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A monolith is a geological feature such as a mountain, consisting of a single massive stone or rock, or a single piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument. Erosion usually exposes the geological formations, which are most often made of very hard and solid metamorphic or igneous rock.

The word derives from the Latin word monolithus from the Greek word μονόλιθος (monolithos), derived from μόνος ("one" or "single") and λίθος ("stone").

Mount Augustus is often claimed to be the largest monolith on Earth


Geological monoliths

Several monoliths are claimed to be the largest on Earth, including:

These claims are rarely backed up by geological information and may be based upon a single dimension such as height or circumference. Height may be measured above sea level or the surrounding ground.

Other large, well-known monoliths include:



Landsat 7 image Brandberg Massif, Namibia



Savandurga, India from the northern side



North America

United States

Beacon Rock, Washington viewed from the west

Canada and Mexico

Stawamus Chief as seen from Valleycliffe neighborhood in Squamish

South America

Many of these have legends attached.

Monumental monoliths

Gomateswara 983 CE, a Jain god, world's largest standing monolith image
Ellora Caves, temple in India

A structure which has been excavated as a unit from a surrounding matrix or outcropping of rock.[5]

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Monolith Productions
Monolith Productions's company logo.
Founded 1994
Located Kirkland, Washington, USA

Monolith Productions (or simply Monolith) is a Kirkland, Washington-based computer game developer. Monolith is also known for the development of the graphical game engine, formerly known as Lithtech, which has been used for most of their games. Between 1997 and 1999, Monolith also published games, some developed by the studio, some by third parties.

Monolith's internally developed technology is currently available to be licensed to 3rd-parties through the company Touchdown Entertainment.

In 2004 Monolith Productions was acquired by Time Warner, through its Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment division.


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