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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Flash Comics # 64
(April-May 1945)
Created by Gardner Fox
Joe Kubert
In-story information
Alter ego Jonathan Cheval
Team affiliations Secret Society of Super Villains
Abilities Mystical powers from an eye piece.

Monocle is a DC Comics supervillain and a recurring foe to Hawkman. He first appeared in Flash Comics #64 (April-May 1945): "The Man with the Magic Monocles".


Character history

Jonathan Cheval is an honest businessman in the field of optics; however due to the scheming of a criminal he loses his business. Determined to get revenge on the people that cheated him, Cheval invents a number of monocles that can emit beams of energy. He is eventually captured by the Golden Age Hawkman.

Decades later, after being released from prison, he is invited by the Ultra-Humanite to join his Secret Society of Super Villains which battles Hawkman along with the rest of the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America. He along with his colleagues are defeated and banished into an interdimensional limbo until the Ultra from 1942 contacts his future counterpart, enlisting the aid of all criminals then present in limbo. Monocle briefly resides once more in 1942 until he and his allies are defeated once again, this time at the hands of the All-Star Squadron.

Monocle joins up with a new version of the Secret society in JLA-80 Page Giant #1 (1998), but judging from the story's end, this entire adventure is a tall tale told between two other supervillains; Sonar II and the Rainbow Raider.

Monocle appears with Merlyn and other various villains and ex-Suicide Squad members in the mini-series Identity Crisis (2004). Though his appearance in Identity Crisis sets him up for the big time, he is killed by the most recent Manhunter (Kate Spencer) in Manhunter # 9 (June 2005).

In Blackest Night #1 it is revealed that Monocle's remains were gathered by the Justice League along with the remains of several other deceased super-villains after Nightwing found out about a rash of graverobbings.

Powers and abilities

The Monocle created a number of special monocles that emit different types of rays or beams. For example, one fires a destructive ray, another emits a laser like beam capable of cutting through most materials, and yet another emits an intense beam of white light capable of blinding an opponent. The monocles can be operated either when being held by Monocle or remotely, though Monocle tends to use them most often while holding them over his eye.[1]

Other media



  • In Justice League Unlimited, Monocle is seen as one of the latest recruits to the Secret Society. He appears in the episodes "Alive!" and "Dead Reckoning", but has no lines. He sided with Grodd against Luthor during the fight between the Society's members.


  • Monocle has a cameo appearance in the animated film Justice League: The New Frontier. He is seen during the famous speech by John F. Kennedy.


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