name, in Japanese, means shell people. It´s known like The Master of Fear (O Mestre do Medo - 恐怖のマスター Kyōfu no Masutā).
  • Maggy ID (Magali ID - マギー自我 Magī Jiga) - Is the waitress of the cafe of the Monsters of the ID. It's Maggy's ID. Lost the form of monster when Maggy stopped eating fatty foods. He tries to convince her to come back to eat fatty foods, but Maggy said that she never to eat these tasty things, if she hadn't the monster of the ID, Maggy would be very unhappy.
  • Doctor Bikkuri - (Doutor Bikkuri - びっくり医師 Bikkuri-ishi) - Mysterious villain who has the power to free other monsters of the ID and has like Soranin your main weapon of the plans. Your name, in Japanese, means scare. It appears that he is the ID of Mr. Newton.

Appears a Star

  • Star Stars (Star Stars - スタースターズ Sutā Sutāzu) - It's a band made up of four girls: Christine, Marian, Pamela and Natalie (Cristina, Michele, Paloma e Nátalia - クリスティーヌ、マリアン、パメラとナタリー Kurisutīnu, Marian, Pamera to Natarī). Christine is the leader and Marian, Pamela and Natalie are members. Maggy was part of that band until she said she will leave the Stars Stars. The producer sent tell her about something else, but she says she read the contract and that she not signed the pro contract, so could give up! Christine says she was brave! Then everyone will talk with Maggy and congratulate her.
  • The Producer (O Produtor - プロデューサー Purodeyūsā) - It's the entrepreneur of the Star Stars and it's very demanding, conceited, arrogant and wicked.

The parents

  • Mr. David and Mrs. Louise (Seu Sousa e Dona Luísa - デビッドさんとルイーズ夫人 - Debiddo-san to Ruīzu-fujin) - Monica's parents.
  • Mr. Five and Mrs. Five (Seu Cebola e Dona Cebola - ファイブさんとファイブ夫人 - Faibu-san to Faibu-fujin) - Jimmy's parents.
  • Mr. Arnold and Mrs. Helen (Seu Antenor e Dona Lurdes - アーノルドさんとヘレン夫人 -Anorudo-san to Heren-fujin) - Smudge's parents.
  • Mr. Charles and Mrs. Emily - (Seu Carlito e Dona Lili - チャールズさんとエミリー夫人 - Chāruzu-san to Emirī-fujin) - Maggy's parents.

The Camp Happy Lemon

  • Nereid - Iara - (ネレイド - Nereido) - She is the monitor of Camp Happy Lemon, has purple and long hair, and leaves Jimmy has a crush on her and Monica becomes with jealous. She is the older twin sister of Naiad and is good. She's a mermaid mutated by river's pollution, so she was born with two legs instead of a fish tail.
  • Naiad - Náiade - (ナーイアス - Nāiasu) - She is a mermaid and sang a beautiful melody to attract the boys of camp. But Monica, Maggy and Nereid to prevented her from doing so why think humans will pollute the creek where she lives. Nereid said they aren't evil and doesn't support land girls. She is the younger twin sister of Nereid and is misunderstood.


The Four Magical Dimensions (As 4 Dimensões Mágicas) 4の魔法の寸法 (Shi no Mahou no Sunpou)

  1. They Grew! (Eles cresceram!) - 彼らは育った! (Karera ha Sodatta!)
  2. The Next Adventure! (A Aventura Continua!) 次の冒険 (Tsugi no Bōken!)
  3. New Challenges! (Novos Desafios!) 新たな課題 (Arata na Kadai!)
  4. Strong Emotions... (Fortes Emoções...) 強い感情... (Tsuyoi Kanjō...)

The Adventures of the Day-to-Day (As Aventuras do Dia-a-Dia) 冒険の日のための日 (Bouken no Nichi Notameno Nichi)

  1. The Adventures of the Day-to-Day (As Aventuras do Dia-a-Dia) 冒険の日のための日 (Bouken no Nichi Notameno Nichi)

The Brightness of a Pulsar (O Brilho de um Pulsar) パルサーの明るさ (Parusā no Akarusa)

  1. The Brightness of a Pulsar: Part 1 (O Brilho de um Pulsar: Parte 1) パルサーの明るさ - パート1 (Parusā no Akarusa - Pāto Ichi)
  2. The Brightness of a Pulsar: Part 2 (O Brilho de um Pulsar: Parte 2) パルサーの明るさ - パート2 (Parusā no Akarusa - Pāto Ni)
  3. The Brightness of a Pulsar: Part 3 (O Brilho de um Pulsar: Parte 3) パルサーの明るさ - パート3 (Parusā no Akarusa - Pāto San)

Complete Adventures (Aventuras Completas) 完全な冒険 (Kanzen na Bouken)

  1. The Perfect Prince (O Príncipe Perfeito) パーフェクトプリンス (Pāfekuto Purinsu)
  2. Count Me! (Conta Comigo!) 私にカウント! (Watashi ni Kaunto!)

To Be or Not to Be? (Ser ou Não Ser) たりしないようにするには? (Tari Shinai Youni Suru Ni Ha?)

  1. To Be or Not to Be?: Part 1 (Ser ou não Ser?: Parte 1) たりしないようにするには? - パート1 (Tari Shinai Youni Suru Ni Ha? - Pāto Ichi)
  2. To Be or Not to Be?: Part 2 (Ser ou Não Ser?: Parte 2) たりしないようにするには? - パート2 (Tari Shinai Youni Suru Ni Ha? - Pāto Ni)

The Master of the World (O Dono do Mundo) 世界のマスター (Sekai no Masutā)

  1. The Master of the World: Part 1 (O Dono do Mundo: Parte 1) 世界のマスター - パート2 (Sekai no Masutā - Pāto Ichi)
  2. The Master of the World: Part 2 (O Dono do Mundo: Parte 2) 世界のマスター - パート2 (Sekai no Masutā - Pāto Ni)

Monsters of the ID (Monstros de ID) 自我のモンスター (Jiga no Monsutā)

  1. Monsters of the ID - Part 1 (Monstros do ID - Parte 1) 自我のモンスター - パート1 (Jiga no Monsutā - Pāto Ichi)
  2. Monsters of the ID - Part 2 (Monstros do ID - Parte 2) 自我のモンスター - パート2 (Jiga no Monsutā - Pāto Ni)
  3. Monsters of the ID - Part 3 (Monstros do ID - Parte 3) 自我のモンスター - パート3 (Jiga no Monsutā - Pāto San)

Appears a Star (Surge Uma Estrela) 表示されるスター (Hyōjisareru Sutā)

  1. Appears a Star - Part 1 at 2 (Surge Uma Estrela - Parte 1 de 2) 表示されるスター - パート1で2 (Hyōjisareru Sutā - Pāto Ichi de Ni)
  2. Appears a Star - Part 2 at 2 (Surge Uma Estrela - Parte 2 de 2) 表示されるスター - パート2で2 (Hyōjisareru Sutā - Pāto Ni de Ni)

A Day of Agitation - Complete Story (Um Dia de Agito - História Completa) 興奮の日 - 完全な物語 (Kōfun no Hi - Kanzen na Monogatari)

  1. A Day of Agitation - (Um Dia de Agito) - 興奮の日 - (Kōfun no Hi)

The Secret of Camp (O Segredo do Acampamento) キャンプの秘密 - (Kyanpu no Himitsu)

  1. The Secret of Camp (O Segredo do Acampamento) キャンプの秘密 - (Kyanpu no Himitsu)

Monica's Gang Teen in other languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese/European Portuguese - Turma da Mônica Jovem
  • Bulgarian - Моника и си банда млади - (Monika i si Banda Mladi)
  • Castilian Spanish/Latin Spanish - Mónica y su Pandilla Joven
  • Catalan - Mònica i la seva Colla Jove
  • Chinese - 莫尼卡的鋼青少年 - (Mòníkǎ de Gāng Qīngshàonián)
  • Croatian - Monica i tvoj Banda Mlad
  • Danish - Monica og din Bande Ung
  • Dutch - Bende van Monica Tiener
  • Finnish - Monica ja Nuoren Jengi
  • French/Canadian French - Monica et votre Bande Jeune
  • German - Monika und ihre Freunde Teen
  • Greek - Μόνικα και η συμμορία εφήβων - (Mónika kai i Symmoría Efívon)
  • Hungarian - Monica és a Banda Tizenéves
  • Indonesian - Monika dan Kawan Kawan Remaja
  • Italian - La Banda di Monica Giovani
  • Korean - 모니카와 친구들이 청소년 - (Monika wa Chingudeul i Cheongsonyeon)
  • Norwegian - Monica og din Gjeng Unge
  • Polish - 'Monica i twój Gang Nastolatków
  • Russian - Моника и его молодая шайка - (Monika i yego Molodaya Shaĭka)
  • Swedish - Gäng av Monica Tonåring
  • Turkish - Monica ve senin Çete Genç

Back covers of issues

  • Number 1 - Monica and Jimmy - Mônica e Cebola
  • Number 2 - Maggy and Smudge - Magali e Cascão
  • Number 3 - Marina and Frank - Marina e Franja
  • Number 4 - Commander Bubbly and Denise - Comandante Astronauta e Denise
  • Number 5 - Angelos - Ângelo
  • Number 6 - Carmen and Bucky - Carmem e Titi
  • Number 7 - Vanda and Valerie - Vanda e Valéria
  • Number 8 - Princess Usagi Mimi and her Dad - Princesa Usagi Mimi e seu Pai
  • Number 9 - Dustine and Nimbus - Cascuda e Nimbus
  • Number 10 - Nick Nope - Do Contra
  • Number 11 - Isabel and Todd - Aninha e Quim
  • Number 12 - Junior and Doreen - Dudu e Dorinha
  • Number 13 - Glu and Blu - Bugu e Bidu
  • Number 14 - Mary Angela and Sunny - Maria Cebolinha e Xaveco
  • Number 15 - Bug-a-Boo and Vic Vampire - Penadinho e Zé Vampir
  • Number 16 - Doctor Bikkuri and Mr. Newton - Dr. Bikkuri e Professor Licurgo
  • Number 17 - Lieutenant Charlene and Blog - Tenente Xabéu e Bloguinho
  • Number 18 - Jeremiah and Lucille - Jeremias e Lucília
  • Number 19 - Yuka and Black Dust - Yuka e Poeira Negra
  • Number 20 - Mr. David and Mrs. Louise - Seu Sousa e Dona Luísa


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